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Heavy on Fashion at the #IFBcon in NYC

I been talking about the IFB conference for a few weeks now on twitter, on Heavy On Fashion, and on Facebook. I am happy to bring you an exclusive look at IFB Conference at Milk Studios in New York City on September 7th! The IFB Conference in NYC was full of fashion, style, information, networking, and comradery.  

The Conference

The founder of IFB and The Coveted - Jennine Jacob talked though out the conference. 

Section 1 - Bloggers Tool Kit

Christen Rochan from Divas & Dorks was the moderator for "The Bloggers Tool Kit" panel, the first panel of the day. The Panelist discussed what social media outlets are to promote and expand a bloggers' audience and brand. The Panelist also provided great tips on how to expand one's audience. 

The Panelists
Leandra Medine of Man Repeller
Alisa Gould Simon of
Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny of Honestly WTF
Sammy Davis of Sammy Davis Vintage 
Vahni Georgoulakos of Grit and Glamour

Best tips from the panelists
Show yourself- Add a Youtube or video to your account. This expands your audience
Be yourself and have a unique voice
Thank your followers for well being your followers! 
Comment on other blogs and be sincere. 
Keep your records together and get yourself organized

Section 2-Is The Social Media Industry Broken?

Tony Wang of Post.fashionism was the moderator for the "Is the Social media Industry Broken" panel. This panel discussed where bloggers stand in the Social Media industry and how to adapt with the forever changing world of Social Media. 

The Panelists
 Mark Beeching of Digitas
Meghan Donovan of Wit & Whismy 
Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot
Yuli Ziv of Style Coalition
Carol Han of Milk and Mode
John Jannuzzi of Textbook

Section 3 - Balancing Act: Business & Blogging

Grechen Cohen of Grechen's Closet was the moderator for the "Balamncing Act: Busines &Blogging". I have to say this was my favorite panel of the conference. It discussed the Business aspect of the Blogging industry and keeping your voice at the same time.  

The Panelists
Natalie Suarez of Natalie off Duty
Annie Tomlin of BellaSugar
Aimee Song of Song of Style
Kristina Medhus of Pretty Shiny Sparkly
Ari Goldberg of Stylecaster
Coco Rocha of Oh So Coco

Best tips from the panelists
Be Business Savvy
Not a math person, than find someone who is and make sure they are someone you trust
Don't compare yourself to other bloggers 
Use your skills/gifts to supplement your income
Don't devalue your blog/rate 
Find out what you bring to the business table
If you want to be sponsored by a it.
Don't downplay your accomplishments 
Fake it until you make it
Develop a media kit
Integrity is everything

Coco Rocha was also a great speaker. She talked about her blog reflects her true feeling about the industry. 

I learned so much from Ari Goldberg at this section. Ari had a no nonsense approach to business as a whole was not only refreshing but realistic. His advice was straight --no chaser! 

Section 4 - Evolution of Fashion Media 

Ann Colville Somma of HolierthanNow was the moderator of the "Evolution of Media" panel.  "Evolution of Media" discussed how fashion media is moving from magazines to online but how can fashion bloggers still maintain originality from online magazines. 

The Panelists
Mary HK Choi of MTV Style
Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily
Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style 
Mr.Mickey of PaperMag
Christian Remrod of Fashion Networks 

Best tips from the panelists
When dealing with celebrities, tweet smart
Find out what your niche is and stick to it
 Archive your blog. You never know what can happen
Respond to your readers on all social media outlets including your blog

 The Milk Studios

The faces behind Milk Studios. They have such fabulous space. 

Keynote Speaker-Joe Zee

Tina Craig of Bagsnob interview the Creative Director of Elle magazine and star of of All on the Line, Joe Zee.

Mr. Zee gave some very valuable advice to all the blogger. The main thing that Joe Zee focused on was being a content provider. In other words, provide material that an audience will want to read. Being a content provider also means that that your content should always be in your voice. Mr. Zee also dished out some serious knowledge on how to interact with great brands and the fashion industry.

Marina with style

I have to admit that Marina had great fashion sense, decked out in Missoni for Target. With a iPhone in hand, Marina was updating her twitter account and interacting with all the attendants of #IFBcon. 



You can never go wrong with a great pair of shoes! I love the bold colors that Aldo shoecased at #IFBcon. The RISE collection, featuring designs from some extraordinary fashion designers, 
 is also a great attribute to the Aldo brand.  

My Aldo Pick

Out of all the seductive high heels and lovely loafers, I love these sneakers. if you didn't know, I am a bit of a sneakerholic so these gold delights are right up my alley!

KMS California

The Crowd

 Minx Nails and Magnum Ice cream =Love

Magnum Ice Cream was so good. I loved my Mink Manicure too. I received so many compliments on my nails at Fashion Night Out and at Blogger's Night Out event.  

My Look

I wore very little makeup that day just some Lipstick and Mascara. 

I had these jeans in my closet for a while so why not wear them. 

My Sweater vest, White Tank top, and Belt were from Forever 21+ collection. I brought on the Forever 21 website a while back and finally decided to wear it. 

Love my wedge boots! You guys know I am not a heels girl but I can rock a pair of wedges to the fullest! #teamwedges. You can not go wrong with silver jewelry! 

The Swag Bag! 

 Love my swag bag! It was filled with so many great products from the conference.

The Lesson of IFB

I learned so much from this conference but the most important thing of all is to believe in myself, promote my voice, and to keep on trying even when it hard or scary to do so. I still have so much to do yet I am happy that I am doing it. I also realized that I need to put myself out there more in the blogging community and the fashion industry. I am a brand and So are you!

Live, Style, Write


  1. Looks like a fab event girlie! I hope to make it to one of the conferences next year! Hey I do have a suggestion for you. It would be cool if you provided links to the blogs and people that you are referencing. That way people can just click and check them out instead of having to find the urls. :-)
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. @Shasie Tanks for the suggestion! I linked up all the speakers fabulous blogs!

  3. What a fun conference - an amazing line of speakers too!

  4. @Malan - You're welcome girlie! I will go through now and check their blogs out! :-)


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