Heavy on fashion Events Photo Rundown - Instyle Magazine #SummerSocial Event

HeavyonFashion events - Instyle Magazine #summersocial

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you a look at my time at the Instyle Magazine #SummerSocial event yesterday in NYC! I will have more from Instyle Magazine, including the fab gift bag from the #SummerSocial Event later this week. Be sure to check out the official instagram page of Heavy on Fashion at http://instagram.com/heavyonfashion for more photos and video! 

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Heavy on Fashion Event Preview - Pikolinos A/W 2015 Collection

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you a event preview of Pikolinos A/W 2015 collection. I will give you all my favs from the collection and information the fabulous #MaasaiProject that Pikolinos is a part of! In the meantime check out some all the great pieces from #Pikolnos!

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Throwback Heavy on Fashion Reviews -TANYA by Bromstad for Naturalizer and Naturalizer Luncheon

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Omg! This is a serious throwback review/event coverage that got lost in all my craziness. One of my favorite events from Fall 2014 was the Bromstad for Naturalizer Luncheon where I was gifted these fabulous Bromstad Tanya boots. If you know anything about being a Jersey Girl, we are all for  animal print especially on a great pair of boots. I found that TANYA by Bromstad for Naturalizer are great for anyone who has a special place in their clothes for animal print. TANYA by Bromstad for Naturalizer are also a great look for any occasion and almost every season. 

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I also loved the Tanya by Bromstad for Naturalizer are incredibly affordable . They were originally $159.00 but now are $89.99! The leather and animal hair completely complement this ankle boot style. This is one of my favorite boots I now have in my closet.

Check out my time at  Naturalizer Luncheon and more!

I would like to thanks the fabulous gurus from Naturalizer.

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Heavy on Fashion Events - Day Two of NYFW Rundown #VZWNYFW

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you Day two of my New York Fashion Week. Day two was full of full and fashion.  Fisrt Stop is Tech Style Lounge !

Tech Style Lounge 

My first stop was the #Techstyle Lounge in NyC! The Techstyle Lunge is a great event where fashion lovers and bloggers can recharge their #NYFW batteries while being introduce to some great brands. I had the chance to check out some of the latest fashion, beauty and tech goodies while enjoying some great food! I was also able to rest my feet from all that runnikng around the city. Thank goodness! I also meet some great writers in the process. Got to love #NYFW and #TechStyle Lounge!

Check out all the fun I had at the #TechStyle Lounge in the fab slideshow above!

Korto Momolu S/S 2015 collection 

I have to say I fell in love with Korto's Collection. The silouhettes were classic and could be worn on any body type. The collection was full of great soft metallic tones with pops of blues. I really loved that the models were diverse. Sadly there are not many show during fashion week that showcase various cultures. Thankfully Korto Momolu has. This collection is smart and stylish. Brava Korto Brava!

Side Note: The venue was great too! 

Check out more photos of the #TECHSTYLE Lounge and Korto Momolu show on the official Heavy on Fashion Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HeavyonFashion
The Official Heavy on Fashion Tumblr page at http://heavyonfashion.tumblr.com/

I would like to thank TechStyle Lounge and Korto Momolu for the invite. I had a blast! 

I would also like to thank the tech sponsor gurus at Verizon Wireless #VZWNYFW  for supplying me with The Samsung Galaxy S5 for New York Fashion Week!

(Side Note: I will have a entire post about my experience with the Samsumg Galaxy S5 
at #NYFW later this week so stay tuned!)

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Heavy On Fashion Event Photo rundown - Saks #HolidayinJuly Preview Event

Hello all my Fashion Divas and Gurus! Here is a photo rundown of my time at Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday in July Preview event at Radio City Music Hall in NYC! Enjoy

Heavy on Fashion goes to The Limited 2013 Holiday Collection

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus!Check out my time at The Limited Showroom where I had the opportunity to view The Limited's 2013 Holiday Collection and celebrate The Limited's 50th anniversary. This year The Limited is celebrating their 50th anniversary. I am happy to say that The Limited want to give back to women who want to change their lives for the better with a collaboration with Dress for Success. Make sure you check out more from The Limited 50th anniversary at http://50.thelimited.com/

Heavy on Fashion talks to Street M.O.D.E 22 Collection

Hello all my Fashion divas and Gurus! I recently had a chance to interview Andre Thornton CEO/President of Street M.O.D.E 22. Street M.O.D.E 22 is a great indie fashion line in Newark, NJ.  Mr Thornton was born and raised in Newark, NJ where his ambition and vision helped create the clothing line.I am happy to introduce all my fashion divas and gurus, Andre Thorton of Street M.O.D.E 22.

Heavy on Fashion: How did you get started as a fashion designer?

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: I actually got started designing officially in 1998 and that included 5 other friends who were all supposed to go in on this thing called "Fashion" together. Unfortunately that dream didn't become a reality where all of us walking down the runways together but, I stuck with it and here I am getting closer, and closer to my dream. Looking good and having an eye for fashion always came natural. However, the business of fashion is something entirely different, and I'm still learning that as I go. Hands down the fastest and ever evolving business that I have ever known. With that being said... I am completely hooked!

Heavy on Fashion: Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of clothing.

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: I'm sure this process is different depending on the designer that you ask. However, for me when I get a vision I see it in color and it's very vivid. The inspiration can come from something as a simple pair of shorts or slacks and you find yourself obsessing over a way that you can make this vision UNIQUE and wearable. Now, being that doesn't happen everyday I then find that the absolute most important aspect of the process besides "PRICE" is the fabrication process. Anything that someone is going to give you there hard earned money for has to be constructed with the best material possible for that garment. Now, that doesn't mean that it has to be the most expensive but, it can not be CHEAP either. Then, once I've decided on the fabric for the first sample it has to be an eye popping color. So that when that garment get's sent down the runway I fully expect to hear the sound of people gasping for air. Fist comes the sketch and being that I cant sketch outside of the basics I have my sketch artist draw what I see. Then comes the cutting process meaning I cut the fabric and then the sewing process begins and lastly the fitting. That part is to make sure that if any alterations need to happen I can do that right away. Also to see if what I saw in my head and on paper actually agrees with what was done and if so I finally add my buttons and labels. Finally I press the garment 1 last time and it gets put away for shooting... Yeah that's about right!

Heavy on Fashion: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: Well the line that I call Street M.O.D.E 22 is really 1 line that has 2 sides to it. First there's Street M.O.D.E and that side is the urban side of the line. Which includes but not limited to Denim, Velor, Hoodies, Golf shirts, Fleece, T-shirts etc... The meaning and or acronym for Street M.O.D.E is "Struggle to maintain or die easily." Now let's break that down. The Streets equate and equal the STRUGGLE. M.O.D.E is Maintain Or Die Easily PERIOD. Now, the Twenty2 side of the line has a phrase that goes to it and that is "All Good Things Come In 2's" and that side of the line will consist of but not limited to Jersey Knit dresses, Silk Kimono's, Silk Jumpers, Pants suits, Tuxedo dresses, Maxi dresses, Tunic tops, etc... Now, when you look at then both together I affectionately describe the line as "Casual Elegance" but the tagline that completely describes Street M.O.D.E 22 is this. Street M.O.D.E 22 is a fashionable reminder that the spirit of change and revolution never dies. It just dresses better! 

Heavy on Fashion: Where do you get your inspiration?

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: Well as far as the designers that inspire me are in no order. Tom Ford, Sean John, John Galliano, Ralph Lauren. You see these designers all have something in common in that they know how the well dressed MAN should look. Keep in mind that initially Street M.O.D.E 22 was only going to be a men's line and I looked to those guys as mentors on how to build a collection. But, at some point and thankfully I might add I found myself unable to resist designing for woman and if I say so myself I'm doing alright. Now, outside of them I have many fashion heroes on many different levels. For example I have been in several show's and found myself finding inspiration from other designers right next to me. Now the most important place where I find inspiration in within and that comes from my faith in the Creator. As long as I have that and continue to grind work hard and stay focused. I think I will be just fine!

Photos courtesy of Street M.O.D.E 22

Heavy on Fashion: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: My first bit of advise for any up and coming designers is to learn from the ground up. First understand that the business of Fashion is completely different from designing clothes as there are plenty of designers but in comparison very few "Fashion Houses" and once they get that the rest will come naturally. Remember to stay open and to separate what you like from what your customer likes. When creating a collection remember to have a target audience and or consumer in mind. Either by age or gender but be as specific as possible because all fashion insiders are going to ask you that very question. If at all possible I would suggest interning for someone and learning as much as you can about draping, cutting, sewing and all other aspects of the fashion industry. Be honest with yourself and have tough skin. Because this whole industry is based on what OTHER people think and if you are not prepared to be told NO or worse then this is definitely the wrong career path for you. Understand that this process will for sometime unless your lucky will be completely out of pocket until you can find someone to back you financially and while your spending your own hard earned money keep in mind that every nickel and dime counts. Stay persistent and do everything you can to be in or around it every day that you can. Lastly; Have a story. There are millions of up and coming designers but very few have a story to sell you. Ask yourself why do you support the designers that are in your closet... Most probably because the story that has been sold to you!

Heavy on Fashion: Tell us about your latest collection?
Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: What I'm working on right now is a few pants suits for the Spring and a few jackets that will blow your mind. It's what I feel the collection needs right now and making the men's side of the line more complete as I have been so neglectful to men that I'm almost ashamed to even think about it. Honestly in part I've concentrated on the woman's side because it developed faster than did it's male counterpart. But, now it's time to bring something sexy for us men. I really want to be more specific than that but I ask that you be just a little more patient with me and I PROMISE not to disappoint!

Heavy on Fashion: Any upcoming events for Street M.O.D.E 22 Collections?

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: Actually in mid February I'm going to be doing a charity event for Autism and showing to a group investors who are very much interested in taking the line to the next level and making sure that everyone who wants can easily make purchases and the best way to do that is to put it in a few stores near you. I've done more than enough fashion shows local and abroad and I'm no longer as interested in doing that because not only is it expensive to enter these shows, then to get to and from, and to get my garments there and racks, and steamers and a great many of these fashion show producers don't deliver on what they promise. Now, that doesn't mean that anyone up and coming shouldn't do shows because that will be your first introduction to a live audience and they will give you a sense of what your doing is worth doing or not but you do have to be aware of those that don't know what there doing and the others that are just a waste of your time. Again, stay tuned for Street M.O.D.E 22 coming to a DEPARTMENT store near you in 2013!

Heavy on Fashion: Where can all my fashion divas and gurus checkout your collection?

Andre Thornton Street M.O.D.E: You can check out the website at www.streetmode22.com, and you can see many new looks not on the website on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-MODE-22-Clothing/83306617904 and if there interested they can follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/StreetMode22 Again, keep an eye out for the newest collection coming to you no later than February 2013!

I would like to thank Andre Thornton of Street M.O.D.E 22 for the interview! 


Born Again Vintage & Fashion Night Out NJ!

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you a look at Born Again Vintage Relaunch for Fashion Night Out.  I did not attend this fabulous event. This does not mean you guys should miss out on all the fashionable and sustainable fun. 

Here is a look at Born Again Vintage Re Launch for #FNO show via Press Release.

Born Again Vintage Celebrated Re-launched of Sustainable Couture Shop During Fashion’s Night Out

September 11, 2012 (Montclair, NJ) – Born Again Vintage hosted a sustainable evening of fashion on Thursday, September 6th from 7-9pm as Bridgett Artise re-launched her eco-friendly couture shop with a classic-meets-funky fashion show in celebration of Fashion’s Night Out.

Residents and fashionistas of New Jersey and New York joined together to preview Born Again Vintage’s newly revamped store and clothing line, produced from vintage and recycled clothing and recyclable fabric while enjoying hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and a live DJ.  Jeff Greenfield, star of the Style Network’s hit show Jerseylicious and Nicole Obert, star of Bravo TV’s, Shear Genius, also came out and joined the fun as they purchased items from Born Again Vintage and posed for photo ops with fans.

Allison Snediker, Founder and Designer of Banjo & Bone
(Photo Courtesy of The Hip Event)

The night commenced as guests surrounded the grass-covered runway to watch Born Again Vintage’s exclusive fashion show event displaying the latest designs from Corinthia People Designs, D-List, BANJO and BONE, Beautymarks Boutique, Patoise, Marigold Boutique, STAY by Stacey Angela, Rewynd Vintage and a special showcase from Art Exhibit by Christine Soccio.

Corinthia Peoples, Founder of Corinthia Peoples Designs (Photo Courtesy of The Hip Event)

“Vintage textures inspire me so my collection will always be something that you will not see anywhere else” says owner Bridgett Artise. “People were able to see what is offered at Born Again Vintage as well as learn you can be fashionably sustainable. I couldn't have asked for a better turnout.”

Following the runway show, all but one item showcased during the night was sold out. 

Fashion Show featuring 2012 fall collection from Born Again Vintage (Photo Courtesy of The Hip Event)

Prior to attending, guests were asked to fill out a carbon footprint survey and email in their results. The person with the smallest carbon foot print received an exclusive one-of-a-kind reversible recycled denim/leather bag with an item from the Born Again Vintage fall collection.

A runway look from Born Again Relaunch for Fashion Night Out in Montclair, NJ (Photo Courtesy of The Hip Event)

Bridgett Artise is the founder of Born Again Vintage in Montclair, NJ and former partner of Altier 516, who won Best Couture Shop of Essex County by Morris | Essex Health and Life Magazine in 2012.

Bridgett Artise
Owner and Designer of Born Again Vintage (Photo Courtesy of The Hip Event)

About Born Again Vintage
Born Again Vintage, a clothing line by designer B. Artise is the future of women’s apparel. It is comprised of garments produced from vintage clothing, recycled clothing, and recyclable fabric. Born Again Vintage is a pioneering force in sustainable fashion with designs being sold in boutiques from Soho to Tokyo. Born Again Vintage has appeared on top reality show Jerseylicious and has an A-list clientele including names like Sheryl Crow and Vivica Fox. B. Artise teaches a vintage class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and her book "Born Again Vintage: 25 Ways to Deconstruct, Reinvent and Recycle Your Wardrobe" (Crown Publishing) has been reviewed in over 50 different publications such as Nylon and Teen Vogue. The New York Times brands her as a “Vintage Expert”.

About the Designers
Patoise by Sherieka Anglin provides many services in the areas of styling, personal shopping, designing, event coordinating, and costume design. Our team of seasoned fashion and business professionals has experience working with companies such as A&F, Liz Claiborne Inc., & Ebony Fashion Fair. Patoise will be one of the many talented designers featured in Born Again Vintage starting fall 2012; stop by to preview our stylish catalog of carefully selected jewelry and handbags!

Rewynd Vintage began in January of 2009 and is co founded by Schnia Roseberry and Tiffany Smith. We specialize in eclectic vintage pieces for the fashion savvy client. Our vintage clothing and accessories are for individuals that aren't conformed to society trends and seeking a unique profile. We believe in "having expensive taste without the expense."

Corinthia Peoples Designs is an elegant, wearable art jewelry collection that inspires and adorns women's inner and outer sprits with unique one-of-a-kind/limited edition semi-precious gemstones and sterling silver jewelry. The collection speaks to the art enthusiast and to women who revel in being authentic and rare yet classy & passionate. Corinthia Peoples Designs has currently launched its first apparel collection of custom original cuts and fabrics that are enriched with African motifs and textures with a modern day jazz.

Beautymarks Boutique is the ‘go-to source’ for short and long evening wear styles including cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses, prom gowns, holiday party dresses, bridal party dresses and other special occasions.  For more than 15 years Lorraine Morgan’s Beautymarks Boutique has been renowned in fashion for image and pioneering style.  Beautymarks Boutique - The Image You Want.

The D-list by Yolonda Sheffa is a fun and quirky t-shirt company that believes in not creating drama but wearing it! The D-List offers screen printed shirts, vintage finds, and unique accessories. Sooner or later everyone will want to be on The D-List!

BANJO and BONE was established by NJ native Allison Snediker 2011 as a brand reflective of her love for the art of handcrafting, history and culture. Each Banjo and Bone item has been designed and handcrafted by Allison, using combinations of worldly and recycled materials (ex: Sandalwood beads she picked up on a trip to Tibet and vintage 1970's brass chains). The name is derived from her Hound dog, Banjo and his bone.

Old World Living Designs by Lisa La Valle-Finan is a home furnishings company that captures the essence of European style on a flea market budget. Known playfully as the original “flea market fanatic” she decorates using original, vintage, and found pieces. The host of affordable flea market shopping trips to Europe throughout the year; she not only guides her clients through the fleas but shares her knowledge about local culture at the same time with a handy background in cultural anthropology. You can purchase all of her items for your home at Born Again Vintage.

Metal Taboo is an NYC based line of socially deviant metal art that displays and celebrates our arrogance, sexuality, vulgarity, frustrations, and angst. Know thyself.

Christine Soccio, New Jersey based artist, will show her latest work of art, "Born Again" during Fashion Night Out at the Grand Opening of Born Again Vintage. Inspired by the fashions of renowned designer, Bridgett Artise, the 30x40" latex-on-linen painting was created using only recycled house paint.

Marigold Boutique is a stylish fusion of new and vintage materials. Montclair designer Maria Papale’s passion for all things vintage spurred the creation of her Marigold Boutique jewelry line. Collections feature beautiful and authentic vintage findings including antique watch parts, ornate filigree, crystal baubles and glass beads. Unique, wearable, well-priced jewelry with the genuine patina of time.

Stacey Angela, Luxury Swimwear & Resort designer/Fashion personality Stacey Angela is becoming a household name. Her exclusive Stay by Stacey Angela collection has been heralded from the high end fashion center of Japan to boutiques in Los Angeles. Her crochet pieces have been featured in the Miami Herald, Grand Life Daily, Lifestyles of the Authentic and Creative, Lincoln Road magazine, Nylon, Americas Next Top Model, VH-1, Complex mag, VH-1.com, Honey, Smooth, Jewel, Suede, LA Talk Radio, Wall of Style Radio. Her widely attended Fashion for Epilepsy events spread awareness about the illness of Epilepsy while showcasing cutting edge designers and models that have been affected by the malady.

About Fashion’s Night Out
Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) is an unprecedented global initiative originally created in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, and boost the industry’s economy during the recession. On Thursday, September 6, 2012, in response to overwhelming demand, Fashion’s Night out will return to New York City and cities across the country to highlight fashion and support retail with exciting events that include designer appearances, celebrity guests, fashion shows and musical performances. Purchase items from the 2012 FNO collection and a portion of the proceeds will go to the New York City AIDS Fund in the NY Community Trust.  In the United States, the program is a collaboration between American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company, and the City of New York. For more information visit: http://www.fashionsnightout.com/ or FNO on Twitter at @fnonyc (#FNO).

(Press Release provided by The Hip Event)

Heavy on Fashion at the So Excessive Boutique Sip and Shop Event

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am happy to bring you an exclusive look at the So Excessive Boutique Sip and Shop Event in Newark, NJ! I also got the chance to interview Keena Williams, owner of So Excessive Boutique. From some fabulous cocktail to some great accessories, So Excessive Boutique Sip and Shop Event was a hit. Oh did I mention that Emily Bustamante  of "Love and Hip Hop" came by! There were some serious fashionista and gurus in the building and here is a look at it all. 

The Interview!

The Crowd ! 

Owner of So Excessive Boutique Keena Williams and Reality TV star Emily B of "Love and Hip Hip"
Crux New York creators, Sennie Clark and Ahyiana Angel with and Reality TV star Emily B of "Love and Hip Hip"

Reality TV star Emily B of "Love and Hip Hip"

What a lovely sight! 

You can't go wrong with Audrey! 

You can't go wrong with these Skinny Girl White Cranberry Cosmo either! 
The Jewelry

This is some serious hardware...love the metal work!

I have to say I am obsessed with this necklace! I usually do not go for this look but this necklace is eye catching. 

Love this necklace! 

This would be a great Christmas Gift..Hint Hint! 

I really like the Good Vibes earring, it reminds me of my name plate from my earlier years!

My nail polish color is Yummy Mummy nail polish by Butter London.

Too Fly...No Pun intended! Ok I lied...the pun was intentional...lmao!

This is a interesting take on Chandelier earring

Love these earrings, I believe Beyonce wore a pair of these in one of her videos! 

The Swag Bag! 

I love my swag bag! Thank you So Excessive Boutique! 

I would like to So Excessive for the Invite and the fabulous Swag Bag. Make sure you check out SO Excessive at http://www.soexcessive.com/ and swing by the boutique 1212 Raymond Boulevard in Newark,NJ