Heavy on Fashion at the Fashionista.com Panel Discussion in NYC

Hello all my Heavy On Fashion Readers, I am happy that I got the chance to attend the Fashionista.com:  How I’m Making It: What It Takes To Succeed In Fashion panel discussion on Monday, May 9th at the NYU Cantor Film Center.

The panel was full of professionals in the Fashion Industry. Here is quick bio of the speakers at the panel

Skye Parrott is the Photographer and Creative Director of Dossier Magazine.

Katherine Krause is the Editor of Dossier Magazine.

Gayle Dizon is a founder of Dizon Inc. Dizon is an acclaimed production company for some of the best fashion brands in the industry. Dizon Inc, is known for their fabulous fashion shows productions.  

Cindy Krupp is the founder of the Krupp Group. Krupp Group is a public relations agency that works with tons of fashion designers including Chris Benz and tons of companies.

Chris Benz is a well known American Fashion designer and columnist for Fashionista.com.

Gayle Dizon,  Cindy Krupp, and Chris Benz give seriously great advise for everyone going into the fashion industry.

Skye Parrott and Katherine Krause of Dossier Magazine dropped some serious knowledge on the publishing industry and how to keep your business afloat in the recession.

Here is what I learned from Fashionista.com How I’m Making It: What It Takes To Succeed In Fashion panel discussion.

  1. Internships are extremely important! A great internship can lead to the right path in the fashion industry and some serious connections. If you are a bit too old to see yourself as an intern, freelancing is a great way to make connections.
  2. Take risk but make sure they are smart risk.  
  3. Research your dreams and desires. If you want to start any business, know what you are getting into. So research and read up. 
  4. Network your butt off. In the fashion industry, who you know is extremely important. Many people in fashion work with people they enjoy or are friends with. 
  5. Fashion is a social business so get out there and get to know someone. 
  6. Reading is fundamental in fashion or any industry you want to be apart of. The Library, Barnes and Nobles, and Borders should be your best friend.
  7. Image is everything especially online so keep your eye out on how you look on your facebook and on twitter! You are a brand so act like it!  
    I had a great time at the event. This event really helped me to plan out my next move in fashion!
    Side Note: Sadly, the next morning I had a horrible asthma and allergy attack. I was sick for several days. This is why the this post is a bit late but better late than never!


  1. Loving this post/ wish I could have been there. Thanks visiting by blog & BTW I see we have a few things in common, esp being "Newark" Examiner.come writers


  2. Thanks for the comment Tammy! I glad to see another Newark Examiner. I am working on a new post for The Newark Examiner very soon.

  3. Thanks for dropping by my little blog. :)

    This is such an informative post and I loved the tips you gave at the end.

    Working in fashion is terribly exciting, I have some friends who do and they greatly enjoy it.

    The Cat Hag

  4. Thanks for leaving me a note! I'm glad you found my space & stopped by.
    Hope you drop by again soon.

  5. Thanks for the lovely comment everyone

  6. This sounds so interesting! I wish I could attend something like that. I'm now following you on Bloglovin and Google Friend Connect, hope you stop by!


  7. Great post and some really honest and realistic tips.
    Hope you are feeling better. xoxo

  8. aww amazing post, I so wish I could take a part in such an event ! ;) <3

  9. The event was really cool. I found out about it on Fashionista.com


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