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Heavy on Fashion Reviews - Own Refining Moisture Night Cream & Own Firming Silk Concentrate*

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am happy to bring you my beauty thoughts on Own Refining Moisture Night Cream & firming silk concentrate. I love to try great new beauty products but I have sensitive skin. I am so happy to find a two beauty product that did not irritate my skin.  So my beauty lovelies here is Heavy on Fashion Reviews! Own Refining Moisture Night Cream I am so happy to try a great product that was Dermatologist-tested, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free, and Sulfate-free. It is very hard to find a really good night cream. I love Own refining moisture night cream because the texture of the cream is light.  Own Firming Silk Concentrate The Silk Concentrate is great for combination skin and dry skin divas. I found the concentrate easy to use and feel great on the skin! Plus I love that Own Silk Concentrate is certified vegan, non-Genetically Modified Organism, Gluten Free, and Cruelty Free!  I am still using Own refining mois

Heavy on Fashion looks at THE IZO-EHI COLLECTION & Giveaway (Ad partner)

Hello my fashion divas and gurus! I am very happy to introduce you to an up and coming indie designer.  Today you guys get a sneak peek at the IZO-EHI  jewelry collection and a super fabulous giveaway.  Yes, You can win a pair of earrings from IZO-EHI!  Here is a look at some of IZO-EHI jewelry collection.  Juanita Ehioba is the creator of IZO -EHI Collection.  The IZO-EHI Collection was created by designer Juanita Ehioba. Juanita studied fashion design at Penn Valley Community College in Kansas City, MO and earned a Bachelors in Christian Studies from Faith Bible College.   IZO-EHI was established in 2006 as a Full Figure Line.  IZO- EHI has a variety of unique fabrics and jewelry, that make one stand out from the crowd. Juanita love for design earned her one of the "BEST" emerging designers of Baltimore's Fashion Week in 2009. Juanita Ehioba will be presenting her line on September 3, 2013 in New York.  This summer IZO -EHI wi

Heavy on Fashion talks to Chouchou

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am happy to introduce a great new designer, Silva Pellegrino. Growing up in Rome, she honed her fashion skills between her hometown, Amsterdam, London, and LA, before relocating to Scotland in 2010. Her label Chouchou captures an inspired take on contemporary Scottish style. With a array of beautiful luxury fabrics: heritage  woolen  tartans, fine Italian  jacquard  and silks, Chouchou is hit, just ask British Vogue and Glamour! Chouchou designs fuse Scottish tradition with a sleek Italian style, capturing hearts and imaginations worldwide. With a unique unisex collections and a impressive  women wears  collection, Chouchou is a must for all divas and gurus.  Heavy on Fashion talks to Chouchou Heavy on Fahion: What does fashion mean to you? How has fashion change your life? Silva Pellegrino:  I studied and graduated in Modern Languages before starting on my fashion career. I guess fashion is a fantastic way for me to feel free

Beauty Flash

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I have a great Beauty flash just for you. Sesha is a skin therapy is having a great promotion. You can get 10% off the entire order and free shipping using the code May10!   Simply enter in the coupon code at check out in order to redeem.  Check out more from .  SESHA Skin Therapy realizes there’s more to skincare than effective ingredients. It takes a results-oriented delivery system to enable active ingredients to penetrate the skin’s protective outer layers and nourish new growing skin layers. Using Conrex Pharmaceutical’s patented and clinically proven delivery system, P.E.T® (Permeation Enhancement Technology), SESHA Skin Therapy launches its NEW  CLINICAL Collection to fight against the signs of aging. §   Advanced Antioxidant Cream : Fights against the visible signs of aging caused by oxidation, environmental stress and glycation. §   Advanced Eye Restore : Reduces the appearance of wr