Heavy on Fashion Reviews: Derma|e Firming DMAE cleanser & Eyelift*

Heavy on Fashion reviews derma|e Facial and eye lift kit

Hello, all my divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you another  great review. Today I am giving you a look at one of my new favorite beauty products! I was not familiar with the derma|e brand until I was contacted to check derma|e out. I am very happy that I did and I am happy that I added Derma|e Firming DMAE cleanser & Eyelift to my daily face regimen. 

 As you all know, I try to keep away beauty products that are loaded with crazy chemicals. I love the fact that many derma|e products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten-free,  and GMO-free. I mean that is a lot of free! 

A facial product, for me, has to be gentle on my skin. After using dema|e Firming DMAE Cleanser and Eye lift, I can say it is. My face was not dried out. The eye lift cream was very gentle. The Firming DMAE eye lift did not cause irritation or unpleasant sensations.  

Here are a few favorite points of dema|e Firming DMAE Cleanser:

One of the ingredients included  is Horsetail and Horse Chestnut, a natural astringent

Another ingredients included is Organic Chamomile extract, great for night time use

Has a calming Lemon Grass scent

Very gentle on the skin

Lathers well

Great cleanser for make removal 

Can be used daily

Pick up derma|e Firming DMAE Cleanser for just $15.50 at 

Here are a few favorite points of derma|e Firming DMAE Eye Lift

Scentless cream

No irritation or tingling sensations

Adds moisture to the eye area

Tones the eye area

100% vegan 
mineral oil-free

Pick up derma|e Firming DMAE Eye Lift for just $19.95 at

I loved that derma|e Firming DMAE Cleanser and Eye Lift cream is gentle enough for every day, which makes it more practical. I also like the price point, it is as affordable as any beauty cleanser you would buy from a well known cosmetic company, actually a bit cheaper, without all the harmful chemicals. I know that derma|e has a huge line of products for various skin types so you will have tons of great products to pick from! 

I would like to the lovelies at derma|e for the fabulous products! 
Be sure to check the entire skincare line at http://dermae.com/ 


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