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Hello, all my divas and gurus. For many years, I keep Heavy on fashion blog as a fashion and beauty filled zone. I rarely talked about my personal life, goals, and struggles. Recently, my diagnosed depression, anxiety and PTSD is affecting my life and my blogs. It has been extremely hard to be myself. Writing has been out of the question for the past few years. Now, I had depression, anxiety, and PTSD since I was 17. This has caused me to have many ups and downs. Since November 2016, I have found myself more down than up and less willing to make an effort to write. At first, I thought it was that I was no longer being fulfilled from writing on Heavy on Fashion, Just Malanb and Milan Malan Word on the Street. The truth is I was not in a good mental space. Recently, I had to take serious time to reroute my goals and my health to a better place. I know that having depression, PTSD and anxiety is a factor. I realized that I can only control what I can control. 

So here is the new declaration for Heavy on Fashion 

Heavy on fashion will not just focus on just Fashion, Books, and Beauty but also Self-care, mental health, and weight loss. I will post once a week, most likely every Sunday. This is not a consistent schedule but I make an effort. No promises. 

All of my upcoming posts, my favs of the moment and more will be featured on my Instagram page at 

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I am working on a vlog which will probably be a weekly update on what coming on the site on my Heavy on Fashion Facebook page at (most likely on Wednesday) 

I do not know when I would like to start these new post on the site. I am gearing for the beginning of September. In the meantime, check back for some book reviews, interviews and more on Heavy on Fashion. 

Heavy on fashion Events - First Look at Blogger Bash in NYC

Hello all my fashion divas and Gurus! While I am preparing to give you and entire rundown of my fabulous time at Blogger Bash on July 16th and 17th, here is a exclusive slideshow of all the fabulousness. Oh and be sure sure to check out the official Heavy on Fashion instagram page at and on the official Heavy on Fashion Facebook page at

Heavy on Fashion at #BlogU

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus!  I am super excited to share with you my experience at #BlogU15.  As promised, I am giving you all not only an inside look at the latest and greatest in fashion and beauty but also more of my life.

Well, today I am giving you a look at my time at Blog U!

So all my fashion divas and gurus! I started my journey out of Newark Penn Station boarding the Amtrak train with my super heavy suitcase, full of things that were completely unnecessary for the conference,  heading to the business class car. I have to say, I loved business class. It was quiet, the seats were comfy, and I was able to work on my blogs thanks to the free WiFi. Yes free WiFi!

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB
This is my look for the first day at BlogU 2015.
Necklace: Forever 21
Wig:  The Brazilia by Sensationnel in DX2733
Jacket: JCP
So after a 3 hour train ride, I rolled my heavy suitcase and big hair to Blog U 2015. When I arrived at BlogU in Baltimore, I was a bit intimidated. I mean holy crap, I am about to met some great writers. Fear kicked in and my beautifully designed introverted self came out. I checked in and hauled ass to my room.  

Side Note: Sometimes my awkward social anxiety moments leave me with a known condition of Bitch face. I kind of talk about it here, so if I gave you the Bitch face, #sorry

The Swag Bags

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB
I am still using my goodies from the Blog U especially the myCharger Power Bank

Once, I entered my room all became right with the world.  Thank goodness for those great Swag Bags!  Strangely enough, those Swag Bags broke my mini anxiety attack. Those lovely Swag Bags and the fabulous treats inside help to realize that I am here for a reason.  I am here to meet new people,  learn new techniques, enjoy all the swag in these two bags, and expand my brand.  Those Swag Bags saved my Blog U academic stay.

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

After taking some photos of the swag bags on my instagram page and doing a quick meditation session to get my nerves in check,  I was on my way to my first Blog U event.

The Speakers

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

Blog U started with a informative Key Note from Jill Smokler of owner of Scary Mommy, Anna Luther of My Life and Kids, and Nikki Knepper of Mom Who Drink and Swear. I learned so much from this key note especially how being yourself can lead to being a better writer and business savvy

The Classes
A photo posted by Malanb (@heavyonfashion) on

After the Keynote, I started my first two conference classes. This was my first experience attending a conference that really dived into the ins and out of the bloggersphere. There were so many classes to chose from but I am pretty happy with my overall choices. Many of the classes that I participated in I planned to use to make my blog and my writing better for all of you!

Here was my class schedule during my stay at Blog U

Friday June 5th 

  • SEO 101 with Lynn Morrison - creator of  The Nomad Mom Diary 
  • Branding Your Business with Eddie Giese - creator of

Saturday June 6th

  • Building online Communities that Benefit Your Audience & You with JD Bailey of Honest Mom and Jen Mann of People I want to Punch in the Throat
  • Video 101 with Jeremy Sheeler of Awarehouse Production 
  • Mastering Pinterest with Anna Luther of My Life and Kids
  • How to Create a Media Kit that Speaks a Brand's Language with Melissa Culbertson of Blog Clarity
 I have a notebook and a tablet full of strategies that I am now implementing on Heavy on Fashion, Just Malanb, and Milan Malan word on the Street.
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The Party

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

There was two fabulous evening parties through my stay at Blog U but to be honest my favorite event was the Middle School to the Max Party hosted by Nickelodeon. Though I love the Pep Rally, I found that the Middle School to the Max Party was great release for me to open up and let loose. The decor was fun and the awkward middle school wear by the fellow students and teachers of Blog U was hilarious!

For more photos, check out more on Heavy on Fashion Facebook

Here are most of my snapshots of my time at #BlogU15 ...more photos and a exclusive post coming to
Posted by Heavy on Fashion on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

The Friends 

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

I am so happy to have met these fabulous ladies at Blog U. Blog U is all about building your tribe and I am so happy to say these ladies are a member of my tribe.

Shout out to  Shelley Burke, Sarah Mueller of Earlybird Mom, Tracey Smith, and Cristina Trinidad of Faithfully Social ! Yes, that is me at the end Big hair and all.

Property of Heavy on Fashion /Malan Heydecke/MalanB

At the Nickelodeon party, I had a ball with a few more bloggers/tribe members. We had a great time, as you can see. That night was great and the last party event for the conference. Above are Shelly Tucker of Moms with Tots, TaTanya Todd, Angelina Simms, Michelle Grewe of Crumpets and Bollocks, and McCall Humes of McCall of the Wild.

I also meet some other great blogger as well! Shout out to the following ladies, I learned so much from our meal chats and after class discussions. You guys are awesome!

And finally The End 


I learned so much from Blog U. I am taking all the lessons that I learned both inside and outside the classroom to make me a better blogger/influencer/Writer. Blog U gave me the push to make my love of blogging into my career! I can not wait to attend Blog U next year next and meet some old friends, new friends, and keep building my tribe.

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Until Next Time
Live,Style, Write

Heavy on Fashion is going to Blog U!

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am super excited because I am going to Blog U. 
I've been to several conference, mostly focusing on fashion and beauty . I've never attended a  3 day conference that focuses on expanding your blog into a career, writing, and all about blogging in general. This conference, I get to talk to a more diverse group of blogger.  I am super excited and to be honest scared. 

Yeah, I am super scared and super excited. A pile of emotions that are just plain weird and cool at the same time. This feeling is kind of like the first day of school...I don't remember if that was a good experience for me or not but going to find out June 5-7!

So, Why am I scared? 

  1. I am not really good with large groups of people. I am very much a introvert and prefer small more intimate settings. Plus I have anxiety issues. I hope this conference will help me with that. 
  2. What if they don't like me?! My personality is very friendly but it takes me a while to warm up to people. So yeah...I maybe a bit awkward on day one. Example:  I may look at you with a bitch face but inside I am probably screaming "Be my friend!" 
  3. I have seen some of the bloggers attending this conference and I am a bit intimated. So many accomplishments, I am a bit envious and scared. What do I have to bring to the table? Maybe Nutella or maybe, a nice wig, a funky pair shoes..I don't know?
  4. Holy crap this is my first 3-day conference. My first stay away from home conference. Most of the conferences that I attend are in NYC and only last for a few hours. If I don't like a conference in the city, I take that good ole NJ transit back home and watch some TV.  I can't run from this conference. 
  5. I don't even know what I should bring...Help! 
  6. I have to pick out offense to higher education but my first, second, and third bout in college didn't go so well...oh damn! (Shout out to Saint Peter's in Jersey City!)
  7. Damn it, I still do not have my #middleschoolawkward outfit. (Sad story) Most of my photos from middle school burnt up in a family house fire ,a few years ago, so I really don't remember what I wore in middle school. Plus I went to catholic school, so to be honest it wasn't a pleasent  middle school experience ( I will talk about that at another time on JustMalanb!) 

But I am also super is why?

  1. Holy crap! I am going to Blog U! This is a great opportunity to learn so much . I can't wait to bring my blog to the next level. My goal is to be a full time blogger and make a full time salary doing it. I hate my current job. My career goal is to expanding the Heavy on Fashion/JustMalanb/MMWOS brand  and make it into a profitable, fun, and eye opening experience. 
  2. I am going to meet so many people. Networking is key in this business but long friendships are even better. I am really looking forward to meet kindred spirits in writing and hopefully other areas in life as well. 
  3. I'm excited about the classes. Though I have been blogging for a while now, I have so much to learn especially about SEO.(Sidenote, I still do not know what SEO means..smh)  I am open to all the Blog U knowledge that I am about to receive. Amen!
  4. I get to buy new clothes! You can not go wrong with a new wardrobe and maybe a wig or two! You got to love shopping :)
  5. I get to bring all of you along on my Blog U journey! I will be taking tons of photos, videos, and commentary of my time at Blog U and sprending the goodness on my social media pages.  I hope I have wifi there or at least good reception (Metro PCS I hope you are reading this!)
  6. I may meet some sponsors! I mean I am going into this conference with a open mind and a open heart to new opportunities. I have a feeling that Blog U maybe a start to something great.
  7. I am really looking for a few mentors in this field and I hope that Blog U is a place for me to find them. No matter how old I may be I need guidance and a glass of Vodka!
So I am going to Blog U! Can you believe it! 

Until Next time 

Sorry for being M.I.A!

Hey guys I am so sorry for being MIA on Heavy on Fashion. I recently moved to back to my hometown in a new house, Yay! My macbook is sick! Macbook + apple store repairs = ton of  $$$!

While I working on my tech issues, head over to my Music and Street fashion blog Milan Malan Word on the Street. I am having a great giveaway from Anything Goes UK apparel company! I am giving away a wonderful graphic tee! Check my latest giveaway at
Photo courtesy of Anything Goes UK apparel

Don't Worry, Heavy on Fashion will be back before you know it with some great reviews, event coverage, interviews, and videos!

Make sure you check out Heavy on Fashion's Tumblr Page at 
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for the latest updates! 


Heavy on Fashion Talks to Jazmyne Courtii Byrd

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I had a chance to interview Jazmyne Courtii Byrd, the official Plus Size Blogger for CurvesRockWeekend and the plus size fashion writer for Kingdom Voices Magazine, Full Figure News. Ms. Jazmyne also has a plus size blog called P+ Size Thoughts at

Here is Heavy on Fashion Talks to Jazmyne Courtii Byrd!

I would like to thank Jazmyne for the interview! 

Check out more from Jazmyne on
Twitter: @Divah_J
P+ Size Thoughts Blog:
Kingdom Voices Magazine:

Until Next Time
Live, Style, Write 

Heavy on Fashion Talks to Daniel Dunt of TS New York

Hey all my fashion divas and gurus! I am happy to interview a great blogger Daniel Dunt of That's So New York That’s so New York talks about great activities and trends of the fashion world and emerging creative designers. Lets get to know more about That's so New York and Daniel Dunt!

Hello Daniel, Thank you for agree to the interview. Why did you initially decide to start your blog That’s so New York?

D.D: It’s all Ugly Betty’s fault really. She had one, and I wanted one!

Where did the name That’s so New York come from? What is the mission of That’s so New York in the Fashion Industry?

D.D: It was actually my brother that thought of the name whilst he was home from university for the
summer. I thought it was catchy, and from then onward, I simply went with it.

In regards to the concept behind my blog, I like to post about independent and emerging, creative
talent predominately. I feel that the fashion industry can, at times, be very commercial. People do
not pay enough attention to new talent, and that’s where I come in. I want to give new talent a
place where they can be seen and, although one blog isn’t going to give them the recognition they
deserve, I think it’s a step in the right direction.

You accomplished a lot as a young blogger with 12,000 likes on the That's so New York Facebook page, over 4000 followers on your Twitter page and over 620 followers on Bloglovin'. What advice would you give an inspiring fashion writer/blogger to reach the next level?

D.D: If I’m totally honest, I’m not exactly the advice giving sort. Everyone has their own approach to
blogging and, as I’m still a newbie, I’m not really in a position where I would advise people to listen
to what I have to say as far as ‘reaching the next level’ goes. All I would say is that you should be
yourself. Blog about what you believe in, and there will be people out there who want to read and
follow your content. Build relationships, take every opportunity that comes your way and simply go
with the flow. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and you have to give yourself a chance to enjoy it!

What would you consider the biggest challenge in being a fashion writer/blogger?

D.D: It would have to be time management. I’m currently juggling so many projects, and it’s been
incredibly difficult, especially with college 5 days a week. On average, I sleep approximately 5 hours
each night. It’s not exactly healthy, but it gets the job done!

Do you consider yourself a fashion blogger or a fashion writer? Is there a difference?

D.D: Well, I always refer to myself as a fashion blogger, so I assume that’s what I am. I think that fashion writers have a much more in-depth knowledge of the industry, and they’re much better at writing. I would ideally like to write for a magazine one day, and perhaps that’s when I’ll make the transition from fashion blogger to fashion writer. Until then, it’s blogging all the way!

Who is your biggest inspiration in your life?

D.D: I take inspiration from an array of sources. In terms of people, I would have to say that the beliefs of vocalists like Marina Diamandis have been very inspirational. She’s my idol, and speaks a lot of truth. I also take inspiration from successful bloggers like Susanna Lau and Jennine Jacob. They’ve done so well for themselves, and I like to think that I’m capable of doing the same, eventually.

I noticed that on That’s so New York you feature your favorite music tracks. How does music
influence your writing?

D.D:  If I’m listening to music, and its music that I enjoy listening to, it always puts me in an upbeat mood. If I’ve been listening to music, I might sound a little more bubbly than usual. It doesn’t have a
significant effect on my writing, but music is something I really enjoy.

We all know that you love fashion. What else do you love?

D.D:  I’m a big fan of music, photography and modern art. I’m really interested in pop culture, surrealism and futurism. I also find history really interesting, although I wasn’t very good at it at school. I find the Jurassic period really interesting, alongside archaeology and Greek mythology. I also find space really interesting. I watch a lot of documentaries, and I’m now hooked on the stuff. Film and
independent film in particular is also something I really enjoy!

Where do you see That’s so New York in 5 years?

D.D: Ideally, I’d love for That’s so New York to be a popular source for individuals who are looking to
discover independent and emerging, creative talent. I’d also like to introduce outfit posts to the
blog, but I’m currently working on my overall image, as I’m not entirely comfortable with how I
look at the moment. I’d also like to introduce some street style photography to the blog, and that’s
something I’m currently working on. I’m all about building relationships, and hopefully over the
course of the next 5 years I’ll be able to work with some exciting designers and brands.

I would like to thank Daniel Dunt of  That's So New York for the interview. 
Make sure you check out his blog at
Make sure you check out That's So New York at

Heavy on Fashion Talks to Cacha and Pen of The Network

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I had the chance to interview Cacha and Pen, Founders of The Network.  Candice Newberry aka LoudPen is a Publicist, Stylist, Fashion Blogger at de la Pen (, Founder of Pen PR, and Co-Owner of The Network.   Cacha Lopez aka Cacha is a founder of Cacha` Management, Manager, Stylist, Photographer, Fashion Blogger at Cacha (, and Co-Owner of The Network

The Network is a talent and management  agency for emerging artists, models, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, and musicians.  I had to chance to talk about fashion, blogging, finding new talent for the Network, the music industry, the need for more diversity in the fashion industry, and what The Network has in the works for the future. The interview took place at Coral Restaurant on 157th & Broadway in New York City. 

I would like to thank Cacha and Pen, Founders of The Network for the interview and Coral Restaurant on 157th & Broadway in New York City for letting us do the interview in their restaurant
                            Check out The Network website at