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Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! A swap party is when you swap some of your fashions with a friend. It is a great way to add a new look to your wardrobe without spending a dime. Thanks to Swapdom.com, you can change your fashion with another fashionistas from all over country. I am so glad to bring you an exclusive interview with the creators  of Swapdom.com 

Heavy on fashion: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? What's your educational background?

Petros : A naval architect by degree and an engineer at heart, I've been forever fascinated with the sharing economy. When I'm not walking around with my head in the clouds dreaming up algorithms like the one behind Swapdom, I enjoy cruising through actual clouds in my sailplane, teaching others how to glide or simply enjoying the view. Back on the ground, I love spending quality time with my wife, two kids, and cats Loopy and Sooky.

George: I studied systems engineering at Harvard University and have a knack for turning my brother's algorithms into practical products. I can often be seen bicycling around town (I've been commuting on two wheels since 1981), but when I'm home, you’re apt to find me happily whittling away the hours making miniature ships—a hobby that I've had since I was 9!

Heavy on fashion: How did Swapdom come to be?

Petros: Swapping would be a fun and cost conscious alternative to shopping, if only it could be made more efficient. This is our contribution; we managed to make swapping incredibly efficient and simple by providing multi-party trades. We also hope that by bringing swapping to the forefront we assist in reducing the amount of clothes ending up in U.S. landfills, currently a staggering 13 million tons every year.

Heavy on fashion:How does it work?

Petros: You simply snap pictures of the clothing, shoes and accessories you'd like to swap and post these items on Swapdom. Then, you request items you'd like to receive from other users and  you tell Swapdom, not the other users, what you offer in exchange. You submit your swap, and sit back while Swapdom’s algorithm automatically locates groups of swappers who can each give to the next swapper exactly what they asked for. So, the swapper you give your item to is not the swapper your receive your item from. All you pay is the cost of shipping, with a small built in service fee. Swapdom provides prepaid UPS labels for the shipment.

Heavy on fashion: Does Swapdom has a app and, if so, where can my fashion divas and gurus download it at?

We have an app in the works! It will be launching most likely in March.

Heavy on fashion:What makes Swapdom different from other swapping communities?
Swapdom is unique in featuring multi-way swapping, and changes your perception of what swapping is. It is a fundamentally different experience.
The classic form of swapping where two swappers attempt to exchange fashion items with one another is rather inefficient as the chances of  each person wanting what the other one is offering at the time are rather slim; sizes differ, tastes differ, etc. Moreover even if they find two fashion items to exchange, the two swappers enter a bargaining situation where they have to mutually agree that it is a fair exchange.

In Swapdom’s multi-way swaps, you focus only on what you want without caring what the owner of that fashion item wants! And it is totally up to you what fashion items you offer for the items you request. You do not have to discuss it with anyone. The next thing you know is that Swapdom tells you that you are placed in a group of, say 9, swappers where you can get one of the items you have requested giving away one of the items you offered for it.
It is the only swapping site where you can get exactly what you requested for exactly what you offered without bargaining. And all that for the cost of shipping plus a small fee.

Heavy on fashion:Where can my fashion divas and gurus sign up?

Heavy on fashion:What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now?

Multi-way swapping is  a game-changing proposition. The mathematical theory behind its efficiency have been known for a long time; it was just a difficult problem to crack. But now in Swapdom we have the first service offering truly multi-way swaps. 
Swapdom started with fashion items but it will rapidly expand to encompass other markets. Initially they will be related. Our next target is baby clothes and items. Of course swappers can swap across the two markets.

But what has already started happening is that we have people coming to us saying “wait a minute,  multi-way swaps can help me in my business." And it can indeed.  Any situation where people or companies exchange any type of item or service can benefit from employing multi-way swaps. We feel that 10 years from now, multi-way swaps will be the standard form of swapping.

Heavy on fashion: Finally, what does fashion mean to you?

 It is embarrassing, but to be honest with you, it is my wife who actually picks the clothes that I wear! I am a rather boring person when it comes to taste in clothes, where a classic piece of clothing is more likely to appeal to me. Thankfully my daughter is quite different than me,  always careful to pick clothes that fit her personality or that make a statement.

I would like to thank Petros Georgopoulos of Swapdom.com for the interview 

Join Swapdom.com today at http://www.swapdom.com/

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