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Heavy on Fashion's XXOO Shopping Guide - Fall 2014 Edition*

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so excited to give you Heavy on Fashion's Fall XXOO Shopping Guide for 2014! Usually I like to have this list up on the first day of Fall but I found so many great items in October I had to feature them. I mean seriously, I have some great new products that I feel are a must for Fall this year!

 Homemade Nail Polish

Heavy on Fashion Must Have List Fall 2014 Edition
Did you know that you can use eyeshadow to create your favorite nail polish colors?!

As you all know, I love getting my nails done. Shout out to my nail artist Tyh at! As I was saying, I love nails so when I heard of a D.I.Y book for creating your own nail polish and designs, I was excited. Homemade Nail Polish  is a fantastic book filled with unique homemade nail polish colors that you can make in the comforts of your own home. I mean you can make your own custom color for your wedding, your birthday, or any occasion you would like. So if you can't afford to get your digital glam to the 9's than Do-it-yourself!

Check out more information on Homemade Nail Polish Create Unique Colors and Designs For Eye-Catching Nails By Allison Rose Spiekermann at

Whitening Lightning's Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss 

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have ListHeavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

My pale/vintage lip using Whitening Lightning's Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss in Butter Cream

One of my favorite lip glosses right now is the Whitening Lightning's Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss in Butter Cream. I have to say I love this color. This pale pink works great on me when I want to pull off the vintage/pale lip look. I also like the light up wand and the mirror. This is a great when you have to retouch your lip gloss and do not have a mirror or when great lighting is not handy. This

Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss retails for $24 and comes in many great colors! Buy your own Lighted Lip Gloss at

Kleenex On the Go Slim Pack

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

We all know that when Fall hits, it is time to pull out those tissues. With all these nasty little bugs going around, a Kleenex facial tissue is your friend. I love the On the Go Slim Pack. The On the go Slim Pack can fit anyway. I have on in my handbag. Seriously you never know when you will need a Kleenex. They are also great for makeup removal or helping you when you have the sniffles. Cold and Flu season is here so be prepare with Kleenex!

Check our local store to pick up your On The Go Slim Pack today!

Bandaid Advance Healing Blister

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

With the Fall come great high heel and equestrian style boots. With great new boots comes some serious blisters. Yeah, I said it. We all have suffer those pesky blister when you are trying to break in your super cute footwear. Well, I suggest Bandaid Advance Healing Blister. Carry a few in your handbag while on the go & keep a few in the house. I have to say these Bandaids are one of my must have not just for the fall but all year round.

You can pick up Band Aid almost everywhere!

Shea Moisture

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List
Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

One of my favorite Hair products on the grocery shelf is Shea Moisture! I love their Shea Moisture and Black soap lines when treating my natural hair but I never tried their cosmetic line until recently. I personally fell in cosmetic lust with the mix, match, and play contouring and highlighting palette.  We are all familiar with contouring, well The Mix, Match, Play is a great tool for beating that face into a serious selfie moment! The Primer by Shea Moisture goes on very smooth. If you have to prime your wall when you paint, you must prime that face when you paint that face!

The Mix, Match , Play Palette retails for $24.99 and the Silicon free Primer retails for $15.99

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have ListHeavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

Until I started blogging, I didn't realize how important a great makeup brush was. Well my fashion divas and gurus, I do now. A great brush can do wonder for any makeup look. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune on it. I am not for not. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is a great example of a quality product without spending a tons of cash.  I love that Real Technique Expert Face Brush is ultra-plush, synthetic bristles are hand-cut and
100% cruelty-free. This is a great brush for applying foundation, contouring your face, and applying blush but honestly you can use this brush for anything.

The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush retails for $9. Pick up your very own Expert Face brush at

Aromaflage Purser - On the Go Spray

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

So if you are like me and not a huge fan of bugs but hate the smell of bug spray and the harmful chemicals in it than you will love love love Aromaflage Purser - On the Go Spray. It is Free of DEET, chemicals, and parabens and smells fabulous. I am serious, I wore Aromaflage Purser at work and received so many compliments. I never though I would see the day when there was a lovely smelling bug repellent. Thank goodness for Aromaflage!

The Aromaflage Purser - On the Go Spray retails for $30. Check out this and other great products at

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

Ok so I was introduced to this product a while ago but never paid Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels until New York Fashion week!  I tell you Fashion week is full of fun but a bit exhausting. Thank goodness when I got home I placed these bad boys on my stressed eyes and arose looking refreshed. Talk about a spa day at home. For just $30, you can de puff your eyes in minutes (for me it was about 10-15). Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels holds 8 pairs of eye gels. They are very easy to put on and just as easy to take off. This is now part of my spa kit.

Go to  to Pick you your Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool FirmingFace Gels today.

Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

With the fall bring dry skin and no one wants that especially when the temperatures are beginning to drop. This is why I like Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial Oil. It is great for the cold and hopefully not but could happen harsh weather to come. As I have mention several time on this blog, I suffer from dry sensitive skin. Thankfully, Olay Facial oil is dye and fragrance-free. When The colder whether starts to creep in, I pull out my facial oils. Olay is a great choice for my Fall 2014 list because it can be found at any drug or grocery store. Very convenient when you are out and about.

The Olay Regenerist Luminous Facial oil retails for $24.99 and can be brought almost anywhere.


Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

We all are familiar with the Woolite brand. Well I have a confession to make, I actually never used woolite until recently. I know, I should be ashamed. Thanks to the lovelies at Woollite I was able to see what all the hype was about. After using Woolite, my clothes look a lot better. Who would have thought that one change in what I wash my clothes in would make such a visual different. So I had to add Woolite Everday to my Heavy on Fashion Must Have list!

The prices on Woolite varies from store to store. For more on Woolite go to

AUVIO® PBT1000 Bluetooth® Portable Speaker

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have ListHeavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

 I could not make my XXOO list with feauring some tech! I mean the world today runs on the latest tech you can get your hands on . Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the AUVIO® PBT1000 Bluetooth® Portable Speaker courtesy of RadioShack.

Here is a list of someof my favorite features! 
Wireless speaker easily pairs with your iPhone®, Android™ phone or any  Bluetooth-compatible device
Built-in speakerphone for making and taking calls - A great feature especially when you have a phone call and you have y
our hands full 

Built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 13 hours of playback

USB power-out port allows you to charge your device - Phone charger! 

The AUVIO® PBT1000 Bluetooth® Portable Speaker retail for $129.99! This is perfect for holiday parties, tailgating, or business calls. Go to to buy the AUVIO® PBT1000 Bluetooth® Portable Speaker today.

Piper's Perfumery

Heavy on Fashion Fall 2014 Must Have List

Finally one of my favorite and must affordable picks for Heavy on Fashion's XXOO Shopping Guide Fall 2014 Edition is Piper's Perfumery! If you love unique and light scents for a reasonable price than Piper's Perfumery is for you. Shoot this is for me too! I feel in scent lust over the complex smells and the $4.98 price tag! I mean you can't go wrong with that. Check out all the Affordable fragrance mist at your local Walmart.

Sea salt & Rosewater: Top notes of Wild Freesia, Casaba Melon and Apple Blossom, lead into mid tones of Sea Salt Accord and Rosewater Jasmine, and end with dry notes of Driftwood and Musk.
       Love Spark: Top notes of Wild Berries, Red Apple and Melon Water lead into floral mid tones of Peach Blossom and Jasmine, ending with dry notes of Fresh Ozone, Wild Rose and Sweet Pea.

 Naughty & Nice: Top notes of Sweet Mandarin and Cyclamen lead into mid tones of Sensual Jasmine, White Cedar and Sugared Amber Crystals, ending with dry notes of Creamy Sandalwood, Warm Vanilla Bean and Musk.

I would like to thank all who participated in Heavy on Fashion's XXOO Shopping Guide-Fall 2014 Edition! 

If you have a product and would like to be a part of Heavy on Fashion Must Have List, go to for more detail or contact me at Email Heavy on Fashion at milanmalan (at) Gmail (dot) com for more information

Until Next time


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