Heavy on Fashion Presents: A look at YouNique Jewelry

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to give you some fabulous New Fashion and Style  for 2012! 

You know that I love my indie designers, so I have to Showcase a great up and coming accessories designer, Ciara Jackson! Ciara Jackson the owner and creator of YouNique Jewelry Collection, a great new jewelry collection. I had the chance to interview Ms. Ciara about Younique Jewelry, her future plans, and what it takes to be an independent designer and businesswoman today.  

 Tell us about the YouNique Jewelry collection? How did YouNique Jewelry come to be? 

The YouNique Jewelry collection is made up of custom made/handmade pieces designed specifically for the clients taste...

This jewelry line came about from me bedazzling items in my own home that I wanted to stand out and look unique when I stepped outside of my home. When I would wear the pieces outside I would grab a lot of attention... 

Where do you get your design inspiration from?
I am naturally creative so most of my ideas come naturally. There isn't that "one thing" that inspires me. Not much that I see inspires me, it's what I don't see that motivates my creativity.  If I borrow an idea; no one idea is original, I always try to make it my own by making it a unique piece. 

When did you realize you wanted to become a designer? 

June 2011

I really love these earrings

What was the first article of Jewelry you ever designed?
A pair of custom made black feathered earrings for LeKia Dill------> (www.tutudolls.com).

Describe the general process you go through to design and realize a piece of  YouNique Jewelry. 
First, I have a Lil' book that I jot down my ideas in. Second, In that book, I sketch how I would like the jewelry to look by creating color combinations, and I also think of ways to change something basic into something extraordinary. Finally, I bring everything together!

Describe the YouNique Jewelry Woman? What is she like? 
Often referred to as Ms. Independent or Ms. Individual...The YouNique Jewelry Woman is very Classy, always Sophisticated, highly Educated, and ultimately Creative...

What makes YouNique Jewelry different from other jewelry lines? 
My denim collection, for example, they are one of a kind piece because they are sketched (free-styled) and designed by me. No one else knows my secret. No one else knows my process or preparation on how I make them the way that I do!

How do you feel about starting a fashion business in these tough economic times? What advice would you give someone starting their own business in fashion and accessories? 
I'm very confident. Because of the economy and the lack of jobs, I was forced to find a hustle.  YouNique Jewelry started as a hustle but now it is aspiring to be much more than that. I thank God every day for my creativity and how it came in handy. I don't know where it will take me but I'm willing to go...

My advice to any aspiring businesses in any field of fashion: Work hard, stay at it! Your ambition is everything, it will factor your success! In this field, it will be down times because what was once hot may not be hot anymore. Keep it up to date. Always pay close attention to what everyone is wearing. There will be high times too where you must remain humble because money comes and goes and everyone meets their dry spell . Don't chase your dreams stalk them!! 

What type of impact are you hoping to make in the fashion industry? 

I'd like to have a great but positive impact on the fashion industry. People eat , sleep, and breath fashion. I want people to talk about my jewelry; eat it, sleep it, and breath it. I may not be there today but I plan to be there someday if it's in God's will. I'm always open to constructive criticism and ideas. 

Any upcoming events for YouNique Jewelry? Can we expect a fashion line from you in the future?
No upcoming events at the time but you can expect me to be around for a very long time. My creative juices will continue to flow as long as God keeps blessing me with anointed hands.

Where can readers find out the latest on YouNique Jewelry? Are you on Twitter? Facebook? 

You can check me out by visiting my website: http://www.youniquejewelry.ezweb123.com, I'm on facebook (CiaraThe-Future Jackson); facebook.com/prettycee, and yes I'm tweeting, follow me @MissProfessor2u;twitter.com/MissProfessor2u

YouNique Jewelry

Ciara Jackson - Creator and Owner of YouNique Jewelry 
I would like to thank Ms. Jackson for the interview. Please check out her work at http://www.youniquejewelry.ezweb123.com/


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