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Heavy on Fashion talks to Jajo Couture

Hello all my divas and gurus! I am so happy to be back to Heavy on Fashion. I am so sorry for the delay but I have a great new interview for you. I had the chance to check out Fashion designer Janean Johnson of JaJo Couture. Check out the innovative and fresh new designs of JaJo Couture.  Photo courtesy of JaJo Couture Photographer- Grant Foto Model-Jessica Garza Yellow Glasses- Willi Stiles Heavy on Fashion:  When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? Janean Johnson Of Jajo Couture:  Well, that’s an interesting question.  I was actually a fashion photographer for several years and I started designing just random stuff to shoot.  I guess you could say I awakened a sleeping dragon.  I didn’t really think I would do much with it just stuff for fun but then I decided maybe it would be fun to explore it.  The next thing I know I’m doing fashion shows, photo shoots and other things and it just ki