How I am Surviving 2017

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! Usually, I post the annual Heavy on Fashion New Year New You list. This year is different. The election of a "man" that lost the popular vote and pandered to exclusion of people of the United States, has changed me. It has changed the site.  The People of the United States are dealing with a government that does not reflect their ideas of what liberty and justice for All really mean. 

So this year, Heavy on Fashion will not just be about Fashion and beauty but also about what is going on in the country and how it impacts the fashion and beauty industry, books that are helping me to understand how to be an activist, affordable and helpful tech, self-care items, and more!

Women Race & Class by Angela Y. Davis

Women Race & Class by Angela Y. Davis

One of my favorite books that read constantly is Women Race Class By Angela Y. Davis! Women Race Class has given me a look at the History of the United States in reference to black women, the state of feminism and why we are where we are today. I had this book for some time now but when all of this craziness came down, I needed a refresher course in Angela Davis wisdom. Women Race Class has given me a great insight on the history of the US, how is it affecting society today and where I can change it for the better. This book, in my opinion, is an essential read for all women all over the world. 

I picked up this book from a local bookstore called Source of Knowledge in Newark, Nj. I love this bookstore! When I get a free day, I try to check out what new historical or health books they have.  You can also pick up Angela Y. Davis - Woman Race Class on Amazon at

Racism 101 by Nikki  

Racism 101 by Nikki  

Another book that I love is Racism 101 by Nikki Giovani. I was first introduced to Nikki Giovanni in college. Side note: I should have learned about Nikki Giovanni and her work a lot earlier!  Racism 101 explores many subjects that are still a problem in the U.S today. The use of personal experiences of Nikki Giovanni makes this book informative, reflective and humorous. Racism 101 by Nikki Giovani was published in 1994 but the significants of this current arena of 2017 is mind blogging. I picked up this book at a used bookstore in Montclair, Nj. 

A Passion for Fashion: Achieving Your Fashion Dreams One Thread at a Time by Nick Verreos

A Passion for Fashion: Achieving Your Fashion Dreams One Thread at a Time by Nick Verreos

I love to read about is Fashion. After all, this is Heavy on Fashion. A Passion for Fashion: Achieving Your Fashion Dreams One Thread at a Time by Nick Verreos was insanely good! I wish I had this book when I was in High school and thinking about going to design school. This is a guide on following your instincts, taking in all life lessons, and some technical designs tips! The informative chapters in the book are Fundamentals of Sketching and Reality of the Fashion Busines. The most entertaining chapter is Project Runway: Dish from the Runway workroom and beyond. I loved the entire book and check them out at

The Quantum Cop by Lesley L. Smith.

The Quantum Cop by Lesley L. Smith.

If you want to mental escape from this crazy political climate than check out The Quantum Cop by Lesley L. Smith. The Quantum Cop is a Physics professor by the name of Madison Martin who had the ability to change reality but someone else has this ability too! It is now up to Madison Martin to set reality and the world right! 

The main I love this Sci-Fi thriller is due to the fact that the author Lesley L. Smith has an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Elementary Particle Physics! So when it comes to the science in this novel, you are getting a real taste of the world of Physics with a nice dose of entertainment. If you are looking to escape to a different timeline, check out The Quantum Cop!


Vest Antiradition technology

For a few years now, I have been covering really cool tech line but I have to say, I never into tech that was focusing on a very important issue today. Many people are not aware that many of our fabulous tech goodies emit a load of radiation. I was delighted that to receive a nice care package from VEST TECH.

Vest Anti-Radiation Baby Blanket - Though I do not have a baby yet, I love the concept of the Anti-Radiation Baby blanket. The quality is soft, durable and visually appealing. The baby blanket was original $89 but is now $69! Check out more details at

Vest Anti-Radiation Wired Headset 2.0 - The Vest wired headphones was very comfortable for earbud headphone. I loved the overall look and style. Now be aware the sound of the Vest Anti-Radiation Wired Headset 2.0 is very airy due to the headset transmitting sound through the air only. Check out the Vest Anti-Radiation Wired Headset 2.0 for just $49 at

Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s - As we all know, cell phones are essential in today's world. Whether you are looking at what is going on in politics or taking an Instagram break. Well, Vest Tech has a nice assortment of phone cases Samsung Galaxy and the iPhone. I currently have the Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case for iPhone 6/6s . For just $35, you can get a nice wallet phone case for the iPhone 6/6s plus that minimizing radiation exposure by up to 99%. Check this case out at

Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band - Finally there is the Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band. This is a great all those bloggers/tech gurus that are expecting.  The Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band reduces radiation exposure by up to 100% to the bundle of joy in the belly.  The Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band is very flexible and made from a comfy fabric. For you just $59, you can have your very own Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band at

Side Note: I am looking to purchase the Vest Laptop Radiation Shield and the Vest Microwave Radiation Shield for my home very soon. 

Solo Backpack

Finally, one of favorite Back that I currently have is the Weekender Backpack Duffle by Solo. I love the Weekender Backpack Duffle has a fully padded 15.6” laptop compartment, Internal iPad/ tablet pocket, four zip pockets, and a shoe compartment. There are very few Weekender Backpacks that have at shoe compartment that is reasonable in size for travel. This is great get-a-way bag. The Weekender Backpack Duffle is just $59.99 at

Update: I loved this backpack to the point that I broke the main zipper.  My fault!