Heavy on Fashion reads - Red Carpets & White Lies by Lea Black*

Hello All my fashion divas and gurus! This summer has been full of lessons, events, and best of all some fabulous books. Today,  I have a killer book for you. Do you enjoy gossip, luxury, and even more gossip. Well, Lea Black's Red Carpets & White Lies is the book for you!

This book is for all my fashion divas and gurus!
So without further ado here is Heavy on Fashion reads - Red Carpets & White Lies by Lea Black!!!

Red Carpet & White Lies is all about the socialite life of Miami, price of fame, real friends, some serious gossip, sex, and drama in Miami. The characters are multi layered divas yet very relatable.  Red Carpets & White Lies is a extremely fun, engaging, & full of twist and turns. 

This book revolves around Leigh Anatole White and his cast of luxurious and messy friends involved in some seriously good drama. We all know the main character is a wonderful reflection of Lea Black and her personality. Very polished, has a good heart, but plays no games! This book is a reality show in book form. It is so good.  

I am pleasantly surprised of Lea Black's first book project. It was great read. Each chapter was impactful and move the storyline along. This book was extremely fun and exciting. Red Carpet and White Lies makes you want to go to Miami, eat at the most fab restaurant in towm, go to every must have events, and absorb all that Miami has to offer with Lea Black at my side. 

 Red Carpets & White Lies retails for $24.95! 
You can buy this fabulous book on  http://www.amazon.com/
Seriously, get this book. It is fab! 

I would like to thank fabulous Lea Black for letting me to review the book! 

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  1. I'm with you, I think it would be fun to experience her world... at least for a day!

  2. Thanks so much Audrey for the comment!


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