Heavy on Fashion Reviews: slow Jo watch*

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am here again giving you a look at something so unique, cool, and fashionable...it is insane! This is the slow Jo watch.  The slow watch line focuses on simplicity, great craftmanship, and style. The slow Jo watch is the first model of the 24 hour watch from slow Watch. The face is 38mm stainless steel case which is a great size for any waist. The waistband is soft Italian calf leather. The face is Swiss made with a Swiss GMT Quartz movement. the slwo Jo is also water resistant. Now that fabulous facts out of the way. Lets get down to the review!

Heavy on Fashion Reviews: slow Jo watch

 I love the simple yet stylish look of the slow Jo watch. Super comfy to wear. You can dress this watch up or down. I personally wear this and my other watch everyday. I did find that I received more compliments with the slow Jo watch from both men and woman. The craftsmanship of slow Jo is impeccable. I am pretty rough with my stuff and the slow Jo watch still look fabulous. I love the soft leather band, very comfy.

I will say it took me a few days to get used to a 24 hour style clock but now I love it. It is very easy to set.  The slow Jo watch is fabulous. Since the holiday season is coming up, I would suggest buying a slow Jo. Now I have the Black Leather, Silver Case, Black Dial slow Jo 6 but there are tons of various styles in the slow Jo line.

But one the the main reasons I love this watch is that the slow Jo watch really helps you to stop looking at time and enjoy the time you have.The philosophy behind the slow Watch brand is so telling of the times today. I feel the slow Jo not only changed my look on time but also life. 

slow Jo watches retails for $270. A nice price for high quality watch. You can pick up the slow Jo 6 at  https://www.slow-watches.com/ 
be sure to let them know that Heavy on Fashion sent you! 

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  1. I have never seen a 24 hour style watch! I keep my phone on 24 hour time, ever since our youngest was in the Navy, we talk in 24 hour time. Great review and beautiful watch.

    1. Thanks for the comment Terri. This was my first time with a 24 hour watch and I love it. I was never raised in a military family but I found that this slow watch really puts our time in perspective. Thanks again for the love!


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