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Fashion Writer & Blogger Meet and Greet and launch of 214 magazine@ Top Shop

Ok so I found out about this Fashion Writer and Blogger Meet and Greet @ Top Shop in NYC from one of my former Meetup groups! With little time, I zipped up my Kenly Uggs, put on a huge pendant necklace my mom gave to me when I was younger, and ran out my apartment like a bat out of hell! I hopped on the Path Train, transfer to the F train to see Indigo Clarke, Karen Blanchard, and the launch of TopShop's magazine 214. The things I do for fashion! Here is what went down at TopShop in NYC Fashion Writer and columnist Indigo Clarke and Karen Blanchard -blogger of the  Where Did U Get That .  The best thing about this Meet and greet event was the Q&A section. Many bloggers and writer got a chance to pick the brains of Indigo and Karen. I learned tons about how these ladies got their start by doing what they love to do. Very inspirational Here Indigo Clarke talking about her great article in the new 214 magazine. 214 was launch by Topshop. The magazine

How Independent is your Closet - Accessories-Part1

I love independent fashion designers. They are fresh and not easily influenced by fashion trends. Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite indie accessories that I found out about via twitter. Yes Twitter! Who would have thought this micro blogging service would lead me to some chic and unique fashion lines from all over the world. The only question I have for you is - How Independent is your Closet? Funk Eyewear Photo Courtesy: I found out about Funk Eyewear when they started to follow me on twitter. I checked out their website and fell in love. Now I am following them too! Funk eyewear is sick! They are unique and stylish. Though I love the entire line, my favorite eyewear collections are the Sashee Schuster and the Funk Food. Fink Food is just that - funky and stylish frames. The Sashee Schuster collection has a great vintage look. Funk Eyewear is not available in the US. I know I am sad too. I hope that the Funk eye

I heart Jean Paul Gaultier

This is one of my favorite shows during Paris fashion week, such personality and style. Oh to be in Paris during fashion week

Galliano's 19

John Galliano Autumn/Winter 2011: Only 19 Looks and Galliano's line is 92 percent owned by Dior. This make me wonder if Dior will cut Galliano's line completely ? We will see

Fashion + Networking = Open Source Fashion

Hi everyone, I am happy that I attended the first meetup for Open Source fashion in NYC at the WIX Lounge. There were tons of people who working in the Fashion and Beauty industry. From designers to blogger to Pr execs, everyone was there to network and learn from each other. I got to meet some really great people at the event. I have to say the OS Fashion is one stylish group. You probably wondering how I found out about this group, well I found this group on meetup .com. If you are looking to meet new people or to just network, than check out meetup .com. They are full of group in your area. This was Open Source Fashion's first  meetup . Which was great because At the  meetup ,  Haute  Pr CEO - Robin  Kassner  and  FashionStake  Founder & President Vivian  Weng  talked about the fashion and pr industry. These ladies gave some great insight to many independent fashion designers, entrepreneurs and  bloggers . Here is Robin Kassner , CEO of Haute Pr talkin

The Dior Runway show - Gallino = ?

According to, The President of Dior made a wonderful speech regarding the history of Dior and no mention of Galliano was or on around the runway. It is official, The name Galliano was wiped clean from the House of Dior. The Show itself was full of Three Musketeers themed designs and sheer bloomers with bows. Only time will tell when The House of Dior will chose it new designer but rumour has it that Riccardo Tisci will be a shoe in for The House that Dior built!