Heavy on Fashion Event Preview - Faviana Glam Event in NYC

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you a look at the latest collection from Faviana. Faviana is a family owned buisness that started in New York City. Faviana is all luxury gowns. I love the price point of Faviana dresses. They retail from $200 to $700 and are available domestically and internationally in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 00 – 24W. 

You can check out the entire Faviana collection at http://www.faviana.com/ 

Faviana Glam Event including my makeup by Kendall Bennewitz courtesy of Priv app!
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Heavy on Fashion Event Preview - FutureFossil Fashion Exhibition

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Hello all my fashion divas and Gurus! Here is a look at  FutureFossil Fashion Exhibition presented by ArtBeat at Gild Hall in NYC! The FutureFossil exhibition is focused on the creations of fashion designers Hannah Jill Ross and Carrie Mae Rose. More of my time at FutureFossil Fashion Exhibition coming soon in the meantime check out this slideshow!

Throwback Heavy on Fashion Event Rundown - Swiffer Event w/ MODERN FAMILY'S ERIC STONESTREET & more!

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am steadily working on some great new reviews, giveaways, interviews, fashion icon of the month, and even some style post! Yes, you read correctly starting later this month I will be showcasing my style and showcasing some of my favorite style heroes. I used to do this in the earlier days of Heavy on fashion and I thought this is a good time to bring it back!

While I am writing up some new and exciting post for all of you, check out some of my fasion adventures from the summer a.k.a hrowback Heavy on Fashion Event Rundown! 
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Anywho, Here is a exclusive look at my time at the Swiffer Event w/ MODERN FAMILY'S ERIC STONESTREET, Swiffer's famous couple Morty and Lee, and more! 

Heavy on Fashion talks to FullFigurePlus.com

Hello Glen Thank you so much for agreeing to the interview. What made you get into the plus size fashion industry? What would you change about the fashion and beauty industry as a whole?

GLJ: My reasons are pretty boring to be honest.  I was out of work at the time and using my computer to help my wife look for lingerie and clothing. I decided after reading an article on blogging to start a blog specifically for plus sizes.  I started off writing about fashion and lingerie on two separate blogs then after 3 years I combined the two into one and pressed on.  Initially, I tried to incorporate big and tall men's fashion into what I do but I found men don't come online to shop, we just replace.

I would eliminate the size tags from clothes.  The numbers are meant for companies to catalog their clothes but the numbers inside clothes have become a crutch for millions of women around the world as well as ammunition for critics. The tags would be replaced with a system that relies on measurements to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Additionally, what I would change about the beauty and fashion industry as a whole is the false aspirational images and words of emaciated women which are the cause of the size discrimination issues in the plus community. By getting rid of that thick layer of discrimination there would be more reality in terms of sizes on the runway and magazines.

What are your top 5 store for plus size women today?

GLJ: IGIGI, Hips and Curves, Monif C, City Chic, Torrid

How did Full Figure Plus come to be? What makes Full Figure Plus different from all of the other plus size fashion websites/blogs online?

GLJ: As I stated before FFP came to life as a result of helping my wife to find affordable bras and clothes on the Internet.  It initially was only shopping links but with all of the changes in the industry it has evolved to include articles on size acceptance and discrimination, health and fitness, plus modeling, small business features, and a lot more. As a result of writing about so many different topics I have been able to build a business brand that is recognizable across the plus industry.

The first thing that sets FFP apart is the most obvious one.  I am a man writing mainly about women's fashion.  Because I am not a woman and have no desire to wear women's clothes I look at plus fashion from a different, or male, point of view.  I bring that to my writing which goes straight to what I think will look good on the plus size silhouette instead of what is the flavor of the moment in the fashion industry. Another aspect that sets me apart from others is the amount of time I have been online.  I started off in 2004 and have been blessed enough to work exclusively on FFP though I have other projects in the works.

Tell us about the plus size beauty hall of fame on fullfigureplus.com? How can any plus size diva be a member of the plus size beauty hall of fame?

GLJ: The "Plus Size Beauty of the Week" started off back in 2008 with a video tribute set to Mika's "Big girl You are beautiful".  The original video can be viewed on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUVEm-J9l-w.  The hall of fame came about from the literally hundreds of photos I have received over the years and how I wanted to continue celebrating plus size beauty from literally around the world. With the popularity of Pinterest it was the perfect way to showcase beautiful plus size women from all walks of life.

Any lady who has ever submitted a photo to become the PSBOTW is eligible.  The only photos I reject are blatantly graphic nudes, headshots, and grainy cell phone pictures.  To submit a photo all ladies have to do is submit their photos to beautyoftheweek@fullfigureplus.com.

Any upcoming events for FullFigureplus.com?

GLJ:   I just got back from the 2012 edition of Full Figured Fashion Week™ and plan to attend a few events before the end of the year.  One event that I would like to pull off for FFP is to partner with a brand or blogger to bring a different voice to the readers to be able to keep the
momentum in the future.

Finally, What type of impact are you hoping to make in the fashion industry? In the World?

GLJ: That’s a hard one but when I really give it thought I want plus size to get the same chance that straight sizes get in the industry.  I am thankful the voice of the plus size blog world has been a big part of pushing the agenda out to the world despite the critics but there is a lot more work to be done.  Additionally, I would like for all those who read FFP to see it as my way of serving the plus size community regardless as to the location.

Overall, I would like the fashion industry to view my work as a mission to help the plus size women not only feel better about herself but to look good every time she steps out of the house.
I had a lot of fun going down memory lane of my journey into the world of plus size fashion via FFP. Thank you for this opportunity to share my story with you and your readers.

I would like to thank Mr. Glen L Johnson for the Interview. 
Check out Full Figure Plus at:
FullFigurePlus Websitehttp://fullfigureplus.com 

Heavy on Fashion at The Guam Beauty Event & NFP Pop Up shop

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so excited that I had a chance to check out The Guam Beauty Event and NFP Studio ( New Form Perspective) Pop Up Shop.  An evening full of Beauty, Wine, and Fashion is always a win - win in my book. Here is Heavy on Fashion at The Guam Beauty Event and NFP pop up shop!!

The Guam Beauty Event

This is GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mud. This product help reduce the appearance of cellulite. GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mud is huge in Europe and finally the U.S. beauty lovers can buy it too!  

GUAM® Fangocrema is a mud-based anti cellulite cream that can be use everyday. 

GUAM® Algascrub is a exfoliating scrub has natural oils, rice bran, and marine sea salt. 

The GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mud is a great at home anti cellulite treatment. For only $69 you can get a wonderful beauty treatment. 

GUAM® Fangocrema Notte is the GUAM's nighttime cellulite cream. 

For about $300 you can a full anti cellulite that will last you 3 month. This is a ubber bargain considering that a anti cellulite treatment at a spa is about $180 a session. So make sure you head over to Guam at http://www.guambeautymud.com/

The Food

At the event I found out about a new venture called Wines by Wives. Wine by Wives is a celebrity wine club started by  Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson from Bravos Housewives of the OC.   

I love this wine...so good!

POP Chips is the snack of 2012.


The Crowd

So many people arrived to the event including fashion and beauty bloggers, editors, beauty enthusiast , and lovers of GUAM Cosmetics. 

Check out the window display! 

NFP-New Form Perspective Studio Collection 

Next Door to The Guam Beauty Event was the New Form Perspective Studio Pop Up Shop.  NFP is known for their fabulous knits, architect like designs, and multi functional garments. Many items in the  NFP collections uses a signature felting technique. Felt is a age old fabric technique that been used all over the world. NFP has turn felting into a fashion statement. I also love the sustainability of the NFP collections. I have to say I was very impressed with the designs, the looks, and the presentation of the collection. You have to check NFP out at http://nfpstudio.com/ 


I am in love with this felted Silk Chiffon Scoop Neck Top. It is absolutely adorable and great for any season.
Wine anyone!

NFP showcased on a series of iPads how anyone can transform the many item in the collection to a new garment.

The NFP accessories wall. 

I want these gloves. 

I love that many of NFP clothing can transform and to see right in front your eyes is amazing. A open cardigan can morph into a dress.  A pair of wide pants can turn into a harem pants in a snap. 

When I saw these photos at the pop up shop, I immediately thought chic New York City ballerina.  


The Swag Bag

I received a mini gift bag from the Guam beauty event. 

My Look
Loving my new Clothe Hat.  My Ode to the 20's!
Hat: Macy's
My mom gave me her silver art deco necklace. It is a great piece and fit in just right  with my other jewelry. 

Black wrap dress by LYS collection - Kmart
Shoes: Torrid

I would like to thank Chastity of Glitterbuzzstyle.com and Touch of Pink PR for the invite! I also wrote a guest spot on GBS. Check it out here
Until next time!