Heavy on Fashion Reads: Different Sides of the Same Coin

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Hello, all my Divas and Gurus! I am so happy to bring you a new book review. Today, I am reviewing a book of poetry named Different Sides of the Same Coin. This book was created by Co-authors Chyrel J. Jackson and Lyris D. Wallace. These ladies from Chicago, Ill have created a work that shows a realistic, beautiful, and rare look at life as a black woman in America. I knew this was going to be a read to remember. Different Sides of the Same Coin talks about a range of subjects including family dynamics, love and relationships, motherhood, racism, lust, self-preservation, and self-love. I found this book relatable, interesting, and reflective. 

I feel a good book of poetry should bring out an emotional and self-reflective response in the reader. Different Side of the Same Coin did just that. There are so many great individual poems in this book. I have picked a few from each author I personally connected with. I also picked some poems that I would love to see performed on stage or developed into a play.

My Favorite Poems That I would love to see developed into a play or performed on stage:

International Casanova - This would be amazingly performed on stage. It is a relatable subject matter.

The Black Fruit Gatherers -  Inspired by the song Strange Fruit, this poetry gives a present look at Race today in America. This poem should be seen in person

No Vacancies -  A poem about the power of no. I would love to see this expanded into play or something along those lines

Backside Of Nothing - The movement expressed in this poetry could be interpreted in dance. I love it.

Co-Author: Chyrel J. Jackson

My personal Favorites from Chyrel Jackson:

Round-Faced Girl- A great appreciation poem for the co-author. I love the sisterly love expressed here. 

Contemplation - We have all been here when it comes to love relationships. 

Inner Galactic Love Scene - This poem is an entire mood. Short, sweet, and visual.

Ode to Sonia - Sonia Sanchez is one of my favorite poets and I love this ode to Sonia. 

Co-Author: Lyris D. Wallace

My Personal favorite poems from Lyris Wallace: 

Keep Running - For anyone who has been through it. This is a great motivational poem for when things are tough.

My Baby Boy - I have a little boy named Noah, so this poem just gives me the feels every time I read it. 

Reflections Of Time - A great reminder of life lessons and the parallels of time. 

A Poem for Mommy - A great look at Mom and child's relationship. It is also a great work of appreciation for all the wonder that a magical mom gives to her children. 

Different Sides of the Same Coin brings the readers a relatable yet unique reflection of life. With an array of emotions and experiences from both authors. The reader
receives a full viewpoint of love, lust, family, race, life, joy, and motherhood. I really enjoyed this book. There are so many moments that we all experience one way or another. Different Sides of the Same Coin, for me, conjured up moments where I have experienced similar lessons in my life. This book was a emotionally stirring and beauty experience of poetry.

You can pick your copy of Different Sides of the Same Coin and learn more about the authors on their personal site at https://sistersrocnrhyme.com/  
where, for a limited time, you can get an autographed copy. 

You can also pick up the book Different Sides of the Same Coin on Amazon athttps://amzn.to/2VMCLNU

Also Check out Lyris' Youtube page, where you can hear readings from the book Different Sides of the Same Coin from both of the authors - https://youtube.com/channel/UC0bFeDN3tzgYUpsg4hlxsaQ

Please check out Chyrel's Twitter page for the latest from the author at https://twitter.com/chyrel_j?s=01

I am also glad to learn that Chyrel and Lyris have another book called Mirrored Images on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0973C2VPJ

I would like to thank Chyrel and Lyris for allowing me to review their work and their patience ( I will talk more about this on the podcast). I am happy that they have published another book, and I can not wait to dive into that one as well. Also, keep your eyes out for more content involving Chyrel and Lyris. 

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