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Heavy on Fashion Talks to Jazmyne Courtii Byrd

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I had a chance to interview Jazmyne Courtii Byrd, the official Plus Size Blogger for CurvesRockWeekend and the  plus size fashion writer for Kingdom Voices Magazine, Full Figure News. Ms. Jazmyne also has a plus size blog called P+ Size Thoughts at .  Here is  Heavy on Fashion Talks to Jazmyne Courtii Byrd! I would like to thank Jazmyne for the interview!  Check out more from Jazmyne on Twitter: @Divah_J P+ Size Thoughts  Blog: Kingdom Voices  Magazine: Until Next Time Live, Style, Write  Malanb

Heavy on Fashion Talks to Daniel Dunt of TS New York

Hey all my fashion divas and gurus! I am happy to interview a great blogger Daniel Dunt of That's So New York .   That’s so New York talks about great activities and trends of the fashion world and emerging creative designers. Lets get to know more about That's so New York and Daniel Dunt! Hello Daniel, Thank you for agree to the interview. Why did you initially decide to start your blog That’s so New York ? D.D: It’s all Ugly Betty’s fault really. She had one, and I wanted one! Where did the name That’s so New York come from? What is the mission of That’s so New York in  the Fashion Industry? D.D:   It was actually my brother that thought of the name whilst he was home from university for the summer. I thought it was catchy, and from then onward, I simply went with it. In regards to the concept behind my blog, I like to post about independent and emerging, creative talent predominately. I feel that the fashion industry can, at times, be very c

Heavy on Fashion Talks to Cacha and Pen of The Network

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I had the chance to interview Cacha and Pen, Founders of The Network.  Candice Newberry aka LoudPen is a Publicist, Stylist, Fashion Blogger at de la Pen ( ), Founder of Pen PR, and Co-Owner of The Network.   Cacha Lopez aka Cacha is a founder of Cacha` Management, Manager, Stylist, Photographer, Fashion Blogger at Cacha ( ), and Co-Owner of The Network The Network is a talent and management  agency for emerging artists, models, make-up artists, stylists, photographers, and musicians.  I had to chance to talk about fashion, blogging, finding new talent for the Network, the music industry, the need for more diversity in the fashion industry, and what The Network has in the works for the future. The interview took place at Coral Restaurant on 157th & Broadway in New York City.  I would like to thank  Cacha and Pen, Founders of The Network for the interview and   Coral Restaurant on 157th &