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Heavy on Fashion talks to Sinem Akin of Wanna Collection

Photos Courtesy of Wanna Collection

Hello, all my divas and guru! I am so happy to bring another fabulous interview from a great emerging jewelry designer. Today, I had the chance to talk to Sinem Akin of Wanna Collection. Wanna Collection is a jewelry line created by Sinem Akin and Inci Denizel. I had a chance to find out more of the Wanna Collection,  becoming a designers, and more! 

So without further ado, Here is Heavy on Fashion talks to Sinem Akin of Wanna Collection

Heavy on fashion: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background?  What do you like to do in your free time besides being an entrepreneur?
Sinem Akin: I am originally from Turkey and I immigrated to Canada in 2010. I have very active 7-year-old twin girls and a 10-year-old boy. So I am a super busy with hockey and sail mom:) Other than that I love to practice yoga; it helps keep me centered! I practice it almost every day, along with indoor spinning. I have been living by the Mediterranean and the pacific ocean as I live in beautiful Vancouver now. I love sailing and being on the boat with my kids and family.

Heavy on fashion: So let's talk about the Wanna Collection brand. How did it start?
Sinem Akin: Wanna Collection started in 2005 when I took a bunch of Jewelry making courses. I wanted to create my own line. And I opened my own store back in Bodrum Turkey. When I and my designer partner decided to collaborate with my designer partner Inci Denizel we thought it would be an amazing opportunity to bring the brand to North America.

Heavy on fashion: What makes Wanna Collection unique from other lines in the industry?

Sinem Akin: Wanna Collection consists of unique handmade jewelry. We use high-quality materials as semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, leather..  We make innovative, fashionable and inspirational products with quality to satisfy our customers.

Heavy on fashion: How would you define the style your line exemplifies?
Sinem Akin: Our style addresses to working women who prefer to be modern, bold and free. Each piece is designed to be different from the others.
Photos Courtesy of Wanna Collection
Heavy on fashion: Where do you get your inspiration for the Wanna Collection line?
Sinem Akin: I can say that we are mostly inspired by nature.

Heavy on fashion: What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now? 
Sinem Akin: In 10 years, we want to be well-known by working class, chic women, with a presence in high-end department stores and boutiques in North America.

Heavy on fashion: So let's talk about your journey venturing into your own business. 
Sinem Akin: When I first started to design jewelry, I started to dream of having my own line and own my shop. I was always very interested in design and fashion. So we had a chance to open our own shop and we did open it back in Turkey. The name was found back then and by moving to Canada, I opened my online store to have our designs meet with fashion shoppers.

Heavy on fashion: Name one of most impactful events that help you start your entrepreneur career? 
Sinem Akin: I can say that the most impactful event was all my friends taking away my designs when I first started to create them. It was amazing to see they were liked and gave me the courage to start my own business.
Photos Courtesy of Wanna Collection

Heavy on fashion: What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?
Sinem Akin: Managing my own time.

Heavy on fashion: What advice would your give a future entrepreneur?
Sinem Akin: I can say that it is not easy at all. They need to get into action with their emotions for their creativity in the design part and mind in the marketing aspect. They need to believe in themselves and do not give up whatever the obstacles are! I personally figured out that you need a good team in order to launch your own business.

Heavy on fashion: Where can my fashion divas and gurus purchase your products?
Sinem Akin: As we have launched recently in North America we sell our designs on our website

Heavy on fashion: Finally, what does fashion mean to you?
Sinem Akin: Life is fashion for me… The way you express yourself. The way you live, you dress, you design your house is all fashion. With your choices, you express your identity and show who you are. And when choices are combined with aesthetics then you become classy!

I would like to thank Sinem Akin of Wanna Collection for the interview! 
Check out Wanna Collection on social media at

Don't forget to check out Wanna Collection website at

Until next time,
Live your life with style 
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-Heavy on Fashion


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