Heavy on Fashion Event Preview - Pikolinos A/W 2015 Collection

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you a event preview of Pikolinos A/W 2015 collection. I will give you all my favs from the collection and information the fabulous #MaasaiProject that Pikolinos is a part of! In the meantime check out some all the great pieces from #Pikolnos!

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Heavy on Fashion Events- Meredith Banzhoff Showroom Showcase

I was invited to check out fall 2014 collections from the Julie Bee's, Lagi Nadeau, and Meredith Banzhoff! I love showcasing great independent designers. Here is a look at some fantastic fall fashion for 2014.

My war with Heels

I love heels from beautiful slingbacks to stilettos platform pumps. I love the Very Prive Spikes platform heels from Louboutin or the 'Inga' high heel open-toe booties from Gucci but I can not walk let alone stand in those shoes. Not like I could afford them anyway but a girl can dream. The case being, I love heels.The look of them is so elegant and fierce. Too bad my feet, calves, and knees hate them. Every time I put my feet into my nude 4-inch pump, my legs wobbly like a new born fawn taking its first steps. My knees scream in agony "What Are you doing to me!" My legs wonder why I put myself in the painful footwear and my feet are generally pissed off. Though my will and keen fashion sense are determined to make it out on my heels. I know that my first step will be my last. 

So what is a girl to do when she love heels but can not walk in them? She buys colorful pairs flats, some killers wedges from DSW and calls it a day! Maybe one day my toes, legs, and calves will be aligned with my fashion sense and heels will become my best friend. But until then My war with heel continues and I'm losing!


Heavy on Fashion at the Getting Gorgeous NYC with Degree Event at the Metropolitan Pavilion

Hello, everyone. I am happy to give you a look at the Getting Gorgeous with Degree event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on April 2nd. I had a great time meeting some many new designers,writers, brands, and blogger. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. 

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