Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guides: Summer 2015 edition*

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus!  Finally Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guides: Summer 2015 edition. Yes, I know it has been a long time coming all my lovely divas and gurus, but I promise you this is a list that you have to get into! So let me get into what you need to get before your summer days will come to an end. 

Robert Matthews Rose Gold Eternity Necklace

I love a great piece of jewelry especially a light piece to wear for the hot summer months. The lovelies at Robert Matthews introduced me to their fabulous jewelry line. Now, I am familiar with the Robert Matthews brand after falling in lust with Robert Matthew's Peyton Satchel Tote Bag.

This rose gold plated necklace has 2 delicate CZ stones and the word "LOVE" engraved on the lower portion of the circle. It is light and great to wear as a everyday piece. In the summer, simple and light pieces are a must so I definitely recommend for the season. This Robert Matthew Rose Gold Eternity Necklace retails for $69.00!

Check out Robert Matthews Rose Gold Eternity Necklace at http://robertmatthew.com/collections/necklaces/products/robert-matthew-rose-gold-eternity-necklace


Dauphines Of New York Headband

You can't have a fulfilled summer without sportin' a headband. Yes, in my fashion mind headbands are a summertime must. I am so delighted that Dauphines Of New York Headband. It is super comfy, stylish, and just fun. You have to check out the entire Dauphines Of New York Headband collection at www.dauphinesofnewyork.com. The Dauphines of New York Headbands is a must have. I love that Dauphines of New York Heads have a vast price range so everyone no matter what your budget is can enjoy. 

Check out Dauphines of New York at http://www.dauphinesofnewyork.com

Nala Malas necklace 

I received this fabulous necklace as a gift from a former coworker, Claudia in New York and I feel in love with this Nala Malas' Energize Mala. I love the quality and look of the Nala Malas necklace. This necklace is 19.5 inches long. The use of garnet, aquamarine, fresh water pearl, gold plated beads, and a cotton tassel ties to lovely necklace to a fashionable and spiritual place.

 Currently I am transitioning into becoming a full time blogger again and focusing on my brand. I am so thankful that a friend thought of such a lovely and spiritual gift for me and my new career journey. A Mala  is a set of prayer beads commonly used by Hindus and Buddhists, usually made from 108 beads. Now I am not a Buddhist nor do I practice Hinduism but I respect both religions. Plus I need any spiritual help I can get.

You can pick up the Nala Malas' Energize for $355.00

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Pikolinos sandals 

A few months ago I was invited to attend Pikolinos A/W 2015 collection preview. You can check out all the fabulousness from Pikolinos at http://www.heavyonfashion.com/2015/03/heavy-on-fashion-event-preview_27.html.Thanks to the lovelies at Pikolinos, I receive these lovely Sandal Alcudia in Sandia. These sandals are super comfy, unique, and great for the summer. These well crafted sandals retail for $140. I am a huge fan of these sandals this season because of the craftsmanship. There are so many sandals out there but so far for me, nothing matches Pikolinos sandals.

Check out Sandal Alcudia in Sandia at http://www.pikolinos.com/

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Whole Clarity Facial products

I received the Whole Clarity Facial products in a fabulous gift bag from The Seed Experience Expo in NYC that I attended a month ago. You can check out the photos of my time at The seed Experience Expo at https://www.facebook.com/HeavyonFashion. I never heard of Whole Charity Facial products but I am so happy that I do now. I added Whole Clarity to my facial regiment and I really like it. I find myself gravitating to products that have a deeper and more fulfilling life message. Whole Charity products ranges in price from $15 - $40! Not a bad price for all natural products. Go to http://www.wholeclarity.com/ for more!

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Dakota Vox Light Up Mascara

Dakota Vox Lighted Mascara.  Yeah I bet you never seen a light up Mascara! Well today this is your intro to this luscious black mascara. The wand includes a light and mirror, so you can easily apply your mascara on the go. This is in my Blogging event bag right now. You have no idea how hard it is to apply mascara on the damn subway. Thank you Dakota Vox Light Up Mascara for this!

 Dakota Vox Light Up Mascara retails for $12.99! Go to http://www.beauty9.com/ and get your lashes lit up!

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Homemade Betty Organic French Lavender Body Butter

Here is Homemade Betty Organic French Lavender Boy Butter. I also received the great body butter from The Seed Experience gift bag and I love this product. Now I have to admit, I do not use this as a body butter but as a hair creme. Underneath my fabulous wig, I am a natural hair beauty. So I found that Homemade Betty Organic French Lavender Boy Butter is great for my hair texture. All natural ingredients with natural hair is a must!

Homemade Betty retails for $25. Check out all the Homemade Betty has to offer at http://www.homemadebetty.com/

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Dreft Instant Stain Remover Pen

When you are attending those fabulous BBQ's and rooftop parties, please be sure to have a Dreft Instant Stain Remover Pen on deck. I received this great stain removers pen during my time at Blog U  and this pen has been my lifesaver. Yes, I know that Dreft is a baby laundry detergent and I am the biggest baby that I know. Seriously, I like that Dreft is a Hypoallergenic detergent that is made to be gentle as a lamb on the skin yet a lion on a stain.

You can pick up your very own Dreft Instant Stain Remover Pen at any grocery store or go to http://www.soap.com/

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Mycharge portable phone charger 

If you do not have a portable phone charger, you need to get into it! No one has time to be looking all over town looking for a outlet. Get yourself a Mycharge Portable Phone Charger. I received this Mycharge Energy Shot Pink in my gift bag from my Blog U trip and I love it. Its pink, its light, and great for everyday. Please believe that this will be in my #NYFW kit this season. Go to http://shop.mycharge.com/ and pick up today for just $19.99!

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition

Dirty Chick by Antonia Murphy

I love to read. So much so that when I was looking for an apartment, I had to to find a place with a built in bookcase because I have tons of books and a regular bookcase would not hold up. Trust me I tried! So when that fabulous people at Audible sent me a free audio copy of Dirty Chick by Antonia Murphy. Dirty Chick is hilariously gross with nuggets of wisdom througout. I listened to this audio book on my daily commutes to work thanks to Audible.  Check out Dirty Chick by Antonia Murphy
and other great books at http://www.audible.com/


Creativ Magazine 

Finally, Here is Creativ Magazine. I love the visual nature and innovation spin on the magazine industry. I feel that Creativ magazine is taking a great approach to showcase creatives at work in such a cool and visual way. Shout out to Creativ Magazine for sending over these fabulous issues over. Creative Magazine makes a great beach read or a fabulous coffee table magazine.
This magazine is all about creative minds getting the shine that they deserve.

If you would like to subscribe to a copy of Creativ magazine, go to http://www.creativ.com/magazine

Heavy on fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift guide: Summer 2015 edition


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