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Heavy on Fashion at The Guam Beauty Event & NFP Pop Up shop

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so excited that I had a chance to check out  The Guam Beauty Event and NFP Studio ( New Form Perspective) Pop Up Shop.  An evening full of Beauty, Wine, and Fashion is always a win - win in my book. Here is Heavy on Fashion at The Guam Beauty Event and NFP pop up shop!! The Guam Beauty Event This is  GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mu d. This product help reduce the appearance of cellulite.  GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mud is huge in Europe and finally the U.S. beauty lovers can buy it too!    GUAM® Fangocrema is a mud-based anti cellulite cream that can be use everyday.  GUAM® Algascrub is a exfoliating scrub has natural oils, rice bran, and marine sea salt.  The GUAM® Beauty Anti cellulite Mu d is a great at home anti cellulite treatment. For only $69 you can get a wonderful beauty treatment.  GUAM® Fangocrema Notte is the GUAM 's nighttime cellulite cream.  For about $300 you can a full ant

The M·A·C Reel Sexy Video starring Kristen McMenamy

Miss McMenamy’s bright, bold and brilliant look features a color collection of enigmatic Eye Shadow Duos, Vivid Lipstick, Cream sheen Glass, Eye Kohl, Powder Blush, Light Scapade Mineralize Skin finish, Nail Lacquer and Zoom Lash. I am in love with the nail color on the iconic model, very spring and neon.  Photographed and filmed by Famous Fashion photographer  Miles Aldridge  Fun Fashion Fact: Miles Aldridge and Kristen McMenamy have been married for 15 years. A couple made in fashion heaven. 

Heavy on Fashion is Now on eBay

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming and my closet is a mess. So I decided to clean out my closet and make some money in the process. I finally opened up my very own eBay store. Think of it as a online yard sale. Some of my favorite clothes are going up for sale! My eBay store is full of plus size clothing from 1x - 4x. Everything is literally from my closet. Check out Heavy on Fashion's eBay store at Or just click the Heavy on Fashion eBay Store tab only on Heavy on Fashion

Heavy on Fashion looks at Eva & Bernard, Wicce, JPark and Angela Martini's collections

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus. I visited one of my favorite showroom in NYC -  Edite . Edite represents some great brands, boutiques, and designers. During my visit, I had a chance to preview some great designer lines like Eva & Bernard, Wicce, JPark and Angela Martini. From fabulous outerwear to designer bikinis, Heavy on Fashion has the exclusive. I am so happy to show all my fabulous divas and gurus some serious style, some great designers, and some great trends for the Fall. Ok guys this is what I want for Christmas. You guys  have 9 months to save up. Check out my Torrid flats making a guest appearance in this shot. Haha! Everyone is talking about statement necklaces, Well why not a statement belt instead.  This Belt is a great accessory for any budding fashion diva or guru.   The hottest mini clutches out right now. Yeah I said it!  Fashion Fact: Nait Rosenfeld and Roey Vollman (Eva & Bernard) collaborated with artist  Olaf Kuhnemann to make