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Heavy on fashion at The Schultz Furrier Media Lunch

Hello everyone! I had a chance to attend a fabulous media luncheon at Schultz Furrier in Millburn,NJ!  Schultz has everything from fabulous fur coats to adorable and affordable mink scarves. I am so happy to bring you an exclusive look at Schultz new showroom. So check out some luxury, food, and some serious fashion! 
The Store! 
Schultz Furrier is a family owned luxury apparel and accessories company that has been in business for over 70 years! Schultz Furrier store has 2 floors full of fur coats, jackets, blankets, scarves, gloves, and more. For all you fur lovers, Schultz also does repairs and has on-site storage. This is a good look! 

Beside fabulous and luxury full fur coats, Schultz furrier also has some great affordable items available too! I  am loving these rosette fur scarves. Very cute especially for the winter time.

Schultz Furrier is also making their way into the handbag business. I talked about the potential Schultz handbag in my interview with one of the owners on my Y…

Heavy on Fashion at the ME Char Handbags Blogger's Brunch

Hey everyone! I was glad to receive a invite to the ME Char Handbags Blogger's Brunch in New York City. I was so excited that I left my digital camera at home. Thank goodness for my camera phone. You know I love to go to city especially when fashion and style are involved! So here is an exclusive look at Me Char Blogger Brunch, a look at the Me Char Showroom, and a exclusive preview of the Me Char handbag collection. 
The Bags
The Spring/Summer 2012 collection - The Iconic Collection

Charmaine inspiration for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection was the late and Stylish Edie Sedgwick. Edie was the muse of Andy Warhol and fashion icon of the 60's.  Edie lived a glamorous and tragic life. The mixture of boldness and vulnerability can be seen throughout the collection. 

The Edie Envelope Clutch is on my must have list. The tab zipper and fold flap makes this bag so unique and fun. 

I love the Char Char clutch from the Iconic collection. So bold yet classic. This is one of my favorite…

Fashion Show and B-day wishes with Tracy DiMarco

Hey guys! I just want to let all my local east coast readers know that Tracy DiMarco, Star of Reality TV show Jerseylicious,  is having a Birthday Party My hometown, New Jersey! It is going to be tons of fun with some reality show stars, a fashion show, and all that Jersey has to offer. 
The best thing about this event is that some of the proceeds will be going to Children's Charities. So make sure you head over to this link - and pick up your tickets today! 

Heavy on Fashion at Shecky's Girl Nights out in NYC - Fall 2011

Hey guys! As you all know, I had a chance to cover Shecky's Girls Night Out in New York City.  I am a fan of Shecky's  event but this time around I found some great fashion, a celebrity sighting, and of course some great cocktails. Here is Heavy on Fashion at Shecky's in NYC!  

Vh1's Tough Love Miami @ Shecky's
Host and matchmaker Steve Ward along with fellow match maker and founder of Master Matchmaker Joann Ward (also Steve's Mom!) was at Shecky's giving out some great dating advice to all the ladies in New York! 

Don't you just love this dress. Fabulous! 

Here is a look at the crowd for Steve and Joann. Many ladies had some awesome question about relationships and dating. I have to say that Steve and Joann gave some grand advice. 

Sidenote: I am really loving Joann's style! 

When Steve took off his jacket, I knew he was  about to get down to business! He did and gave out some much needed Tough Love! Check out their site at http://www.mastermatchm…