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Heavy on Fashion at the Getting Gorgeous NYC with Degree Event at the Metropolitan Pavilion

Hello everyone. I am happy to give you a look at the Getting Gorgeous with Degree event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on April 2nd. I had a great time meeting some many new designers,writers, brands, and blogger. The atmosphere was friendly and fun. 

Here is a look at some of the companies at Getting Gorgeous NYC with Degree

I enjoy the Simply Orange Mimosa. So Tasty 

As you can see, there were tons of bloggers and writers at the Getting Gorgeous with Degree event. 

Miraclesuit was their showing off their line of swimwear. I also got a great look at the MiracleBody,  a line of jeans that make you look 10 pounds smaller. Check out Miraclesuit at

I got to taste Moe's Southwest Grill dips and salsas, which will be in BJ's stores very soon! I loved the White Bean dip! 

Sarah Potempa - celebrity stylist- showcase her line of styling products. I have to say I really like her Mini Flip Iron! Loved the celebrity guessing game!
 Make sure you check her stuff out at

I loved the Simple Styles: Spin Pin from Goody, great for making a bun on the go! No bands or bobby pins needed! SPin and go.

Here are the organizers of Getting Gorgeous Audrey McClellan and Vera Sweeney checking out the new Degree motionSENSE Deodorant line.

Degree motionSENSE Deodorant work when you move not just when you sweat. Great Idea!

The ShopAfrolic booth was fabulous! A table filled with great shoes, You know I almost went into a shoe coma. Check out! It is one of the best shopping blogs out there.

Hanes was there also giving away from great products! 

 FlipOut sandals are fab! FlipOuts make great beachwear footwear for the summer and I love the interchangeable shoe jewelry is the best item. I never heard of FlipOuts before but I am a fan of them now. Check out FlipOut Sandals at

Here is a look at the Maternity Lounge at Getting Gorgeous. This lux lounge was filled with Isabella Oliver maternity wear on the rack,  Belli Skin Care on the table, Georgetown Cupcakes and great tips from Style expert Amy Tara Koch! Isabella Oliver also has a great women collection that is worth checking out.

Amy had some great tips on how to emphasize your features, accessorize to the max, and how to look current on a budget. I have to say Amy's book Bump It Up may be geared to pregnant women but has some great tips that can work for everyone. I am actually reading her book right now and I will give you my thoughts on it soon! So far so good!  

Note: pregnancy and style does go hand and hand! 

One item that I really like at the Maternity Lounge is the Pish Posh bags! They are fabulous and great for everyone. Check them out at

If you have sensitive skin, like me, I would suggest checking out Belli Skin Care products. I am going to add this to my beauty products very soon! I have my eye on the Belli Complexion Protection Duo collection. heck them out at

The Crowd!

There was a huge crowd at the event from mommy bloggers to fashion writers. Everyone was nice and welcoming at the event! 

Here is a video of the event.Side Note: I tried to give some commentary but as you can see that did not go well. I hope you guys the sights and sounds of Getting Gorgeous!

The Goodie Bag

Here is all the Fabulous product I received at Getting Goregous NYC goodies bags. I got tons of stuff for the house from the Goody bag! This is one of the best goody bags I ever got! So many product to try out and talk about.

Yes, Smashbox makeup! This is going straight into my makeup bag.

So using the NYX eyeshadow compact and the Nyx lipstick! 

Shout out to BJ's - I won a $25 gift certificate at the Getting Gorgeous event for my tweet about Moe's Salsa and Dips! Who would have thought, liking something would get me a giftcard!

Ok these are Flip Out Sandals. You can change the charm a.k.a shoe jewelry. They come 2 fab shoe charms. You can also get crystal charms. These sandals are too cute and I am sporting my new flipouts when the weather starts to heat up! 

I also won this PishPosh Quick Zip bag and clutch through a contest at the event! Thank you twitter again! Cute right! I had a wonderful time at Getting Gorgeous and I hope to return for the next Getting Gorgeous event! 

Special thanks to all the fabulous vendors at the event! I would also like to thank Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney for the invite! 

Live, Style, Write 


  1. That looks like so much fun! Nothing of that sort happens near me....booo!

  2. Goody bags and winning prizes is always nice. Seems like it was a pretty cool event to attend to!

    All the best, Angel

  3. Lovely blog, I'm following, are you already following me?


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