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Hello all my divas and gurus! I am so happy to bring you a new look at one of my latest columns to the blog, Heavy on Fashion Fit Review! Heavy on fashion is moving into more of a lifestyle blog instead which will include and has in the past great ways to become healthy, fashionable, and happy.

Today, I am happy to be able to check out my time checking out SixPackShortcut.com! 
SixPackShortcut.com is an realistic approach to fitness. You can take your personal fitness whenever you go. From a crazy insane abs workout to the great nutrition advice. 

I love the great guide regarding food portion control and The Insane Home Fat Loss workout the best. The Insane Home Fat Loss is intense and worth every minute. Side Note: I need to get in better shape because the fitness test whopped my ass. I need to get my fitness life together. This was my favorite workout programs on the SixPackShortcut.com. It was crazy good! I do not have my six pack yet but I am working on a healthier weight for me. 

Though there are some great tips and workouts available, many of the nutrition tips and advice is geared towards all my gentlemen divas and gurus! I would love to see a sections gears towards woman's nutrition and exercise. I think SixPackShortcut.com realistic look at fitness would be beneficial to all my lady divas and gurus. 

All in all, sixpackshortcut.com is great for anyone with who wants to get in shape in the real world. I love that you can view sixpackshortcut.com from anything digital device especially with the sixpackshortcuts.com app. I also love the Calendar and Workout Guide that comes along with the site. These tools help you be and stay accountable with a new lifestyle change.

There are several program to check out but my suggestion is to get into the Insane Home Fatloss videos for just $97! This program is way cheaper than a gym membership. You can do this program from any and everywhere. If you are traveling or at home and would like to get your health life in check, SixPackShortcut.com is for you!

Make sure you head over Sixpackshortcuts.com to get your health life in order

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