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Heavy on Fashion's XXOO Shopping Guide - Fall 2014 Edition*

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so excited to give you Heavy on Fashion's Fall XXOO Shopping Guide for 2014! Usually I like to have this list up on the first day of Fall but I found so many great items in October I had to feature them. I mean seriously, I have some great new products that I feel are a must for Fall this year!  Homemade Nail Polish Did you know that you can use eyeshadow to create your favorite nail polish colors?! As you all know, I love getting my nails done. Shout out to my nail artist Tyh at ! As I was saying, I love nails so when I heard of a D.I.Y book for creating your own nail polish and designs, I was excited. Homemade Nail Polish   is a fantastic book filled with unique homemade nail polish colors that you can make in the comforts of your own home. I mean you can make your own custom color for your wedding, your birthday, or any occasion you would like. So if you can't afford to get your di

Heavy on fashion Events : Charmin Kicks Off OPRAH’S The Life You Want Weekend

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus!  Today, this post is about my tome at the Charmin Kicks Off OPRAH’S The Life You Want Weekend Media Brunch . I was so honored to be invited nd listen to some of the most influential business women on how to balance professional success with personal achievements.  TV host, lifestyle expert and author Egypt Sherrod moderated a panel that included Silvia High, CEO of Aiming High, Karen Meleta, ShopRite Vice President, Consumer and Corporate Communications and Jodi Allen, Vice President of North America Marketing and Brand Operations at P&G. One of the biggest lesson that I walked away with is finding time for myself. Many women including myself, feel that we have to do it all but forget that finding a calm space for ourselves is a priority. Karen Meleta, Silvia High, and Jodi Allen proven the point that finding time for you, you can be fulfilled. Some women garden, others may find a calm space in their on the way to work. This lesson made