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Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide - Spring 2016 Edition*

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am so happy to finally bring you a look at Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide - Spring 2016 Edition! I know it has been a while since I posted on Heavy on Fashion but a better way to break a self-imposed hiatus than to post a fabulous gift guide. These are a few of my favorite items great for the season.  All the items I chose for this season's shopping/gift guide has to do with renewal. 

Spring is all about renewal, refresh, and getting your life together! 
So, without future ado 
Here is Heavy on Fashion XXOO Shopping/Gift Guide - Spring 2016 Renewal Edition*

Bella Schneider Beauty Carats of Gold Face Mask

Let's start this Spring off with this uber-pampering Facial mask.  You can't more glam than a Gold face mask. With all those selfie moments coming, your mug has to look amazing! Let's be real,  you can contour til your contouring sponge break but a great skin routine is essential to a glowing face. Bella Schneider Beauty Carats of Gold Face Mask is all about looking amazing and using high-quality ingredients. This is a great mask to give you that spring "golden glow" that your desire.  

You can pick this up Bella Schneider Beauty Carats of Gold Face Mask
at AHA Life online store for just $58 at

Baby Foot

Ok, so sandal season is amongst us all. It time to get your feet right. A great way to do this is by using Baby Foot. Baby foot is an interesting way to get the soles of your feet baby soft. Baby foot is all about getting that yucky dead skin that is on your feet from wear boots from the winter! Now I will say this is definitely a spa/self-care day. Now for a few days your feet will peel for some time but at the end of the Baby Foot process, your feet will be as smooth as a ... baby! 

You do not need to use Baby Foot. I feel this Baby Foot is ideal for the beginning spring and a refresher in the summer time. That's it! I may to a snap chat or a periscope of the entire

You can pick up Baby Foot for $25 at

Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics  Blackberry & Coconut Oil Repairing Hot Oil Hair 

So,  let's talk about hair! As you may or may not know, I am currently on my natural hair journey. This hair journey has been a bit of a story. I had some great accomplishments and some serious pitfalls.  Luckily Giovanni Hot Oil Treatment has been a great deep conditioning lifeline. The winter was harsh to my hair despite using protecting styles and techniques. I know I am not the only one facing getting my hair back for the Spring. As someone with 4E hair, it is hard to retain moisture to my locks without clogging up my scalp. I found that Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics Blackberry & Coconut Oil Repairing Hot Oil Hair help add some necessary moisture. Hot oil treatment was a part of my hair regimen when I was a kid before I started to perm, dye, and over process my hair. Now I have a great hot oil treatment to get my locks healthier and happier! 

Giovanni Eco Chic Cosmetics NEW Blackberry & Coconut Oil Repairing Hot Oil Hair Treatment 
is $4.99 at Whole Foods and

POP Beauty Lipstick

Ok, so after you got your skin, hair, and your toes in order...let talk about makeup! Now I love makeup but for the spring, I not a fan of wearing a full face. I do believe in wear a fabulous lipstick. Lucky me I was introduced to POP Beauty lipstick a while back thanks to the lovelies at The Caravan Stylist Studio! I fell in love with the Pop Beauty lipstick in Blackberry Burst. I have to say I love the color, the wear, and the quality. I also like that Pop Beauty lipstick is affordable, $16! 
A great price for a high-quality makeup line. 

Be sure to head over to the Pop Beauty website at   
for this and more fabulous cosmetics. 

Sterling Forever Jewelry

Now it is time to accessorize. I love unique pieces to wear all year round and Sterling Forever jewelry. These are the Gray Skies Double-Sided Studs. These earrings are a great pair of earrings for the spring. I love Gray Skies Double-Sided Studs because of the unique size. I am all for pieces that are unique and plays on size. You can wear this earring in various ways. I also love the color, great for breaking up bright colors. 

You can buy Gray Skies Double-Sided Studs for $50 

Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey Travel Gift Set

 I am so happy to bring you another fabulous product from Savannah Bee. Now as you all may know I had the pleasure of review items from Savannah Bee and I love every product that I received. I am so happy that I got try out Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey Travel Gift Set. This travel set is perfect for going to all the fabulous music festivals and comic con.  I love the smell of Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey collection. I also love the eco-friendly message behind the Savannah bee. Savannah Bee products are made from all natural ingredients, never tested on animals, free of parabens or petroleum, and made in the USA!

The Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey travel gift set includes:
1 Body Wash
1 Body Lotion
1 Lip Balm
1 Majesty Travel Kit Pouch

Pick up Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey Travel Gift Set for just $15

Oh, I almost forget, Savannah Bee is all about helping the environment especially the bees with The Bee Cause project so please BEE sure you check that out! 

Shout out to the lovelies at CharmedPR, Savannah Bee, Giovanni, and The Caravan Stylist Studios  for introducing me to many of these fabulous brands! 

*Please read my disclaimer page regarding reviews, gift guides, giveaways and more!*


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