Heavy on Fashion Product review - IQbud by Nuheara*

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! Today, I am going to give you a look at the innovative earbuds from Nuheara called IQbuds. I was first introduced to The IQbuds at GetGeeked NYC earlier this year. I was so impressed with the look and tech of this wireless earbuds. These are the smartest headphones I have ever tried. No seriously! These earbuds are insanely smart, hence that name IQbuds. 

Here is a look at IQbuds with charging pod, one set of many earbuds cushion, a personal note from the CEO (That was so kind btw) and the box.

Here is a look at IQbuds with charging pod, one set of many earbuds cushion, a personal note from the CEO (That was so kind btw) and the box.

The IQbuds have an array of functions. 

  1. Speech Amplification - If you are in a noisy restaurant or event and you are trying to hear someone talking. The restaurant setting is a perfect example of this feature.
  2. Augmented Audio Hearing- In other words, ear blocking! Lol! The street setting and the work setting on the IQbuds are great examples of this. You can drown out or turn up outside noise while listening to your favorite song on the go.
  3. High Fidelity Audio - The music setting is the perfect example for the High Fidelity. The sound is crisp. Also, the music setting has a noise canceling function, which makes the IQBUDS experience even better. HI-Fi audio is like having a live concert in your ear. 
  4. Hands-Free Calling- The hand free calling feature works fine. Most Bluetooth headphones have this function, so that wasn't a big deal but I super happy that IQbudshave it. 
  5. Comfortable and secure fit - For me, the fit is very secure. I love the variety of earbuds cushion sizes and shapes. I usually like over-the-head headphones but these earbuds are pretty good in the comfort area. 

Now, I pointed out a few settings that are available for the IQbuds but understand I only scratched the surface. There are setting I didn't get to dive into. That's how many options, you will have with IQbuds! I am all for options and if you love options and choice, IQbuds are the smart earbuds for you too. 

Now let's talk about the battery life! 

The battery life for IQbuds is about 3-4 hours. I appreciate that Nuheara IQbuds was completely honest about this. You can check out their comparison chart at http://www.nuheara.com/wireless-earbuds-battery-life/.  This is not great for regular Bluetooth earbuds but IQbuds are not regular earbuds. Considering all the functions that IQbuds can do, I am fine with 3-4 hours battery life. The key to the IQbuds genius is the charging pod. With the charging pod, you can get at least 3-4 charges. The charging pod is compact, charges the IQbuds in 1-1.5 hours, and easy to travel with. I love using the IQbuds during my morning and evening commute. I just pick it up my IQbuds and go. Super easy! 

Let's talk about price! The IQbuds are $299! Considering the large array of hearing/audio settings, the great amount of tech, and craftsmanship that went into these smart earbuds, $299 is a great price. There are headphones that are in that price range and have half of the functions and sound quality that the IQbuds have. Be smart, pick them up your IQbuds at https://shop.nuheara.com/products/iqbuds

Shout out to IQbuds for sending me these earbuds and the fabulous hand written note.

 Thank you so much! 

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