Meeting Nicola Formichetti and Bloggers Night Out in NYC

Many people rested after the FNO craziness, well not me. I was on a style high and in my bones I felt that something great will happen.  All I could think about was hitting up Tribeca in the daytime and chilling at Bloggers Night Out event in Flatiron at night. Check out my New York Adventure featuring Nicola Formeichetti and #BNO. 

Nicola Formichetti PopUp Store in Tribeca! 

 I think I need some Robitussin because these shoes are sick! 

Love this necklace. What a statement piece?!

This leather jacket is so good! 

This is so cool plus the grade of leather was spectacular. The button on the vest really caught my eye. It may not be the most interesting piece in the store but it is one of my favorite items there. Now to get some $ to buy! 


Love this! Now if only I can get my prescription in these shades. 

Love this jacket, now to find one in my size.

Meeting Mr. Nicola Formichetti

 Nicola Formichetti is one of the nicest designers I have ever meet. He signed autographs, talked to fans, engaged in conversation with everyone, and just cordial to all his customers/fans/admirers! Nicola is such a class act. Check out more of Nicola pop up store at or if you are in NYC go to the shop at 50 Walker Street in Tribeca. The store will be up until September 22!

Blogger's Night Out

After meeting Nicola Formichetti and checking out his pop up store in Tribeca, I headed over to Pranna Restaurant and Lounge for Blogger's Night out. There was tons of  great ventures, met some new people, and a killer venue.

I found my favorite new app for my iPod touch. It called Stylebook. It like a style bloggers dream. You can arrange outfits, date them, and search for your favorite outfit in the palm of your hand. Think a stylist that goes with you everywhere. This app is perfect for all those fashionista in the world. This is also a great tool for outfit/stylist bloggers too.

(Side Note: I don't have a iPhone yet but hopefully it will be coming to my hands soon. If there is anyone giving away one for free please let me know, Lmao!)

Lulu' has a great contest happening at the event and a spin the wheel game where bloggers won several great prizes including shoes, dresses, coupons, and apparel. Lulu's was a huge hit at the event. 

Tortoise & Blonde had some great sunglasses and frames for everyone and all of the blogger were going gaga for them. I like the Jermyn frame in Brown Sugar and Ice. Look like this maybe my next  eyewear purchase, only time will tell! 

I am wear the Green Zoya nail polish on my nails right now.

The Crowd

The crowd was full of great fashion bloggers including one of my blogging friend's Jen of House of Jeffers. I also met some great new bloggers including Catalina of Project Housewife and Diana Candela of My Daily Outfits 


So many fashion divas and gurus in the building! 

The Ladies of Bloggers Night Out

Here are the ladies who organized Blogger's Night Out! They did a fabulous job! Check #BNO at ! Great Job Ladies! 

What I Wore

I was feeling primary colors that day so reds,blues, and yellows were my friends. 

Love my Crocodile bag from Charles David 

Swag Bag

I love this swag bag! I have to say I really like this polish by Zoya. There was tons of great coupons from Open Sky, Lulu's, Tortoise & Blonde, Three Dots, and Sole SocietySend the Trend gave away some great earrings. For some reason I receive 3 earring which is awesome because I was thinking of a 3rd hole put in anyway. What a great day! 

Remember it's great to go out on a feeling and enjoy what the day can bring to you! 

Live, Style, Write


  1. awesome girl! thanks for sharing your love!
    I'm so happy you had such a great time - we are planning a February party so stay tuned!!

  2. super cute post on BNO especially. was such a fun event! hope to meet you at the next one!


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