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Heavy on Fashion Reviews: Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub*

Just received my #Perlier thermal scrub #volcanic #thermal #dpa from #IFABBO A photo posted by Malanb (@heavyonfashion) on Sep 13, 2013 at 4:45pm PDT Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! Thanks to the beauty mavens over at iFabbo, I had a chance to review Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub. Scrubs are great for removing dead skin from your body. Dead skin makes your skin looks dull and lackluster. Doing a scrub at least once a week is great for your skin. One great scrub to use is Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub for my sensitive skin divas and gurus. Perlier is a known for their great beauty products so I had high expectations for this scrub. Look how #Perlier Volcanic thermal scrub sparkles...#review coming soon #iFABBO #HeavyonFashion #PerlierOnHSN A photo posted by Malanb (@heavyonfashion) on Nov 6, 2013 at 10:20am PST When I first opened Perlier Volcanic Thermal Scrub, I love the smell. Absolutely delicious and light. The Perlier Volcanic

Heavy on fashion Reviews : Sage Lifestyle*

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you another fantastic review, this time from Sage Lifestyle. Sage Lifestyle was started by Sage Machado, a  jeweler, clothing designer, perfumer, boutique owner, artist, and entrepreneur! Sage Machado is a woman of many talents and used her talents to create a fantastic product!  Here are my thoughts on some fabulous products from Sage! 8 oz Candle - Amber First, I tried out the 8 oz candle in the Amber scent. I really loved the scent, very earthy and warm. Great for any season but I find it refreshing during the fall and winter seasons. Many candles that I encounter do not have such a memorable scent, well Sage Lifestyle candles are powerful and unforgettable. The 8oz Amber candle retails for $56.00.  3 oz Topaz Travel Candle I love the Topaz travel candle. The scent is charming, light, and sweet thanks for the 5 variety of vanillas embedded in the scent signature. The 3 oz candle also comes with a lovely

Heavy on Fashion talks to Nataly Aponte

Hello all my fashion diva and gurus! You love jewlery...I love jewlery. I am happy to bring to you a fantastic Brooklyn based jewelry designers and craftswomen,  Nataly  Aponte . Nataly is launching her next collection: The Matchstick Collection.  The Matchstick Collection is her largest, and also most varied with uses of fine metals such as yellow gold, sterling silver, and citrine, as well as gems such as garnet, rubilitie, topaz, and more. Here is a look at Nataly's latest collection and How Ms. Aponte started as a jewelry designer Here is Heavy on Fashion talks to Nataly Aponte! Photos Courtesy of Nataly Aponte Heavy on Fashion:  Where are you from?  Nataly Aponte: I'm from NY. Born in the Bronx and my family moved to Larchmont when I was 5 years old. Heavy On Fashion: Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of jewelry. Nataly Aponte:  I'm usually inspired by a gemstone, color, pattern, or material

Heavy on Fashion Book Reviews: Color Me Couture*

Loving this book especially for my Fashion designers getting there start in the industry. More to come very soon #review #HeavyonFashion A photo posted by Malanb (@heavyonfashion) on Sep 13, 2013 at 5:06pm PDT Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! As you all already know, I love books! I especially love books about fashion. This book is no exception. When I was in school, I dreamed of becoming a famous fashion designer despite the fact that I could not sew for my life. If only I had a book full of the basic layout of some of the most desirable silhouettes in fashion. Well my future fashion designers, here is Color me Couture. Color Me Couture is full of great illustrations of high fashion from the last 100 years.    This fabulous fashion book is full of great illustrations for any budding fashion designer/illustrator.  What I really loved about Color Me Couture is it is full of great facts about some of the most famous fashion accessories and clothing in history