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Heavy on Fashion Talks Kimmee Masi, Owner of Confections of A Rockstar

Hello, all my foodie divas and gurus! Today, I had the chance to interview the owner of Confections of a Rockstar, Kimmee Masi. If you haven't been to Confections of A Rockstar in Asbury Park, go today!  The menu at Confections of A Rockstar ranges from cupcakes, customs cakes, and more. 
Confections of A Rockstar is a great combination of delicious sweets meets rock and roll. Dare I say Sugar with a beat! 

I am so happy to show some love to another Jersey Shore girl!

Heavy on Fashion Talks Kimmee Masi, Owner of Confections of A Rockstar
Photos courtesy of Confections of a Rockstar

Without further ado, Here is Heavy on Fashion Talks Kimmee Masi, Owner of Confections of A Rockstar!

How did Confections of a Rockstar come to be? 

K.M.: I knew I was going to open a bakery but it needed to combine music since I have been playing drums since I was 4...thats how it was born

What inspired you to become a Baker? 

K.M.: My father had 2 bakeries called Vincent's Cookie Cupboard (Manalapan and Freehold) I spent my childhood and early teenage years in a bakery

What would you say is the hardest part of starting your own business?

K.M.: Where to start-menu items where to purchase reliable equipment and finding a staff that believes the goal you are trying to achieve as much as I do

Heavy on Fashion Talks Kimmee Masi, Owner of Confections of A Rockstar
Photos courtesy of Confections of a Rockstar

How long does it usually take you to conceive and create a Confections of a Rockstar cupcake? 

K.M.: It depends on, could take a few minutes or a few days...cupcakes are easy but we do a lot more.  Custom cakes (Wedding, grooms birthday etc) Cheesecakes-cookies-cannolis-cream puff-seasonal donuts-gluten free items french macarons.  Sometimes you go with what are current flavors trending and then try to toss in a flavor that isn't and pray for a masterpiece.

As a fellow Jersey Shore Girl (born in Asbury park, raised in Neptune) What inspired you to called Asbury Park the home of Confections of a Rockstar? 

K.M.: Asbury Park is "Where Music Lives" there couldn't have been a better fit, growing up close to Asbury and spending a lot of time playing shows at the Saint, The Stone Pony, and bars that do not exist anymore it was already like a home to me.

How as Asbury Park influenced the Confections of a Rockstar brand?  

K.M.: The brand was already completed before opening the store, I had spent 3 years marketing and branding prior to opening. The fact that it is such a musical town def expands upon it
Heavy on Fashion Talks Kimmee Masi, Owner of Confections of A Rockstar
Photos courtesy of Confections of a Rockstar

What are some of your proudest accomplishments as a baker and business owner?

K.M.: Watching my staff grow and become so incredibly awesome at what they do.  I am not an easy person to work for, I like perfection. Creating my new show, More Famous Than You. It’s a series that I have created through celebrity contacts to raise money for various charities. 

As a business owner and personal, I like to give back whenever I can. This allows me to listen to music, back and give back all at the same time and this show allows me to do just that!

What do you hope to have achieved 10 years from now? 

K.M.: Ten years from now I would still love to be helping people and have a successful few Confections stores in music city in the US

Name your top 3 favorite confections and why?  

K.M.: I can't do that, I'm a chubby baker...I like it all!!!!

I would like to thank Kimmee Masi for the interview!
Check out Confections of A Rockstar on 

 Confections of A Rockstar on
550 Cookman Avenue Unit 104

Asbury Park, NJ 

Their Winter Hours are:

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday:  10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday:  10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday

Until Next Time



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