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Heavy on Fashion talks to Half United

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! Recently I reviewed Half United, check out my review at Today I have a exclusive interview with one of the creators of Half United, Carmin Black! Half  United is a accessories line that gives back to communities all over the world. 

Heavy on Fashion: Tell me about how Half United started? What inspired you to start Half United?  
Half United: A dream turned to a reality by brother and sister duo, Christian and Carmin Black, HALF UNITED was founded just 3 years ago on a mere $200 and their burning passion to positively impact the lives of people in desperate need of nutrition. By designing and creating meaningful products in-house (at their headquarters in Wilmington, North Carolina) they can not only support their local small business community, but make a revolutionary change in what is means to UNITE. HALF UNITED proves that it is far better to give than to receive, donating HALF of the profits from your purchases, and 100% of your donations to direct feeding and nutritional support both locally and globally.

 Heavy on Fashion: Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you?
Half United: Definitely my parents! My mom and dad had my brother and I when they were in their early twenties, so in a lot of ways I saw them grow up and become mature adults. My parents have always encouraged me to be whatever I wanted, and always gave me the freedom to make mistakes as long as I learned from them. They are both inspiring, loving and have definitely been major players in me becoming who I am today.
Heavy on Fashion: What makes Half United different from other online fashion boutiques?  
Half United: Our mission. We really do care about giving before getting and in the fashion industry that is rare. Our product offerings also set us apart as there is nothing else out there like our Fighting Hunger necklaces.

Heavy on Fashion: What do you hope to have achieved in the industry? 
 Half United: Expansion and growth among all channels. I hope our giving efforts will support national and international chapters, I hope our product offerings, our collaborative efforts, our PR efforts, sales, traveling will all be more refined and broad. 

Heavy on Fashion: How can my readers get involved in such a wonderful cause?  
Half United: First by making a purchase. The most amazing thing about our products is you never have to wonder if your purchase helped a child in need because every single purchase feeds a child! Besides that you can actually go onto and sign up to start a club in your home town. By starting a HALF UNITED chapter where you live you will be able to work with our staff to come up with inventive ways to fight hunger where you live!

Heavy on Fashion: Where can my fashion divas and gurus buy Half United product and help fight hunger? 
Half United: Check out the site at

Heavy on Fashion: Any upcoming events for Half United?  
Half United: Project Trade show, Atlanta Apparel Mart, and one HUGE partnership that we cannot reveal just yet...stay tuned!

Heavy on Fashion: Finally, What does Fashion mean to you?  
Half United: Without sounding too cheesy it is my life. I know that sounds very shallow, but I see fashion as my outlet for expressing myself- even on days when I roll into work wearing sweats (ahh hem, today :). Even if I am not dressed up its still something that runs through my blood. When I wear a creative outfit, or see someone wearing something that inspires me it lifts my spirits, makes me feel as if I'm being true to myself or getting to represent who I am on the inside. I love that I get to create things that people can use in their everyday outfits and be as creative as they want in how they wear HALF UNITED jewelry.

I would like to Thank Carmin Black and the entire team of Half United
for their time. 

Check out Half United on 

P.S. - Here is a exclusive promo code "HEAVYHU" for a discount for all my fashion divas and gurus for accessories at Half United! 



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