New York Fashion Week Rundown- YouTube Edition

Hello, all my Fashion divas and gurus! While I am getting all my watermarks on my photos and finishing up on some video editing , here is a few thoughts on some of the bigger designer houses showing off their collections during NYFW!

TomFord - 80′s shoulder and heels + 2010 technique + 70′s sex appeal ( my favorite and realistic runway of the season) - Get Rihanna in that furry Jacket - Give the mini dressed to Ciara ( she has legs for days), Give Monica the long gowns because she can pull this look and short pixie hair. 

Calvin Klein - 70′s meets Westworld Tech Cowgirl/boy -  I would love to see Alicia Keys and Solange really mix and matching these looks within their wardrobe. Love the collection, sellable and easy to Glam up or casual. 

Marc Jacobs - 80′s oversizing meets African traditional dress meets Black American Street Fashion - Black/African people been doing this since forever..nothing new about this. The presentation was nice but Marc Jacobs is taking staple fashion trends are known in Black America and African culture and slapping his label on it. I am super disappointed. 

Alexander Wang -  The music was crazy good! Straight 90's and Iove it! It was L.A party meet all the things I love ( black, studs and leggings!) Just go out and buy it! Great for the fall and spring. 

Oscar De La Renta - Young, romantic yet classic! Super buyable and pop-artist feel. Great lines and love the use of oversize script and flower embellishments. Tons of color blocking, splatter paint, embroidery, and sequin makes this collection appeal to all audiences. Great Award show dresses in this collection. I would buy if it can in plus size; Hint Hint! 

Tory Burch - One word Hamptons...Tory stuck to what she is good at, Resort Wear! It looks good, sellable and approachable to everyone. Nothing exciting or new.  Still very logo heavy and nice accessories line ( which is a big seller in fashion for the past 20 years). Love the outdoor venue but not moved by any particular piece. Super comfy collection for Spring/Summer 2018. 

 Stay tuned for my part 2! Coming soon!!