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Sorry for being M.I.A!

Hey guys I am so sorry for being MIA on Heavy on Fashion. I recently moved to back to my hometown in a new house, Yay! My macbook is sick! Macbook + apple store repairs = ton of  $$$! While I working on my tech issues, head over to my Music and Street fashion blog Milan Malan Word on the Street . I am having a great giveaway from Anything Goes UK apparel company ! I am giving away a wonderful graphic tee!  Check my latest giveaway at Photo courtesy of Anything Goes UK apparel Don't Worry, Heavy on Fashion will be back before you know it with some great reviews, event coverage, interviews, and videos! Make sure you check out Heavy on Fashion's Tumblr Page at   and my Twitter account @malanb for the latest updates!  Live,Style,Write Malanb

Heavy on Fashion talks to

Hello Glen Thank you so much for agreeing to the interview.  What made you get into the plus size fashion industry? What would you change about the fashion and beauty industry as a whole? GLJ:  My reasons are pretty boring to be honest.  I was out of work at the time and using my computer to help my wife look for lingerie and clothing. I decided after reading an article on blogging to start a blog specifically for plus sizes.  I started off writing about fashion and lingerie on two separate blogs then after 3 years I combined the two into one and pressed on.  Initially, I tried to incorporate big and tall men's fashion into what I do but I found men don't come online to shop, we just replace. I would eliminate the size tags from clothes.  The numbers are meant for companies to catalog their clothes but the numbers inside clothes have become a crutch for millions of women around the world as well as ammunition for critics. The tags would be replaced with a system