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Heavy on Fashion Talks to Fashion Stylist Arnold Milfort

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am here with a exclsuive interview with the  fabulous fahsion stylist to the Stars Arnold Milfort. Arnold has added his fashionable touch to many celebs including Elle Varner, Keyshia Cole, Shontelle, and most recently Wendy Williams and the cast of TV One's R&B Divas: Atlanta.

So without future Ado, This is Heavy on Fashion Talks to Fashion Stylist Arnold Milfort

When did you realize you wanted to become a stylist?

Arnold Milfort: I began my career as a Visual Merchandiser, styling mannequins for Lacoste, Nordstroms, and Juicy Couture. it was somewhere in between that I began doing production during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. This is where I really feel in love with the industry. I was on the retail side of fashion prior, but after being backstage at Michael Kors, and Donna Karan I realized that this is part of the business I wanted to be in. So I decided instead of dressing mannequins why not dress people.

Describe you typical work day.

Arnold Milfort: A typical work day for me consists of, sending emails, reviewing look-books, making phone calls, setting up appointments, and doing research. Not very

photo courtesy of Arnold Milfort

Who was your favorite person to style from the TV One's R&B Divas: Atlanta reunion? who was your least favorite person?

Arnold Milfort: I honestly didn't have a "favorite" all the ladies were super sweet, and professional. I did however make a special connection with Monifah Carter and Terez Mychelle. 

If you can style anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be?

Arnold Milfort: I have a few on my bucket list, but I do LOVE Kate Hudson! She seems so down to earth, and is absolutely stunning. I like to have fun with my clients, and I feel like we would just have a blast.  

Who is your favorite designer to used when styling your clients?

Arnold Milfort: I'm in love with Monique Lhuillier, she's a genius, very whimsical. 

Photo courtesy of Arnold Milfort

What advice would you give up and coming stylist?

Arnold Milfort: Surround yourself with the right people, work hard, stay humble, but more importantly, never take ANYONE for granted. Remember to treat others as you would want to be treated, that will take you a long way, relationships are VERY important in this industry.  

What are the ups and down of being a stylist? 

Arnold Milfort: The upside is meeting lots of amazing people, and just living my dream, being creative. The downside is sourcing work, as a freelance stylist your constantly trying to find great projects to work on. There are so many stylists now, so you have to stand out in a crowd and prove that you're the better person for the job. 

What do you hope to have achieved in the industry, 10 years from now? 

Arnold Milfort: 10 years from now I hopped to have styled a few covers for Vogue. Eventually  I see myself designing my own collection of Ready to Wear for woman, and showing during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. I'm currently in the process of opening a Multi-line Showroom in NYC (Nouveau Atelier so in 10 years we should be opening our 3rd office in London or Paris, or both. 
photo courtesy of Arnold Milfort

Where can readers find out more about you and your work?
Arnold Milfort: I'm all about social media, the best way to find out whats going on with me is to connect with me online. I'm pretty uncensored on twitter, and reserve Instagram for work, so between twitter and Instagram, everyone can get a bit of my silly crazy side or see whats happening behind the scenes of my next project.

Finally, what does fashion mean to you?
Arnold Milfort: We all have our own perception of what fashion is, to me fashion means being able to be you. I love the industry now, there's so much individuality,  you don't have to conform to whats in the pages of Vogue. Fashion can be found anywhere or in anything, as long as you make it your own. 

I would like to thank Arnold Milfort for the fab interview.
Check out Arnold's Websites at 

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