Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping Guide - Late Spring 2014 Edition*

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! Spring is officially here. Today, I am bringing you all my shopping must have for the flower blooming season a.k.a Spring! This guide is a bit late but trusts me this guide is worth the wait. These items are my favs for any fashion diva or guru looking to add some serious color and beauty to their wardrobe. Just follow my #HeavyonFashion shopping guide and you will be removing all those winter layers in no time! 

Stunner of the Month

Yes, all my fashion divas and gurus, it is time to bring out your favorite shades/stunners/sunnies/hater blockers. Why not head over to Stunner of the Month and a new fabulous pair of shades will come to your doorstep each month for $9! Yes, NINE DOLLARS! Not only is this service uber affordable but Stunner of the Month has great quality shades. Each month you will receive a different pair of stunners. I mean who has only 1 pair of shades...no one! Oh, and did I mention on that you can give your favorite buddy a gift subscription too. 

The Stunner of the Month subscription is a great Birthday present or a good look for the fashionable Mom or Dad in your life. I mean this is a killer killer deal ladies and gents. 

and pick up a pair today. Your eyes and the accessories goddess will thank you!

Flojos Sandals 

Check out these Flojos sandals. They are comfy, lightweight, and great for spring. Comfy sandals are very trendy this year for the spring and summer, so why not opt for the affordable Flojos sandals. Flojos retail at $30 a pair, a nice price point for a quality sandal. I love the woven leather strap and the sole is super comfy. A great look for a day of relaxation. 

Kick back and buy yourself a pair of Flojos at http://www.flojos.com/

Mally Beauty Essentials 

I have heard of Mally's Beauty products but never had the chance to try out her line until today. So far I really like that Mally High Shine liquid lipstick and eye color shadow stick . These beauty essentials will last the entire day. In order words, Mally is on for the long haul. I love the consistency of the shadow stick, it goes on very smooth. The High Shine liquid lipstick goes on my lips like silk and looks great on. I would say that the Party Girl pink is a great color for casual wear. This line is great and I can't wait to check out more from Mally.

Check out all the Mally Beauty has to offer at http://www.mallybeauty.com/

Purity Vodka

I am always down with a good drink. I was introduced to Purity Vodka at an Accessories Council event and I am a fan. Purity Vodka retails for $39.99 for a 750ml bottle, which is a really good price. It is smooth, affordable, and can be mix with just about anything. I usually don't boast about alcohol on Heavy on fashion, so you know it is good.  I personally love my Purity Greyhound (Grapefruit and Purity Vodka), when I have a date in with the hubby.  

Check out more about Purity Vodka at http://www.purityvodka.com/


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I always love a beauty product made in the USA. It is even better when it is uber affordable Bodycology is that beauty product line filled with yummy scents that retail for $3.99! Yup, you read right $3.99, omg the price so good! I had the chance to check out the last scents from the collection, Floral Rush, and Scarlet Kiss. I would describe Floral Rush as of course a floral scent, like honeysuckle. Floral Rush is a great scent for the spring. My favorite is Scarlet Kiss, this scent is extremely flirty and sweet. It is yummy on. 

Check out all the fabulous products has to offer at http://www.bodycology.com/

NCLA Melody Ehsani Nail Wraps 

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NCLA is known for their fantastic nail products. Today I had the chance to check out  Massai and Caddyshack Cleopatra  nail wraps. The Nail wraps are very easy to put on. As you all know by now, I am obsessed with nail art. If you can't get yourself to a killer nail artist like iam_nailzbytyh, opt for these bold and colorful nail wraps that are easy to do at home. You only need a nail polish remover and clear nail polish. The Nail Wraps set includes 26 nail wraps and a nail file. The Massai nail set is full of colorful patterns that are clearly an ode to the Massic tribal beadwork.  The geometric patterns are fashionable and stylish. The Caddyshack Cleopatra is an imaginative look at how Cleopatra would roll in the present day. I love the Cadillac on hydraulics decal and the vivid colorful Egyptian patterns.

The Massai Nail Wraps retail for $16
The Caddyshack Wraps retail for $18

Go to NCLA and pick up some great nail gear at http://www.shopncla.com/

Bandelettes Inner Thigh Guards

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It is time to bring out you spring dress and a pair of bandelettes inner thigh guards. You probably want to know what are Bandelettes Inner thigh guards. They are elastic lace thigh bands that help prevent chafing in the inner thigh area. Very useful when wearing your favorite dress. Bandelettes come in various designs and colors. They also look great on, very pin - uppish. The nonslip silicon is great, no worries about these guards slipping, thank goodness. This is a great way to look sexy without being in pain. These Bandelettes in Black retail for $14.99

Buy a pair of Bandelettes at http://www.bandelettes.com/

Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor

I have to say, I was a huge fan of those multi-blade razors. Well after using Micro touch One Classic Safety razor, I am never going back to those multi-bladed razors again. The Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor is a smooth shave, easy to clean, and reusable. This razor gave me the closest shave I ever had without any nicks or irritation. It is so good I am buying this for my hubby. I also love that you can  use any double edge razor blade for refills. Very affordable! 

Buy your own Micro Touch One Classic safety Razor for just $19.99 

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Precision MD Celfix DNA

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Finally, I had the chance to review Precision MD celfix DNA Ceramide Renewal Nourishing Cream.  It is great on dry skin and didn't give my sensitive skin any issues. I use this as a night cream about 3 times a week though it is mild enough for daily use. Many of Precision MD products can be found online and various dermotogist offices throughout the country. The price for this product varies depending on where you surf in cyber space. I would personally suggest using the Where to Buy search locator and buy these and other Precision MD products at your local dermotologist.  

For more info on Precision MD Celfix DNA Ceramide Renewal Nourishing Cream go to 

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