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Heavy on Fashion Events : The Wedding Salon at the Hammerstein Ballroom

I had the honor of attending The Wedding Salon at The Hammerstein Ballroom on Wednesday, April 27th! The New York Wedding Expo and Bridal Show had everything to plan a dream wedding under one roof! Oh did I mention the fabulous drinks, free hors d'oeuvres, and complementary cake tasting throughout the day! Here is a look at The Wedding Salon at the Hammerstein Ballroom:

The Crowd!

The Crowd was huge!

 I didn't get their name but they were really good and I loved their fashion sense!  Love the Look of this band! There also tons of DJ at The Wedding Salon. 

Kiss Nails!

The Kiss Nail Booth was packed with eager brides! Giving complementary manicures and
eyelash applications to all the fabulous guest at the event was a definite crowd builder. 

Kiss was giving away a basket full of goodness to a lucky bride and her brides maids at the event.  Awesome! 

Free eyelashes and nails for everyone!

Oh My Goodness, I almost forgot tell you that KISS is having a Win a Wedding Dress Contest on their website. So if you are a bride looking for the perfect gown for your special day than go to You have to be in it to win it! 

The Gowns!

The Jaehee Bridal Atelier had a great assortment of dresses! Check them out at

Just Beautiful especially the crystal accents around the bust line, classic!

Here is a glance at the couture fashion show by The White Gown. 

I notice during the Fashion Show that lace was very popular! 

This is a great reception dress. 

I love this dress! Full of Drama!

This Dress is so major! 

I have to say The White Gown put on a  fashion show. Check out The White Gown at

Ok when I renew my vows, I want a dress like this! 

I loved this dress, I feel a royal tribute going on here. Check them out at

The Reception! 

Palermo's Bakery did a fabulous job, this cake is beautiful! Check out Palermo's Bakery at

So many flowers! What a way to bring in the spring! 

I love this look for any any occasion not just for a wedding. Black,white, and yellow is a great color scheme to work with. Very Elegant, chic, and easy to find for your next event!

Loving The Newport Experience's places setting.  Simple and beautiful! A great look for a destination wedding or a even a beach dinner party. 

I loved the effort of the hanging glass candle holders gave off at the Disney's Fairy Tell Wedding Table. Disney did a wonderful job with their reception table design.

The centerpiece was fabulous because it changed colors throughout the event. Very cool!

The Vera Wang Wedgewood collection impressed me the most! I love the crystal butterflies. They are fabulous wedding gifts for any guest. You can also use this design for a Easter dinner or a Spring Fling party.

Very South Hamptons!

This table arrangement was crazy good! I love the skull candle holders. Looking to have a themed party, how about Rock Stars in Vegas!

I love this look and the elevated candle arrangement. The Cherry Blossom plates was a nice touch. 

The Big Apple Florist did a Fabulous Job! So regal and fun! Check them out at 

I had a ball at The Wedding Salon Expo at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Everything seemed very regal. Many designers and vendors found some inspiration from the Royal Wedding. I would have to say that attending The Wedding Salon made me want to have another wedding! Maybe I will renew my vows in a few years. Only time will tell.

Special thanks to Sam Dark Pr for the invitation! 

Live, Style, Write


  1. This looks so awesome! I LOVE all things wedding-related haha. Oh, and the crystal-accented dress is absolutely GORGEOUS. :)


  2. Dayum!

    All of these pretty dresses... might have to start actually looking for a husband!

    Love fashion? Love a bargain? Then Welcome home...


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