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A Heavy on Fashion Read! A review of Bump it Up by Amy Tara Koch

Hey, Everyone! I am so happy to present my first book review on Heavy on Fashion. I received Bump it Up at   the Getting Gorgeous with Degree event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City back in April 2011. I had the chance to meet the author and I was in awe of Amy's style. I know it took me a minute to review this book but trust and believe me that Bump It Up is a fashion must whether you are pregnant or a lover of fashion and beauty! So without further ado, Here is  A Heavy on Fashion Reads!  A review of Bump it Up by Amy Tara Koch! I pretty much highlighted the entire book!  Summary Many of Amy's tips do not just apply to if your are preggers but to anyone who need some TLC when it comes to fashion. Being pregnant and stylish is not the easiest thing to do in the world. For many pregnant fashion diva, Bump it up will be a great book to have. From how to save some money by using item in your closet to what essential pieces you need to buy; Bump it Up

Heavy on Fashion Presents: A look at YouNique Jewelry

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to give you some fabulous New Fashion and Style  for 2012!  You know that I love my indie designers, so I have to Showcase a great up and coming accessories designer, Ciara Jackson! Ciara Jackson the owner and creator of YouNique Jewelry Collection, a great new jewelry collection. I had the chance to interview Ms. Ciara about Younique Jewelry, her future plans, and what it takes to be an independent designer and businesswoman today.    Tell us about the YouNique Jewelry collection? How did YouNique Jewelry come to be?  The YouNique Jewelry collection is made up of custom made/handmade pieces designed specifically for the clients taste... This jewelry line came about from me bedazzling items in my own home that I wanted to stand out and look unique when I stepped outside of my home. When I would wear the pieces outside I would grab a lot of attention...  Where do you

Semi Hiatus but coming Back to Heavy on Fashion

Hello, all my divas and gurus! I know I been MIA for a while and I am so sorry but I recently had a tragic event happen to My Family on New Years Day.   I talk more about it on my personal blog at Just Malanb !  I will be having some great new posts coming up Next week including a great book review, an exclusive interview with an up and coming jewelry designers, and of course event coverage! So I will see you all next week! Live, Style, Write Malanb