My name is Malan Heydecke. I am the creator and head writer of Heavy on Fashion, Just Malanb & Milan Malan Word on The Street. I have worked as a blogger and freelance writer for over 10 years as a freelance writer, editor, and blogger. I love to bring my voice, experience, and outlook on the world to you. My love for fashion, beauty, fun and reading has allotted me the opportunity to work with some great influencers in the industry.

Heavy on Fashion is a lifestyle blog that I started over seven years ago. The main reason why I started this blog was to highlight new designers, events, and products. The mission of Heavy on Fashion has changed. I will still cover NYFW and other exclusive events, interview with some cool ass people, product reviews, and more. Now, I am talking about damn near everything: my favorite foods, my favorite music jam, and what happens in my personal life.

I am happy that your decided to stop by Heavy on Fashion and enjoy!