Heavy on Fashion talks to Founder & Designer of HerFineBASICS™- Elisha Carter

Hello, all my divas and gurus! This is another interview that was recovered from the Squarespace back to Blogger move. This was a great interview with the Founder and creator of HerFineBasics. I am so happy that the brand expanded to dresses, RTW sets, and more! Please check out Elisha Carter's brand! 

Hello, all my fashion divas and gurus! I am finally getting back to Heavy on Fashion. Today I am bringing you an exclusive interview with the Founder & Designer of HerFineBASICS™, Elisha Carter. We all are looking for a solution to the rising dress issue. Elisha decided to solve everyone’s problem when it comes to the drama of a rising dress. Here is Heavy on Fashion talks to Founder & Designer of HerFineBASICS™, Elisha Carter.

Tell me about yourself? Where are you from? How has your hometown influenced your style and business?

I grew up in a low-income household in West Philadelphia with 7 other children. I used drawing as an outlet and at 12, I discovered fashion. I couldn't afford the nice clothes I wanted, so I made them. By hand, at first, until I got my first sewing machine at 12 years old. This started my desire to pursue fashion and want my own business. I eventually left my home, graduated with a bachelor's in fashion design, and moved to new york to pursue Fashion. Fast Forward to now, I am living in Philadelphia and I am on the road to making HerFineBASICS™ a success!

Who would you consider your biggest fashion influence(s)?

That’s super hard. I know it’s cliche, but I would have to say Beyonce’ and by extension his stylist, Ty Hunter. He is always up on future trends. And Beyonce never has a bad fashion moment.

Let's talk about HerFineBASICS™. How did you come up with the idea for HerFineBASICS?

I started HerFineBASICS™ in March 2017 after discovering that women had a specific problem and no solution for it! After an annoying date with a tight dress that would not stop rising up, I created The No-Rise Panty®. A panty that stops any tight dress from rising up and has tummy control. But I didn't just want a product, I wanted a brand with a focus on solving women’s wardrobe problems that the fashion market is not acknowledging.

Where do you get your inspiration for HerFineBASICS™?

The inspiration behind HerFineBASICS™ is women! Confident in their own skin, proud, and driven women! That’s why our company motto is “Style, Solutions, & Sisterhood!” We aim to create a sisterhood by uniting women of all races and backgrounds through Style & Solutions.

What makes HerFineBASICS™ different from other women's intimates collections

While other Womenswear brands are focused on solving the same problems, HerFineBASICS™ is focused on the problems that womenswear brands are NOT acknowledging. Although The No-Rise Panty® is the product of an intimate, HerFineBASICS™ is an overall womenswear brand that will tap into women's dresses, handbags, and footwear categories in the future to solve problems in those areas.

Tell the Heavy on Fashion readers, why is HerFineBASICS™ is a staple for their wardrobe.

Our product, The No-Rise Panty® is a MUST for any woman who loves to hate a good tight dress that constantly rises up. It will be your new secret weapon.

Will there be more pieces added to the HerFineBASICS™ in the future?

Yes, definitely. We are tackling woman's biggest wardrobe problems across all women’s categories.

Where do you see HerFineBASICS™ in five years? What do you think will change about HerFineBASICS over the next five years?

In five years, I would like HerFineBASICS™ to be a top womenswear brand to be reckoned with the best in the industry. A trusted, recognized brand that women can count on to solve their problems...well, their wardrobe problems. Ha!

Now when will The No-Rise Panty® be available?

You can pre-order The No-Rise Panty® now through our website at www.herfinebasics.com. It will officially release March 01, 2019. Pre-Order customers can take advantage of 15% Off plus Free Shipping.

I would Like to thank Elisha Carter for the interview.

You can check out HerFineBASICS™ at https://www.herfinebasics.com/ and Pre-order Today!

Please check all of HerFineBasics on social media at

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HerFineBASICS/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herfinebasics/



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