Heavy on Fashion Reads: Midnight Sleeper Yellow Dog Train by Raeder Lomax*

Hello, all my divas and gurus! Today, I am happy to bring you my thoughts on the latest novel from Raeder Lomax. Midnight Sleeper Yellow Dog Train takes place in the 1920's! Racism, sexism, lies , bootlegging and an escape murder on a train ride. The story centers around Beau Lahood, a Pullman porter working the 1:13 train and dealing with a load of crazy and secretive characters. This train ride from Mississippi to New York is full of twist and turns. Midnight Sleeper Yellow Dog Train drags you into the racist, racy and glamorous 1920's train ride. 


This book had some harsh racial epithets that aligned with the time period. While other books in written in the 1920's timeline are usually filled with flappers and jazz music. Midnight Sleeper Yellow Dog Train dives into the grit and injustice of the times. The use of pivotal real life murder of Lindsay Coleman. This story, despite being fiction, dives into some real historical events and racial injustice that occurred in the country. The 1920s was not a joyous and carefree time for bIack people. Black Pullman had to endure disgusting behavior in order to survive.  I appreciate that the author showed and told a crazy and suspenseful story. 

The author, Raeder Lomax, has a way with words and the use of 1920s slang/terminology made the story more authentic. To be honest, I would love to see this as a movie on showtime or HBO. The visuals would be amazing. 

I really enjoyed this book and actually reading it again for the second time. I like to thank Raeder Lomax for sending over this signed copy for me to check out. You can pick up a copy at http://www.raederlomax.com or on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Sleeper-Visions-Jazz-Age/dp/1533259909