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Heavy on Fashion at Blogger's Brunch Hosted By Neiman Marcus

Hello all my Heavy on Fashion readers, I am so happy that I had the opportunity to attend the Blogger Brunch Hosted By Neiman Marcus at Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, NJ. Some of the hottest bloggers in New Jersey including the members of the New Jersey Beauty and Fashion Bloggers from were invited to this elegant brunch.  I had the chance to meet some many best bloggers that New Jersey has to offer and the staff of Neiman Marcus in Paramus,NJ. 

The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus in Paramus, NJ was beautiful. The table setting was clean and stylish. The view on the Rotunda was beautiful. It is a great place to have a brunch with friends. 


Neiman Marcus set out a great Brunch for all the fashion/beauty bloggers. The Yogurt Parfaits were great. 

Jean Scheidnes is the Social Media Managing Editor of Neiman Marcus and the woman behind Neiman Marcus twitter account. Jean gave us some great info about Neiman Marcus' blog and exclusive news on what to come!  

Next time you are on twitter tell @NeimanMarcus hello.

Check out all the fabulous Blogger of New Jersey! Such a stylish group. So many great fashionistas in one place is always a good thing.

I am the tallest one in the back with the blonde braids and the black rimmed glasses! For the event I wore a white praire skirt, blue tank, my trusty brown & tan espadrilles (the only pair of heels that I can walk in), my brown & tan leather belt, tons of silver bangles, my silver and copper medallion necklace, and my brown leather bag.    

The Ladies of Neiman Marcus! 

Jean Scheidnes (Social Media Managing Editor at Neiman Marcus) 
Lynne Vreeland (PR Manager for Neiman Marcus)
Kimberly Kaufman (PR Coordinator for Neiman Marcus) 

After all the fabulous brunch all the invited bloggers received an exclusive tour of the store. So here are some fabulous photos of the luxury, beauty and fashion that only Neiman Marcus can show. 

If you are a shopper of at Neiman Marcus you probably notice all of the fabulous artwork through out the store. Well thank the co-founders of Neiman Marcus, Herbert Marcus for that! Herbert Marcus was huge art lover and believe that Neiman Marcus should have not only wonderful clothing but also wonderful artwork. 

I am in love with this Valentino Coat! This is on my dream fashion list. Very classic. 

Oh Chanel! 

More morden art in Neiman Marcus, thanks Lynne for the history lesson on Neiman Marcus.

Rachel Zoe is now at Neiman Marcus! 

Here is Lynne showing us the new athletic line at Neiman Marcus. 

I am in love with this Tom Shoes! 

I am a huge fan of Jose & Maria Barrera jewelry collection. 

The Staff at Neiman Marcus were dressed to impressed. 

Chanel flats, I am in love! 

Men's Wear Picks

These Ferragamo loafers are a must. 

My Beauty Pick

Neiman Marcus has a intensive line of beauty and fragrance products that are fabulous but my beauty pick goes to Jo Malone. Jo Malone is an great lifestyle brand. I feel in love. Jo Malone is also launching a new cologne called Wild Bluebell in September. Make sure you check it. 

The Gift Bag! 

The Neiman Marcus gift bag was full of beauty goodies including a Brown Sugar Body Polish from Fresh and Mascara from Yves Saint Laurent. I also received some great magazines- Neiman Marcus' The Book and the InCircle Entrée. Oh yeah I also got the famous and delicious Neiman Marcus cookie. It was so yummy!   

Meeting new bloggers, an exclusive tour at Neiman Marcus, and a gift bag...what a fashionable day. I would like to thank the staff of Neiman Marcus in Paramus, New Jersey for the invite and lovely gift bags! I had a ball. 

Live, Style, Write



  1. A really great post on the experience! Sorry I couldn't introduce myself.

  2. Hi Melissa, I am sure we will meet up. Love you blog Neon Diamonds btw!

  3. Lovely event so wish I were there.

    p.s thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. :)


  4. found you from IFB :) lovely blog you have and looks like you had a great time :)


  5. @modanistajunkie Np!

    @monyka thanks! I did have a great time. Nice blog


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