Where I am at right now

Hello, all my Divas and gurus! I am in my final weeks of pregnancy. This entire journey of leaving my marriage, trying to pay for the cost of divorce (that is a post on itself), finding someone new, getting pregnant, making a decision to leave a relationship and deciding to co-parent, losing my father to cancer, going back to therapy, disconnecting from toxic people in my life, and finally to get back to myself despite other thinking they can read me but know nothing about me. It's has been an extremely tough journey that I am still traveling on. So I am very sorry for any interview, product and book review delays. To be honest, I am trying to put up many posts up as possible but life is happening. My first priority is to get me and my son right first before anything. Â  With that being said, I will be working on an editorial calendar for when all new post will be up. I am not putting a timeline on when the calendar will be up but hopefully soon. I am also diving back in my poetry again. I have a page on Medium, so please check it out at  https://medium.com/@TheMalanb. It has a mixture of old and new content. I also working on a few other ventures, which I am excited about but I am not putting a timeline on those projects either. My plan for the rest of this year is to concentrate on my health (mentally, financially, and physically) and the health, love and well being of my son Noah.

Thank you all for the support. I hope to be writing back on this platform constantly soon.