Heavy on Fashion talks to Vivienne Pash

Hello, all my divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you another fabulous interview with fashion designer Vivienne Pash. Vivienne Pash is a Jamaican born, NY designer.

Hello, all my divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you another fabulous interview with fashion designer Vivienne Pash. Vivienne Pash is a Jamaican born, NY designer.

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Heavy on fashion talks to Courtney Haley of 10th studio

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! As you know, I am all for fabulous beauty products. Well today I am happy that I had the chance to chat with the creator of 10th studio, Courtney Haley. Courtney started a truly innovative company that showcases great beauty products from all over the world to the United States! As you all know, I love checking out what is new, fab, and full of quality. 10th studio is bring all those things to your doorstep.

So wihtout further ado, here is Heavy on fashion talks to Courtney Haley of 10th studio !

Hello Courtney Haley, thank you so much for your time. First let's start by telling me about yourself. Where you are from?

Courtney Haley: Hi there. I’m from Upstate New York in a small town called Cobleskill. It was a beautiful place to grow up and I lived there until I went to College at Tulane University in New Orleans. Go Green Wave!

How did you get your start in the beauty industry?

Courtney Haley: 20 years ago, I was lucky enough to be recruited by a skin care manufacturer in California for a finance position. In this job, I was able to interact with the chemists, operations, and sales & marketing staff to learn how to create a high end skin care product from just an idea. I was fascinated with the science behind the creativity and it was a unique opportunity to watch a project evolve all the way from the concept to manufacturing the finished good. After 5 years in the finance department, I moved to the Sales & Marketing department and starting developing skin care products for some pretty awesome American brands.

How has your experience in the manufacturing and branding help make 10th studio a successful business?

Courtney Haley: My background in manufacturing and branding helped me immensely. I spent 20 years creating products and brands for some of the most famous brands in the industry which is a dream job! Some brands wanted the latest innovation, some brands wanted technology that can be patented, some brands wanted the latest trends in product color. Every day you work closely with the amazing brand managers of your favorite brands to create products that (hopefully) become someone’s favorite product. 

It becomes an addiction to keep pushing the limits of your own creativity, as well as surround yourself by the best people in the industry to innovate in either packaging design or formula development. When I sat down to create my own brand, I had a very good understanding of how to develop and manufacture a cosmetic for different markets, so once I established how 10th Studio would be positioned in the market place, it was easy for me to calculate where my costs of goods needs to land to be profitable and scaleable globally.

What led you to venture into entrepreneurship?

Courtney Haley: I had a chance to experience what Richard Branson refers to as an ‘Intrapreneurship’ when I was Managing Director of HCT Asia based in Hong Kong for 7 years. I moved to Hong Kong and started that office with just 1 other colleague who joined me from the HCT California office. We ran that branch with a Startup mentality and 

I loved every minute of it! It was hard work, and I made a lot of mistakes when I first created my business strategy to expand into Korea and Japan, but those mistakes quickly helped me learn to adapt and get over failure quickly. I learned to be more fearless and trust my gut instinct on trying new strategies in these markets and find a way to prove your strategy in less than 3 months or simply change the strategy again to adapt to what we learned. Once you love that process, you will forever seek out entrepreneurial roles within a company.

Was this choice by design or did you stumble unto it?

Courtney Haley: I’m not sure. I think that unknowingly I became very good at assessing risk with very little data, and building a team that had the passion to tackle the world....because that’s what we needed to succeed in Asia. When I look back, I’m very proud of what I created in Asia for HCT and I’m very proud of how hard my team worked together to achieve our goals. We built that branch differently than what our competitors
were doing in Asia. Now I realize I am definitely hard wired to handle the stress and uncertainty of entrepreneurship.

What advice would you give others starting entrepreneurs ?

Courtney Haley: First, figure how to monetize your concept, then figure out how much capital to scale it at each phase, and then figure out how many phases you should have. It’s ok if you don’t monetize it or scale it right away, but make sure your plan is solid. As soon as you see that you made some mistakes...modify your plan. Don’t let your passion for your idea cloud your mind. 

Every entrepreneur evolves their ideas, and sometimes your best ideas are the 3rd iteration! Reduce your living expenses as much as you can to give yourself more freedom to make costly mistakes. You will be making calculated risks often, and not all of them will work so it’s an advantage if you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable! It’s easier if you are an expert at something, because a good entrepreneur has to make a lot of fast decisions and can’t afford to get distracted by the little things. You have to be innovative in your approach, and knowing your industry inside and out, is essential. Ideas are not hard to create. What is hard, is to launch a company and create positive cash flow. At the end of the day, no matter how creative your concept, it’s still an accounting exercise of figuring out how to make it successful.

So let's talk about your company 10th Studio. What is 10th Studio and How did 10th Studio began?

Courtney Haley: 10th Studio is Curated Beauty. We distribute cosmetics via an e-commerce platform: www.10thstudio.com. I travel the world and I find interesting products that you can’t purchase in your favorite Retailers (yet). I test some of them with my monthly subscribers in our monthly curated boxes, and others I sell directly on my website. Limited time, limited quantities. What a fun job, right? 

For 20 years I’ve worked with almost every brand you would recognize in the world, but the cool thing about cosmetics is that there are 1,000’s of brands you’ve never experienced. I find the hidden gems and bring them to you! If the products sell well on my website, then we try to find a home for them either in a Retail Store such as Harvey Nichols Hong Kong or on an e-commerce website such a BeautyKind in USA or Luxola in Southeast Asia. It began because I noticed that smaller brands often struggled to get into Retailers or find distribution overseas. 10th Studio bridges that gap between brand and the consumer until they’re ready for a Retail store such as Sephora or Ulta.

Tell us about 10th Studio Beauty box. What is it?

Courtney Haley: We have a monthly box which costs $75 USD per month, or if you buy 12 months in advance it is $50 USD per month. Each box has a value of at least $75 USD. We curate skin care, color cosmetics, accessories and I’ve even been known to throw in a selfy stick! It’s full size products because I want you to experience the brand and the product in the way the Creative Director of the brand intended. Samples just can’t do this! Also, it’s the newest launches and often it’s products pre-launch....before they launch in USA or Europe! We work with the brands while the products are still in product development. How cool is that?

Next month we are launching our first Guest Curator Box with YouTube Vlogger BeautybyRosita. You will be able to buy this box 30% off while she gives you sneak peeks during the product development! Not only is BeautybyRosita choosing a favorite product to promote, she is also developing cosmetics and accessories with her own brand name with 10th Studio to complement her favorite product she chose for our box. I think customers will love to see how we create cosmetics and how we create a brand for BeautybyRosita. BeautybyRosita has been instagramming the process as we send her R&D samples. If
her boxes sell well on 10th Studio, we will try to find a home for BeautybyRosita in a Retail Store in USA and Hong Kong.
We’re always on the search for guest curators! Please email us at info@10thstudio.com.

What makes 10th Studio Beauty box different from other beauty subscription services?

Courtney Haley: Ha! Everything? I curate the people behind the brand, and the story first. If I find talented people, and a compelling story, I know I’ll find great products within their brand. Then I find a way to utilize 10th Studio’s social media, website or beauty boxes to tell their story. I love it when subscribers email me to reorder the product (subscribers get special discounts) because it’s their new favorite product. This makes me so happy!
The only thing we have in common is that we both charge a subscription price! 

I love the subscription business model, and I admire the success cosmetics brands achieved especially in the US with their subscription services which sell 4-5 samples for $10 USD. However, that model can’t work in Asia for many reasons including just the logistics of shipping for example from Hong Kong Island to Discovery Bay (an island in Hong Kong). I wanted to build a global business model which can be run from Hong Kong instead of having to build companies in different countries or acquire businesses in other countries when we wanted to expand. I created my model differently based on my desire to look at the world from an aggregate perspective. I’m based in Hong Kong but my site is in English and USD, and we ship to Hong Kong, USA and Malaysia. I’ll expand where my database sends me! It looks like Singapore, Australia or Indonesia could be next on our list. Not sure yet.

How can all my fashion divas and gurus join in on the Beauty box fun?

Courtney Haley:  Sign up on my website: 10thstudio.com. You can buy one of the previous boxes at $75 USD and check them out first, or you can be brave and subscribe for 1 year and start receiving the new boxes.

What are some of your favorite beauty products on market? Why?

Courtney Haley: Well firstly... a little shout out to Chanel for their Inimitable Mascara (32 USD) which I can’t live without. It makes my eyelashes super long, and it never flakes because their formula wraps itself around you lashes in tubes which is helpful for the long days of an entrepreneur! They will be getting a call from me one day to curate this product in our boxes!

Right now, I am loving Under Eye Serum from the genius Dr. (Ms) Sohila Zadran who created Gilded Cells, a new American Brand, which is for sale on my website for $188 USD for 15g. Sohila is a Neuroscientist whose day job at University of California, San Francisco, is literally trying to cure cancer by researching the aging process of cells in Women. Imagine if this research & technology was used in skin care? Thank you Sohila! I’m pretty picky about eye creams, especially expensive ones. However, this one really works. One of my test subjects, age 62, saw a change in her skin texture in less than 45 days and it’s difficult to improve skin texture over the age of 62 muchless 45 days. Most skin care products will take 60-90 to see the first results.

I’m also loving Serum Savant by Dr. Kane for sale on my website for $250 USD for 40g. Dr. Michael Kane was the first Doctor to use botox for cosmetic purposes many years ago....and now he’s creating

innovation again. First, by creating a patented system of hyaluronic Acid (HALO-C) inspired by the micro- fragment delivery that revolutionized injectibles. Secondly, by finding a way to keep Vitamin C stable in a skin care product. He might just be the only person who has succeeded! There are lots of Vitamin C products in the market place, but few of them impress me. Dr, Kane’s clinical studies are impressive, especially his results of how stable the product stays once the product has been opened by the consumer. Dr. Kane’s technology is so awesome, he has to fill the product under a nitrogen blanket in the factory to ensure the integrity is protected while it’s being filled into an airless bottle. This is the definition of innovation and pushing technology to the limits.

Lastly, I always keep a Lip Perfection Gel in sheer shade, Fountain, (24 USD) from Per-Fekt Beauty in my bag. It’s beautiful, and it’s addictive. It keeps my lips smooth and moisturized. The Lip Perfection Gel is included in our Starter Kit which is the first kit shipped once you subscribe because I think it’s a basic need for everyone! Do you want to buy it as a single item? Just tell us on Instagram. We curate for you! 

Finally what does beauty mean to you?

Courtney Haley: That’s easy! Beauty is a form of art. We try to capture beauty on our website and on our instagram #10thstudio and show the world how people utilize makeup to express their own individual beauty. 

I would thank Courtney Haley of 10th studio for the interview.
Be sure to go to http://10thstudio.com/to subscribe today! 

Heavy on fashion talks to Sheena Sujan

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you an exclusive interview with entrepreneur, international model, and founder of luxury brand Sheena Sujan. I am always looking for new brands to find in fashion and beauty. It was a real treat when I has the chance to meet a creator making her way into both industries! 

So with out further ado, Here is Heavy on Fashion Talks to Sheena Sujan. 

Tell me a little about yourself. 
Where are you from? 

Mumbai, India 

What's your educational background? 

Sheena Sujan: I graduated from UCLA with my bachelor's degree in history at the age of 19. I then went on to obtain my Master's degree in business (M.B.A.) from Northeastern University, which is located in Boston, MA. 

What do you like to do in your free time besides being an entrepreneur?

Sheena Sujan: When I have free time, which is very rare, I thoroughly enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. In addition, I enjoy reading, baking and catching up on my favourite TV shows. 

So lets talk about the Sheena Sujan collection. How did it start?

Sheena Sujan: It started as a need in the beauty industry. I noticed that there were a lot of products out there, which could be quite intimidating to the everyday consumer. I wanted to create a small collection, which didn't include every other product under the sun. Instead, our customers feel safe knowing that their favourite Sheena Sujan products will be there year after year. This allows them to become familiar with the brand and gain our trust. 

What makes Sheens Sujan unique from other lines in the industry?

Sheena Sujan: For one, Sheena Sujan Cosmetics are made right here in the U.S.A. Moreover, our products are marketed to the edgy and flirtatious sophisticated, modern woman. The Sheena Sujan woman is bold and beautiful. She's confident and full of sass. 

How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

Sheena Sujan: The style Sheena Sujan Cosmetics exudes is one of colour. Our key brand colours are gold, pink and black. I chose these three main colours because I wanted women to feel sexy, beautiful, and confident every time they wore our brand. 

Where do you get your inspiration for the Sheena Sujan collection?

Sheena Sujan: I get my inspiration from studying women in history. I love to take the styles from the 1920's, 30, 40's and even 50's, and translate them into the "Sheena Sujan" woman. 

What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now? 

Sheena Sujan: Oh wow! In ten years from now, I hope to create a globally recognized brand. My goal is to help women from all over the world unleash their inner beauty through my collection.  

So lets talk about your journey venturing into your own business. 

Name one of most impactful events that help you start your entrepreneur career? 

Sheena Sujan: One of the most memorable events that helped me start my career as an entrepreneur was literally losing over $6k that my parents' had gifted me after graduating college. I didn't know what I was doing and basically spent every penny of it on useless items that I thought I needed to start a business. After realizing what I had done, I immediately recognized the need of a formal education in business. A few months later, I applied to Northeastern University's executive MBA program and started my journey to become a successful entrepreneur. 

What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

Sheena Sujan: I would have to say the creativity. I love creating products that make women feel good. It's so much fun to take my passion for beauty, fashion and business and turn that into something special. 

What advice would you give a future entrepreneur?

Sheena Sujan: The number one piece of advise I could give any feature entrepreneur is to work hard. My favourite quote is, "dreams don't work unless you do." As an entrepreneur, you have to wake up every single day with a fire in your belly and go out there and hustle! 

Where can my fashion divas and gurus purchase your products?

 Sheena Sujan:  www.sheenasujan.com 

Finally, What does fashion mean to you?

 Sheena Sujan: To me, fashion has always been the art of expression. Fads and trends will come and go, but your personal style, is your personal style. That's what I love about fashion! 

I would like to thank Sheena Sujan for the interview. 
Please be sure to check out Sheena Sujan at www.sheenasujan.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SheenaSujan

Photos courtesy of Sheena Sujan

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Heavy on Fashion talks to Trendenzas

Hello Cassandra, Thank you again for talking to Heavy on Fashion. Tell use about Trendenzas Inc and How did Trendenzas come to be? 

C.C.: Trendenzas is an online deal of the day site that features all the hottest trends at over 50% off and at times up to 90%. Trendenzas came to be because I have always loved a good bargain, not to mention just about every trend that has gone in and out of fashion. My over flowing jewelry box and closet can attest to that.  This does not change the fact that I couldn't help but cringe when I see the prices. As fashion daily deal sites sprung up all over, I could only hope that my prayers had been answered. Discounts in the double digits?  Well, yes, that is if the $600 pair of sunglasses for $250 was a bargain. Or the designer watch for a mere $399 versus the $900 it would normally retail for, was what you call a deal. 

I felt it was time that someone stepped up to the plate and put an end to all this non-sense.... hence Trendenzas. 

I love the daily deals on Trendenzas.com especially the savings. Where can all my fashionistas and gurus sign up for Daily Deals?

C.C.:You can sign up right on the Trendenzas Home page. Leave us your name and email and we will send you the deal each morning. 

What makes Trendenzas different from other accessories lines?

C.C.:We offer all the same hot trends, but at a fraction of the price. Where else can you get a pair of earrings at 90%. Trendenzas also feels strongly about giving back. We love the Glass Slipper Project (Glassslipperproject.org) and look to help them where ever possible. We encourage all of our shoppers to send us their old jewelry as they replace it will new trendy items to be donated to the Glass Slipper project. 

I hear that Trendenzas is expanding!  Tell us about the Trendenzas' T-Party.

C.C.:T-Parties are a Trendenzas new home parties. They feature an exclusive collection that is not sold online. Whether it is a special  occasion, a jewelry exchange or just a gathering with wine and good conversation; look to Trendenzas to BRING the BLING! 

Gather your girlfriends and let Trendenzas bring the party. It is the only way to get a look at the Spring/Summer Collection (not available on our site). Our Home Party Trends consist of the latest trends in jewelry and accessories with something for everyone.

Cassandra Caldwell, President of Trendenzas.com

How can T-Party's help future fashionistas looking to be independent business owners and entrepreneurs?

C.C.: T-parties offer an opportunity for fashionistas looking to be independent business owners to take part and own their own business. We give you all the tools you need to build a successful home-party business. 
Join one of the hottest and fastest growing fashion companies, TRENDenzas Inc. Featured on over 30 blogs and publications including Teen Vogue and Life & Style. AND TO THINK WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED! 

What type of impact are you hoping to make in the fashion industry? In the World?

C.C.: I hope to take the fashion industry by storm. I plan to change the perception that good quality and trendy accessories have to cost you a fortune. You can be fashionable for affordable prices. 

Any upcoming events for Trendenzas?

C.C.: Trendenzas will soon be launching the Monthly Fashion Club (The MFC). A club for the fashionable and senseable. Get an exciting package in the mail each month with a new accessory. Clubs will range for $10 to $30 each month and all offer an annual saving of over 40% off. 

Where can we all check out your merchandise in person?

C.C.: Trendenzas is only sold online. We are always willing to entertain boutiques that are looking to add our line, but have decide so far to stick with the Internet.  That being said we do from time to time host launch Parties or other events so keep your eyes peeled. We always post to Event Brite.  

I would like to thank Cassandra Caldwell, President of Trendenzas.com for the Interview!
You can check out Trendenzas.com at http://trendenzas.com/
Follow Trendenzas on Twitter at http://twitter.com/trendenzas
"Like" Trendenzas on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Trendenzas 

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