Heavy on Fashion Talks Monique Woodland, Creator of Club Rapunzel

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so excited finally to bring you an interview with the Creator of Club Rapunzel, Monique Woodland. In this interview, Monique talks about how she started her business, the beauty and hair industry, and how her personal hair journey started it all. 

Club Rapunzel is a hair growth subscription system. The fabulous thing about Club Rapunzel is that they do not just focus on having fabulous healthy hair but also a healthy you. The Club Rapunzel also has a built-in community and paraben free, fragrance-free and sulfate free product line.  
So without further ado, Here is Heavy on Fashion Talks to Monique Woodland, Creator of Club Rapunzel!

Please tell all my divas and gurus about yourself. Where are you from? 

I’m from New Jersey and I've always enjoyed being creative whether it be music, or art or design. I currently live in Miami Beach because I love the beautiful scenery and meeting people from all over the world.

Photo courtesy of Club Rapunzel

Photo courtesy of Club Rapunzel

How has your hometown influenced your business and brand? 

Growing up in the suburbs I had the typical lemonade stand, went door to door with girl scout cookies, and sold handmade bracelets to my friends. Before I was legally able to work all of my money came from selling things. When I was old enough to start working at my local library for $5.15 per hour I quickly realized that being stuck inside for one hour to make $5 was not for me. I started a babysitting service where I charged a commission for finding parents a sitter which I operated for 7 years. Even though my parents were teachers and getting a college education was always requisite, I knew that I would never work for anyone else.

How did you get into the Hair Industry? 

I became really interested in hair products after causing some serious damage to my own hair and experimenting with products to fix it. I had some work experience in the cosmetics industry in retail and wholesale sales, but all my experience with hair products came from personal experience. 

Photo courtesy of Club Rapunzel

Photo courtesy of Club Rapunzel

What moment(s) inspired you to start your own business Club Rapunzel? 

When my hair started growing back at record speeds at lengths that I'd never seen before I decided to turn my success into a business. 

How has this moment influenced the Club Rapunzel brand today?

The before and after photos from my results have become the driving factor in inspiring people to try Club Rapunzel. The program is all about getting people to their desired result.

You ran an Indiegogo for Club Rapunzel, how was that experience? 

Crowdfunding has been very helpful to the launch of Club Rapunzel. Learning how to promote a campaign and hitting the funding goal gave me the confidence to start my business. It was a great way for me to get my idea in front of everyone that I knew while raising money for my much-needed inventory and packaging materials.

What makes Club Rapunzel different/unique from other hairline growth products? 

Club Rapunzel is a hair growth program in a subscription box. It is a toolbox that comes to member's every month rather than them researching, buying and experimenting with different hair products and nutrition and health tips for hair growth. Club Rapunzel was designed for all types of hair specifically those that have suffered from heat or chemical damage. This is a unique community of people growing together and supporting each other's hair goals which you can't get anywhere else.

Does Club Rapunzel work for all types of hair? 

Club Rapunzel was designed for all types of hair specifically those that have suffered from heat or chemical damage.

What are the benefits of joining Club Rapunzel? 

Club Rapunzel offers a customized plan for a member’s to get to their desired hair results which include products, nutrition and health tips, and a community of people growing together and supporting each other's hair goals which you can't get anywhere else.

Photo courtesy of Club Rapunzel 

Photo courtesy of Club Rapunzel 

Who would you consider your business inspiration/role model? 

As a business owner, I am inspired by the work ethic of Sean Combs. I had the opportunity to hear him speak at the Revolt Music Conference in Miami while I was devising my business plan. When I am feeling lethargic or unambitious I look up one of his quotes or videos on social media and then find it hard to come up with more excuses.

What has surprised you most about working and developing Club Rapunzel? 

Club Rapunzel has made me become aware of how much knowledge is required when creating and selling your own product vs just selling someone else’s product. There were delays in launching the website because of what I needed to learn or the help that I needed to get in order to move on. 

What do you find most challenging about having your own business? What is the most rewarding part? 

Finding people for my team has become the most challenging aspect of having my own business. That along with other things that take time has been a challenge since I'd love for everything to be perfect instantly. The most rewarding part of operating Club Rapunzel has been the reviews that have come in so far. I am so happy to hear and see when my program and products have helped someone else.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about to starting their own hairline? 

My advice to someone thinking about starting their own hairline is to start with what you can do. Focus on what you know how to do and do not pay attention to what you don't know how to do YET. And having a good support system is always key when venturing into the unknown.

 Finally, what does and beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is seeing the light within you shine at it's brightest.

I would like to thank Monique Woodland for the interview! 

The Club Rapunzel Subscription is $21.99 a month! For more information on Club Rapunzel or to sign up, please go to http://www.clubrapunzel.com/

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