R.I.P Whitney Houston - Fashion, Music, Movie Star

Today is a Sad day. We lost a legend and one of the greatest voices the world has ever heard. Whitney Houston was not just one of the biggest names in Showbiz but also a mother and daughter. Please keep Whitney's Family in your prayer. 

R.I.P Whitney Houston..You will be missed!


  1. Such a sad day. A great loss to the music industry. I feel for her family, especially with all these ridiculous issues and headlines post her funeral
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

    1. I totally agree Shasie! So sad especially with these new photo of the casket all over the web and on the cover of the national enquirer...so sad ...just sad

  2. This was truly such a huge tragedy. Love me some Whitney!! RIP in peace.

    <3 Marina


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