Me at Fashion Night Out in NYC!

Fashion Night Out was a true night to remember with tons of celebrities, new fashion, great stores, and meeting up with some fantastic new brands. I had a crazy good time with my sister Cannie Azalea  running around Manhattan and enjoying all the fashion magic spreading through out the city On September 8th. 

When you are in NYC during #FNO, it is best that you have a target destination and a plan of action.  My main target for the evening was Midtown Manhattan and Soho. 
Welcome to FNOnyc through my eyes! 

Tommy Hilfiger and Joss Stone at Macy's

Joss Stone and Tommy Hilfiger at Macy's. The crowd was insane! 


The Ladies on QVC!

Lala Varquez and Carmelo Anthony at Rag and Bone

LaLa and Carmelo stopped by Rag and Bone for some #FNo fun. My sister took these fabulous photos of Lala lala Vazquez and Carmelo Anthony. Check out my big sis on twitter @cannieazalea


DVF on Wooster Street street in NYC was making everyone a star with some serious Photags in the building!


Tons of great athletic clothes and music was coming out of the Adidas store in Soho. 

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson store had everything that a girl needed: Manicures, Hair styling, Champagne and Yoplait yogurt!  Betsey Store was packed. 


Cookies and Champagne, My heaven!

Yes! Love bits on the go! 

Tous was full of glam and class! Great lux store and even accessories! 

Molton Brown

Ciroc and Molton Brown is a match made in heaven! Everyone was having a ball! 


The Heartbreaks performed at the Burberry store in Soho. Everyone was enjoying appetizers and champagne. #Greatband #Greattimes

Anna Sui

My final stop on my #FNOnyc was Anna Sui! I love her perfume line  and The Anna Sui collection. I love thos 

This is my accessories must have list in one place. Got to love Anna Sui!  

You can never go wrong with glitter! 

MY Look! 

I was going for the hip hop meet prep look. With my Reebooks on my feet, I was able to cover tons of ground in the Big Apple! 

I love my DIY chain necklace. 

My Swagbag

❤ my Swag Bag from Molton Brown from #FNO and some great thing I received along the way! Fashion Night Out is always a day were I can meet some of my favorite designers and celebrities in person, discover new stores, and visit some of my favorite stores in the city. The best thing about FNO is having fun with family & friends and seeing so many great styles from people all over the world. 

FNO maybe just for a day but true style is forever. 



  1. Cool Blog Malan! How exciting that you participated in those events! On my blog I approach some digital media topics from the fashion perspective. Check out my post in anticipation of fashion week:

  2. @ Sharon - Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will swing by your blog soon! It sounds really interesting.

  3. Amazing coverage! I want to be in New York for Fashion's Night Out next year!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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