Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide : Travel 2015 Edition*

Hello all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy that I am finally bring you Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide : Travel 2015 edition. Ok, this was supposed to be my fall shopping guide but fall has come and went so I decided to morph this to a travel guide. Strangely enough this is what this Fall is all about; traveling. In this gift guide, I wanted to concentrates on travel must haves for the season. With Christmas and New years just around the corner, all these items are great for all your holiday travel plans.

So lets finally get down to it!
Without further ado, here is Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide : Travel 2015 edition


Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

I love a great beauty product but I also love saving some of my money as well this is why I fell in love with Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. It is one of my favorite cleanser that I have a part of my beauty regiment. It is great and ideal for all with sensitive skin like myself.  I really like Simple Cleansing Micellar Water because it is very simple and can be used everyday. Which is what I do. Many beauty products are not for everyday, year round use. Simple Cleansing Micellar Water is a must in your suitcase and on your vanity.

Check out Simple Cleansing Micellar Water at http://www.simpleskincare.com/
Price may vary

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

I am loving Rite Aid right now for their beauty line Renewal. You can get some great and affordable beauty and makeup tools that works just as well as the high end brands. Today I wanted to point out Rite Aid Forever Young Natural Cleansing & Exfoliating Puffs. If you are serious about having a great complexion, you have to exfoliate. Rite Aid Forever Young Natural Cleansing & Exfoliating Puffs can be found at any Rite Aid Store, which is ideal for anyone who is traveling  for the holidays. Put this in your suitcase and go!

 You can buy these for like $4-5 bucks the last time I checked so the price and availability may vary.

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Get yourself Neutrogena Make up removal cleansing towelettes like right now. I don't care where you buy them from. Just have them. These towelettes are the truth and should be in your handbag right now. Neutrogena Make Up Removal Cleansing Towelettes is crazy affordable, just $2.24. I mean you can not go wrong. When traveling, Neutrogena is my go to beauty product because it is more likely available through out the  U.S.A and around the world.

Go to http://www.neutrogena.com/ to buy Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
go to any drug store or supermarket.

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

If you are traveling for the holidays, your makeup needs to be on point. I would suggest adding Cargo Essential Eye Palette to your traveling makeup bag. Yes, it is big and not ideal for travel but Cargo cosmetics eye palette is multi purpose and great quality. I was introduced to Cargo cosmetics during #NYFW at an event and I was surprised I didn't know about this brand before.  I was seriously in a cosmetic coma. Any who, the Cargo Essential eye Palette includes a fabulous mirror, a dual ended brush and a black eye liner pencil.  With 12 great colors that can be use for any and every occasion.
If you buy Cargo Essential Eye Palette, you will earn 34 Frequent Flyer Miles Points! Thats is a traveler's dream!

Go tot http://www.cargocosmetics.com/ and buy Cargo Essential Eye Palette for just $34!

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

I usually have issues with my brows so the Eye Studio Brow Precise from Maybelline New York is great for me especially when I am traveling to events or family gatherings. It is small compact and multi purpose as well. I love Eye Studio Brow Precise from Maybelline New York becasue of the brush. It help ot get my stubborn brows in place. When I am in a makeup jam, I do use this as a eyeliner as well. I do not suggest this but it does work. I would also suggest having a pencil sharpner just in case.

The Eye Studio Brow Precise from Maybelline New York retails for about $6.99 and can be found at any drug store.

Check out more at http://www.maybelline.com/

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Physicians Formula Eye Booster™Instant Lash Extension Kit. Great for those who do not have time to great lash extensions put in. It is compact, easy ot use and affordable. Now whenever I am on the road and I forget a must needed makeup must have,  I usually look for physicians formula. I never had any issues as far as break outs with Physicians Formula. Love the mascara and never had any issues thus far!

You can buy Physicians Formula Eye Booster™Instant Lash Extension Kit at

for just $14.95


Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

I am so happy to include Marc Anthony for the first time on Heavy on fashion as well as on one of my Shopping/Gift Guides. I am so in love with Marc Anthony Curl Envy Perfect Curl Styling Cream and Kinky Girls With Wild Curls Exotic Oil Treatment. When I get offered to try hair product, many are not geared towards my hair texture. As you may or may not know, I am on my natural hair journey. My hair type is a 4C/4D so my hair tends to be become dry and I have serious shrinkage issue.

I love Marc Anthony Curl Envy Perfect Curl Styling Cream  for the daytime. It helps as a protective cream when I am having doing a protective style (wearing wigs). I use Kinky Girls With Wild Curls Exotic Oil Treatment at night.

Check out

 Marc Anthony Curl Envy Perfect Curl Styling Cream at


Kinky Girls With Wild Curls Exotic Oil Treatment at


When the holiday season is near, we all know what that mean. You family is coming over whether you like it or not! So get your house in order at least for the season of giving and people invading your personal space. LOL

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Mr.Clean Magic Eraser is one of the best cleaning products on the market that you can use in various ways. I am no way a susie homemaker. I am more like a holy crap, I need to get it together type but the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser makes my apartment and my life a lot easier. As a blogger and working a daytime job, I do not have time to go in on the homefront. With the Mr. Clean Eraser, I get things done without it being time consuming. Thank you Mr. Clean.

Go to Mr Clean at
and found out where to get your Eraser today

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

You have to have laundry detergent. I mean seriously, no one wants to dirty clothes. Usually, I use free and clear detergent because my sensitive skin. With All with Stain lifters Radiant detergent, I did not have an allergic reaction and I love how clean my clothes were.

Check out All with Stain lifters Radiant detergent at

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

OK, I am not going to give you a use explanation on Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle. It awesome and one of the best cleaners on the market. Just get it! That is all!

Go to Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle at
for more information


So instead of sitting around the TV or glued to your phone for the holiday season, play a game that your friends and fam will enjoy. I had the chance to check out and play with these fab games when I attended Blogger Bash in NYC. There are so many ways to engage with the fam and friends during this season with needing to plug it in.

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

This is IQ fit. I am personally love brain teasers. Strangely enough, they relax me. I would personally suggest doing a IQ Fit tournament. Set a time limit and have some fun. This is a great family game for everyone to enjoy. This is also a great way to have your nieces and nephews off the phone and engaging with everyone until you get home. The IQ Fit is only $9.99!
Go to http://www.amazon.com/SmartGames-IQ-Fit

and buy today! 

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Another great game is the Riddle Cube. Up to four player, the game is very easy to understand. The first person to solve 5 riddles wins. For just $19.99, you can have a serious fun.

Go to https://www.educationalinsights.com/product/riddlecube-the-game.do


On the road, you need healthy snacks.  The holiday season is all about family, fun, and food. Mostly food that you should not be consuming ....oh well it is the holidays. While heading to your favorite relatives house you can Throw down in the kitchen, you need to eat at least healthier before!

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Ok, so I am not a vegan by any means but I am trying to get my body right. I was first introduced to Raw Fusion by my husband, Ian Heydecke of Body By Ian. I was very surprised that I did not have an allergic reaction due to my craz amount to allergies. I will say the taste is typical but not bad.  I love these bars during breakfast but to be honest they are best during travel. It is a great way to eat right on the go. Raw Fusion is just $29.99 for 12! Not a bad price for a vegan based protein bar.

Check out more at http://sann.net/products/raw-fusion-bar/

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Sound Sparkling Tea is an interesting and refreshing take on tea. We are so used to overly sugar teas and drinks, but Sound brings a fresh and clean approach to tea.  I had the chance to try Chamomile Vanilla & Elderflower flavor and it was very different, in a good way. I never had this before and I can not wait to try the other two flavors out as well.

Go to http://www.soundtea.com/product/ for more info!

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

I was first introduced to Lundberg at an fashion event believe it or not. I love it. It is a great healthy snack along side with peanut butter and green apple slices. I ate Lundberg 5 grain Thin Stackers  rice cakes all the time for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. You can do so many great treats with Lundberg 5 grain Thin Stackers rice cakes plus they are great for travel. 
Go to http://www.lundberg.com/product/thin-stackers-5-grain/ for more info!

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

A traveling girl's best friend - Travalo

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Finally, I am going to talk about one of the most ingenious items I encounter. This is Travalo. The only way to travel in the air with your favorite fragrance. We all encounter placing our favorite fragrance to the check bag at the airport because of TSA rules. Well you can now have your favorite scent with you. Travalo can be taken in hand as carry on luggage on board planes anywhere in the world. 

So you can smell your best after a long flight. Travalo has a unique pressure regulating system that makes sure the bottle adjusts to changing air pressure during flights, preventing any leaks, and enabling you to be fully prepared for landing!

I personally use it travel anywhere because is it small and can fit and any hand bag. I use Travelo during events all the time in NYC and when I am attending conferences. It is super convenient for anyone on the go! 

Go to http://us.travalo.com/ pick up your Travalo for just $15.99!

Heavyonfashion fall gift/shopping guide

Finally we have reach the end of the of 
Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide : Travel 2015 edition

I would like to thank you guys againf or your patience. I am currently working on 
Heavy on fashion XXOO: Holiday Edition. 
It should be live on December 15th! 


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