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New Podcast Episode - F.F.L.M - Forgiving, Asking for Forgiveness, Letting Go, and Move on!

  Hello, all my divas and gurus. This is a super impromptu bonus episode. The act of forgiving, forgiveness, letting go, and moving on from the traumas of the past. SOPT: Giving you the best that I got by Anita Baker; Forgiveness by Emily King; Forgiveness by Ledisi. 
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New Podcast episode: Heavy on Fashion Must Have Self Care Apps for 2021

  Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! Check out my Heavy on Fashion Must Have Self Care Apps for 2021! I am writing the entire list in the next post. 

New podcast episode: Consistency and Shift

  Song of the pod- Taurus by Marquis Hill.  Book of the pod- Shadow Work Journal by Luna &Sol.  Prayer of the pod- Psalms 23.  Support the Heavy on Fashion Life Podcast - click the support me tab on Anchor at:  Or  buy me a ko-if at

New Podcast Bonus Episodes: Self-Soul Mates, Karmic Lessons and Transmutation.

Heavy on Fashion Talks to Author Pam Haynes

Mrs Pamela R Haynes is a Retired Senior Probation Officer and Awarding Winning Author of Loving the Brothers. Pam grew up in Canning Town, London in the United Kingdom. Her parents hail from Barbados and the Londoner is a proud Bajan by descent.  Pam is an international domestic abuse spokesperson, book mentor and guest lecturer. She seeks to empower and inspire people to write and publish their own stories.  Loving the Brothers is fiction and based loosely on Pam's experiences of working in the Criminal Justice System; a career which spans over 30 years. Loving The Brothers was published on 8th January 2018 by Marcia M Publishing House based in Birmingham UK. The highly anticipated sequel called Loving the Sisters is due to be published later this year. So without further ado, here is  Heavy on Fashion Talks to Author Pamela R Haynes 

Bonus Episode- Purposeful Self care and Protest

  Hello, all my divas and gurus. This is a bonus episode. Today I am talking about being purposeful in self-care, self-love, and self-defense. I also talk about some of my favorite loves, some great organizations, and the current state of the USA right now. We got work to do but realize that there so many ways to protest and contribute to a better way of life. Song of the pod- Self Care By Tank and the Bangers. Check out more on Instagram at Love THE POD, donate by buying Heavy on Fashion a cup of Ko-Fi at

Heavy on Fashion Life Podcast - Episode 3 - Say Hello to the Bad Guy

 Hello all my divas and gurus! This episode, I am talking about being the bad guy a.k.a being the villian in someone's storyline! The exercise of the pod - Acknowledge and release your past villainous acts in your own way. Song of the podcast - Bad Guy -Billie Eilish. You can buy Heavy on Fashion a cup of Ko-Fi at