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Heavy on Fashion Presents: New Year New You 2016 Edition!*

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! Today is the beginning of the New Year.  2106 is finally filled with new goals, dreams, and, of course, a new you! This year, I am focusing on health, beauty, and getting my shit together. I feel that 2016 is a year of new adventures, new goals and, of course, a New Me. I compiled a list of my favorite product that I actually use. Each item is helping me to bring in the New Year right. Join me on my picks to start off 2016 with a New You! 

So without further ado, Here is Heavy on Fashion Presents: New Year New You 2016! 


Lush Cosmetics

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Lush Cosmetics

Thanks to the lovelies at Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, I had the chance to check out all these fabulous lifestyle products.You can not start off the New Year without some great cosmetics.  Lush Cosmetics is full of great products that are 100% Vegetarian, uses the least amount of packaging a.k.a Naked, Handmade, and buys may of the ingredients Ethical. I also love that Lush Cosmetics does not test on animals and fights against animal testing all over the world with the Lush Prize.

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Lush Cosmetics

Fantasy is gold  eyeliner. Super pigment color and easy to use. I also love that Fantasy is quick dry, glittery, and does not smudge. I will be The Fantasy eyeliner cost $19.95 which is a great price for a Vegan eyeliner.

The Rough with the Smooth is a great body scrub. Made with granulated sugar and murumuru butter, The Rough with the Smooth is a great exfoliate. Though you can use it every day, because of it gentle nature, I would suggest using this twice a week. The Rough with the Smooth cost $9.95

Feeling Younger Skin Tint is shimmer skin tint. I love skin tints, especially in the winter. It adds a great luster to the skin in cold dry weather. The texture is super smooth. The jar is only 0.7 oz but you do not need much to achieve the illuminating look. Feeling Younger Skin Tint cost $19.95

Shades of Earl Grey is a massage bar and one of my favorite items to use during my self-care day. The Shades of Earl Grey smells great. The combination of lemon oil and bergamot is  so relaxing. Great for distressing from a long day. Shades of Earl Grey cost $10.95

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Lush Cosmetics

I love a good Bath Bomb, especially from Lush. The Yoga Bomb Bath Bomb is a must for a relaxing bath time. The relaxing scents of sandalwood is another most for my self-care day. If you never experienced a Lush Bath Bomb, I would say pick up the Yoga Bah Bomb as your introduction into a  spa-like life. The Yoga Bath Bomb cost $8.95

The Cup O' Coffee Face & Body scrub is a true pick-me-up for the face. I have to say it woke my pores. The Cup of Coffee is made of organic agave syrup, ground coffee and tons more. The smell is truly of a fresh cup of Joe. This facial scrub is a morning wake-up call. Cup O' Coffee Face & Body scrub  cost $10.95

Buffy Body Butter is great for every day. Though it is considered a body butter, I would describe it as a nice marriage of an exfoliate meets a soap with a dash of a body butter. Yeah, the Buffy Body Butter is a trifecta of beauty products for the shower. The Buffy Body Butter cost $23.95

Lather AHA Hand Creme Evening Primrose

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Lather AHA hand creme

Lather AHA Hand creme with evening primrose is a stable in my night beauty routine. I love the texture and the smell is minimum, which is a plus for me. My hands have a tendency to become dry a.k.a ashy, at the end of the day. With just a small amount, about a size of a quarter will have my hands moisturized and feeling fabulous. I keep my jar of Lather on my nightstand. It is one of the best hand I have used. My only request is that Lather would make a travel version. This creme can be used during the day and at night. 

Pick up your Lather AHA hand creme with evening primrose for just $18 at

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Lather AHA Hand creme

I use this creme almost every night and my Lather hand creme is 3/4 full. 

Vita Liberata Luxury Tan

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Vita Liberata line

I am not a huge enthusiast of tanning but I love a great bronze look. Thanks to the lovelies at Vita Liberata, I had the chance to try the Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask and the Trystal Bronzing Minerals. Vita Liberata is a multi-award winning tanning product. I found that the self-tanning night moisture is a great way to even out my skin tone. Awesome for photos and video too.The Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask cost $45 at!

I fell in love with the Trystal Bronzing Minerals with the Kabuki brush is my favorite bronzer. It is great as a bronzer and makeup face powder. Actually, this bronzing mineral works better for me than many mineral powders I have tried in the past. It matches my complexion to the tee. You should check out the Trystal Bronzing Minerals with the Kabuki brush at for just $55!


Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016 - Chapstick

Ok, so I receive this fabulous a while ago and I still love it! I still use it. I mean you have to come into the new year with a moisture lip. We all know that Chapstick essential to every pocket and handbag on earth but I love the Tartan design of this collection. Chapstick has experimented with tonnes of great colors, patterns, and collaboration with designers. Now I do not know if this particular pattern is still available but you can check out all the new flavors & looks at

You can have even more at if your local Target has the Tartan Pattern available



Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Infusium 23

I was so excited when the hair maven at Infusium 23, contacted me to check out their Moisture Replenisher collection.  My nature hair is a 4C, it requires a great moisturizing system. I am so happy that Infusium 23 has a great new system to help hydrate and establish healthy hair. The moisture replenisher collection has Avocado Oil and Olive Oil. I also love that Infusium 23 is available almost everywhere. So when I am on the road, I can find my Infusium 23. The Infusium 23 ranges from $6.99 to $8.99. Check out the entire collection at


Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Physicians Formula Argan Oil

PHYSICIANS FORMULA Argan Wear Glow Oil is one of my fav oils. I use this on my hair, nails as well as my skin. I most use the Physicians Formula Argan Wear Glow oil for my nails and hair. Argan oil has been huge "trend' in the beauty industry. I choose Physicians Formula Argan Wear Glow oil because it Hypoallergenic, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Dermatologist approved, Non-Comedogenic, and Fragrance-Free. The size is a bit small but you do not need much to get great results. Check out PHYSICIANS FORMULA Argan Wear Glow Oil at for $14.95.


Hungry for Change

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016 - Hungry for Change

Losing weight is the #1 New Years Resolutions one everyone's mind. I decided to change my view to change my eating habits instead of losing weight. Health is my goal not just for the year but also for life. I had the chance to really learn about food at The Seed and receiving this DVD in my goodie Bag. Hungry for Change is an eye-opening look at the food industry, how we should look at food, and looking at the power of food in society. This DVD is so good my hubby reviewed it on his blog BodyByIan as well. If you are really interested in changing your life for the better, pick up Hungry for Change at

Sweaty Betty Sneaker Liners

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Sweaty Betty trainer Liners

 I personally love Sweat Betty Sweaty Betty Sneaker Liners. I just love funky fun sock and Sweaty Betty has some killer designer and a great brand. I am using my Sweaty Better Sneaker Liners (Socks) for my new workout challenge starting January 18th. The Sweaty Betty Sneaker Liners are comfy and colorful. Check out Sweaty Betty Sneaker Liners at for $12! 

Peony and Me Headband

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Peony and Me Headband

While you are working out and getting in shape, keep the sweat out of your eyes with the Peony and Me headband. There are 3 headband styles that you can choose from. I believe they change the look from time to time so the headband that I have will not be on the site. The Peony and Me headbands cost $14.50 at


The Modern Girl's Guide to Life

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: The Modern Girl's Guide to Life

I love books so when I was asked to review The Modern Girl's Guide To Life, I had to add this to my New Year New You. The Modern Girl's Guide To Life is a huge "getting your life together" guide. It covers everything from cooking (which I can not do, Thank goodness for my husband) to getting your career/business goals in check. This book is full of almost everything you need to know to survive this little game called life. I believe that getting good advice from someone who been through it, well Jane Buckingham is that person. This book is a great reference guide to life. Seriously, I am still reading it and finding some serious jewels of knowledge. Some points I already knew but I did receive some great tips as well.
Go to to pick you your digital copy of The Modern Girl's Guide To Life for just $1399

Heroes Reborn Brave New World 1.

Heavy on Fashion New Year New You 2016: Heroes Reborn Brave New World Book 1

I was a huge fan of the Heroes series. I am a huge Sci -Fi/SuperHero/Fantasy fan period. So when I was given the Heroes Reborn Brave New World Book 1., I was like...Hell Yeah! This ebook got me through many crazy hours of commuting from my old day job. Heroes Reborn Book 1 is a page turner.  I can not wait to buy Book 2! You need to get into the Heroes Universe today. Like seriously, go to and get into it!

This is Heavy on fashion Presents: New Year New You 2016 Edition! 
Until Next Time 

Live, Style, Write 


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