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My favorite looks from Fashion far Pt II

I love Milan fashion week. Maybe it is because it was in Milan, Italy, the city which I was named after ,well kinda, or maybe it has to do with Milan being one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. One of my favorite designers from Milan fashion week was Iceberg Fall 2011 Ready to Wear Collection. I love this collection. It has tons of great look and touches of color. I love this dress. It is wearable, fresh and bold. The shoes are sickness too. I would wear this walking down Mercer street in Soho, NYC Pantsuits are back and everyone and their mothers will be wearing. I know that everyone is going to wear jumpsuits but please stick with being original. Jumpsuit does not look great on everyone. I love the color combination in this ensemble especially this orange blazer. Adding color to a neutral outfit adds excitement to your look. Be Bold - Add some color! This reminds me of my mom in the 70's but with a modern twist. The shoes are great. Love t

A fashion blogger who reads - OMG! A look at My expanding fashion library

Yes, I am a stylish bookworm. I love to read about the Fashion industry and how the gurus of the industry think about what is hot and what is not. So here are a few picks from my growing fashion library! My favorite books from my growing fashion book library are The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion . I have the 3rd edition and it is chuck full of fashionable information. Dying to know what the proper name for your fav fashion piece- it is in The Fairchild Dictionary of Fashion . Great for any fashion blogger/lover. I use this book on a daily basis. I also love Lloyd Boston's The Style Checklist , this book is a great guide for anyone looking to revamp their style or need to add some classics to their wardrobe. It's a great book about basic fashion looks and how to get the most out of your closet. You know that the classic white tux shirt and the LBD make a cameo in the book. I would suggest adding your own personal touches to Lloyd's tips. All in all a grea

My favorite looks from Fashion far

Rodarte Photo Courtesy Photo Courtesy Photo Courtesy When I saw the Rodarte collection on, I feel in love. The use of cream colored prairie coats with tab collars and draped crossover necklines make the collection look crisp and posh. the coats, in my opinion, are the must-see items for this collection. Charlotte Ronson Charlotte Ronson show was great. Saw it on good old Youtube! I see that a high-class grunge look is emerging for the fall. Interesting.... I do love the prints and the jackets in the collection. Photo courtesy: This look is so NYC! Love the jacket. You can never go wrong with a motorcycle jacket. Lipstick and Luxury & the Kaelen Fashion Show! I got to attend a great event at NYFW for . I loved Kaelen Show. I wrote a fabulous article about it on  so go and Check it out! Here is some exclusive video of the show and some pics of my favorite looks

Fashion week Cometh- Wait it is here!

Follow my blog with bloglovin Fashion week Is Here! Can you believe that NYC fashion week is has arrived in NYC and I am so happy to announce I will be attending some fab shows throughout fashion week and will be giving you the round down! Yes, Fashion week darlings! Pics and of course some serious Fashion coming your way! So this year, I am attending several shows for Heavy on Fashion and Other fab fashion and beauty sites - some for the show ( the drama!) and some other shows I will be backstage (where the magic happens.) You know I will put up the links on where you can find the all my stylish literary skill (I use that term loosely) In the meantime, Check out this fab Christian Siriano fashion that went down last night! I saw the entire show thanks to Fiji water and Facebook! Great show, I felt like I was really there. Hopefully by next year , I will be there- in person!

Heavy on fashion at Fake Perfect Me Book Party and Reading from author Cari Kamm at Laser Cosmetica

Hey everyone I had the chance to check out the Fake Perfect Me Book Party and  Reading from author Cari Kamm at Laser Cosmetica. There were so many people were at this book signing. I was so happy that I found out about this event through Man it was fabulous especially that pink champagne! The Event was packed with many Cami Kamm fans.  Cari Kamm talking to one of her readers! The venue was Great, very NYC Loft type feel. Author Cari Kamm reading her book, it was really a great event. The author also autographed many copies for everyone. Love the Mini cupcakes by Baked by Melissa especially the chocolate chip pancake one! Tasty! I had a great time! I am currently reading the book. A real page turner. It is written in a realistic voice. It is a must for all my readers out there

Beauty News - Cholè bag Giveaway from Miracle skin transformer

Omg, I just got an exclusive for all my Fashion scarlets and vanguards. A great foundation called Miracle Skin Transformer has a contest where you can win a Cholè bag. If you have not heard of Miracle Skin Transformer you need to check it out. It is a great product. I tried it out myself. So make sure you drop by and sign up today. Side note: Shout out to Sam from for the fab info.

Welcome to Heavy on Fashion!

Welcome to Heavy on Fashion! Heavy on Fashion will be about Fashion, News, and everything in between. I will have everything from Fashion news, my personal fashion must and no no's, Event coverage, and more! I am so happy that I am starting my own fashion blog. I know there are tons of blogger out there but this blog will have tons of fashion, advice, tips, and some life lesson that everyone can relate to. I am so happy that you all will be with me on this exploration of Fashion, Beauty, and everything else that Life has to offer. Check out the PARIS COUTURE S/S 11 ELIE SAAB Show! Fabulous looks and Welcome again to Heavy on Fashion!!